Help, I Need to Pick a Photo of Baloo!

Ok, so I have a tough decision to make and I need your help! A few weeks ago I brought Baloo in for an out of the box fundraiser. As a fundraiser for Animal Haven, one of my favorite shelters in downtown Manhattan, uber talented Pet photographer, or “petographer” as she calls herself, Ixiana Hernandez, donated her time and expertise to photograph dogs in a makeshift studio at the shelter. The cost was only $30 for this pro photo session, and the photos turned out AMAZING, problem is now I want to pick 1 photo out of all the ones she took, to get blown up as wall art!

Take a look at Ixiana’s handy work, and let me know which one I should pick!

I would LOVE to get your advice!:

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And, in case you want to replicate this photo session at home, here are petographer, Ixiana Hernandez’s tips for how to take the best photos of your doggies at home!

Ixiana & The Loo

1. “I always tell people to wear out their pups a little, take them for a long walk and play with them before we attempt to photograph them, it gets rid of some of their nervous energy and makes them more willing to cooperate.”

2. “Keep them in a contained space while taking a photo, for example a couch or chair.  Limiting their mobility a little helps, specially for young dogs ( puppies!).”

3. “Have your pets favorite treat  or squeaky toy handy.  Its easier to keep their attention that way.  Reward them with a treat if they sit or stay ( keeps them motivated ) and use the squeaker (or make an unusual noise )to get an alert or attentive expression.  People usually know words that provoke certain expressions on their pets, sounds that make them tilt their heads etc, use them.”


4. “And finally use all available lighting.  Avoiding the flash  in your snap shot camera is best.  Using natural sun light can be very flattering, just avoid harsh lighting ( usually happens outside in the middle of the day)  its too bright and not flattering.”

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