A leaky toilet will cost you!

Recently I opened my water bill and it was up by almost $100 over the prior quarterly statement.  In looking back over the year, this was by far the highest bill I have ever received.  I called the water company and of course the first thing they asked is if I had a leaky toilet or one that “ran.”  I said there wasn’t one, but in my mind I recalled that the bathroom my kids used sometimes would run, but I would jiggle the handle and it would correct itself right away.  Despite my jiggling, I was still losing so much water that it cost me big time.

They also told me that you could have a “silent leak” where you don’t even know it’s happening.  In that case, they said to add some coffee grounds to the tank and if over a few hours the water in the bowl turns brown, then you know it is leaking and needs to be fixed.

Usually the fix is easy, it is either the chain or the rubber stopper.  In my case, the chain kept getting tangled so I replaced it and the stopper to be safe and it worked.  This was better than having to pay another hundred dollars for a plumber to come fix something I could do myself.

Save water and your water bill by checking your toilets for leaks.

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