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Last Saturday, I witnessed the most impressive showing of meat that I could ever imagine.  No one butcher or ranch could pull together in one place what our fellow blogger, Josh Ozersky did with his Meatopia food festival.  I had the added bonus of attending his preview dinner a few nights before to get a taste of what was to come on Saturday where I met some of the chefs- Harold Moore of Commerce, who made an absolutely mouth watering Roast Chicken with Fois Gras Croutons (heaven), Philippe Massoud, Adam Sappington and Mike Price.

Josh not only chose local chefs, but as a food writer, he has the ability to discover chefs from all over the country who are especially unique and talented, specifically in the area Josh loves the most-meat. Adam Sappington, for instance, from Portland, Oregon was someone Josh found while traveling there and at Meatopia he made something I never thought I’d find myself eating-Crispy Pig Head-but it was delicious!  There were in fact so many different types of meats and parts of the animals used that I found this festival more unique than any other food event I’ve attended. Aaron Sanchez from Centrico, for instance, made a Whole Goat Monterrey Style Taco with Pickled Onions that was fantastic:

Josh also works with many meat purveyors, so not only were the chefs the stars of the show, but so were the farmers and the butchers.  In fact, Josh’s good friend, Pat LaFreida, who is a well known meat purveyor in NYC, brought a 1200 pound steer!  He cooked it in a wooden box under coals for 30 hours!  It even had a guard overnight:

I also loved the Grilled Kalamansi-Spiced Chicken Thighs Served with Scallion – Tomatillo Salsa from Franklin Becker at Abe & Arthur’s.

One of my favorites was what chef Nate Appleman of Chipotle served- Chorizo Tostada with Tomatillo Salsa and Queso Fresco. It was really fresh and the tortilla shells were crispy and light.

Yes, Brooklyn’s Pier 5 was full of barbecue smoke and grilled meats on one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer in New York yet.  Thankfully, the ice cold Amstel Light was flowing and the event itself was so well organized, there were never any lines and it never felt too crowded.  If you find yourself in NY next summer and you are a meat lover, this event is a must.  For a full list of chefs, see Meatopia’s website.

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