Create a Robot Kids Costume for Halloween!

If your like me then you LOVED Rosie on the Jetsons! She was so cute and helpful! We could all use a robot that can cook and clean and maybe even set us straight every once in a while. So why not create your very own robot!

Materials Needed:

– Hot glue gun

– Scissors

– Duct tape

– Square box (big enough for your kid to fit in)

– Clear plastic letter sized envelope

– Silver spray paint

– Foil tape (for AC ducts)

– Foam pipe insulation

– (2) packs of dryer ducts

– Bike helmet

– Silver slinky

How To:

1. Cut out the bottom of a square cardboard box. the box should be big enough for your kid to fit in, but not so big that he gets lost in it!

2. Cut out two arm holes in the sides of the box

3. Cut a rectangular opening in the front of the box

4. Spray paint the box silver and let it dry (do this in a well ventilated area)

5. Use the aluminum tape to tape around the edges of the openings in the box

6. Using duct tape the clear plastic envelope to the inside of the box, behind the rectangular opening

7. Fill the envelope with candy (this is a candy eating robot!)

8. Use the pipe insulation to put around the cut outs for the head and arms, this will assure that your kid doesn’t get chaffed by the openings in the box

9. Using 2 lengths of dryer duct cut out lengths to fit over the arms and legs.
For the “Helmet”

1. Start with a silver bike helmet or spray paint one silver

2. Using the pipe clamp from you dryer ducts, fish them through a metal slinky and slide the ends into the openings at the top of the helmet

3. Using the glue gun glue them firmly to the openings in the helmet
Dommo Arigato Mr. Robato!

And here is a step by step video tutorial!

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