Krazy Glue saves the day

When I think of Krazy Glue I think of commercials from the 70’s and 80’s. It was everywhere, and I vaguely remember some kind of catchy jingle. I always thought of it as some kind of gimmick and had basically forgotten about it until recently when I broke one of my kitchen blinds. I have faux wood blinds and was vigorously cleaning them when the end of one slat broke completely off. I envisioned ordering a new slat, waiting weeks for the manufacturer to ship it, then bungling replacement with the complicated cord system. I happened to mention the situation to my dad who without missing a beat suggested Krazy Glue. Worked ike a charm, and you can barely see the repair unless you look very closely.

So three cheers for Krazy Glue – here are some other uses (from

  • Repair broken sunglasses
  • Repair the grips on your bat, racket or club
  • Build plastic models
  • Fix toys
  • Create holiday ornaments
  • Repair plastic paper trays
  • Repair presentation binders
  • Repair broken vases, statues, brass fixtures or antique glassware
  • Restore loose floor tile, linoleum or cracked porcelain
  • Repair broken flower pots
  • Re-adhere carpeting
  • Reattach wood or vinyl molding

I have heard many people use Krazy Glue to seal minor cuts or cracks in the skin. This is not on the website so I can’t endorse it, but I have heard many success stories.

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