Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Kids!


If you can't get a sitter this Valentine's Day, or maybe you don't want to go out and brave the masses, try celebrating Valentine's Day with your whole family!  Kids get more excited about holidays than almost any adult, so let them in on the fun.  It's not all about romance and mushy stuff, but really Valentine's Day is about love.  Well, love and chocolate!  This could be a wonderful time to celebrate your family bond by making a big deal out of this Hallmark holiday that is easy to ignore.  Here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day as a family:

  • Invite the whole family to dinner-don't work late or let the kids go to a friend's house.  This is a special night.
  • Have everyone dress up a little for dinner.
  • Set the table nicely with candles and cloth napkins.
  • If you've got little ones at home, have them help by decorating the table and dining room.  They could cut out red paper hearts and litter them on the table or use them as name cards.
  • Buy flowers for the table-they don't have to be roses.
  • Play special music to get everyone in the mood-Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald are two standbys.  Your "guests" could do a little pre-dinner dancing while the food is still cooking.
  • Serve someone's favorite meal or go for the gusto and try one of Rachael's Valentine's Day meal ideas.
  • You can exchange small token gifts or even just a hand-made card with a thoughtful note. 
  • And last but not least, it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without dessert!  Here are some dessert recipe ideas that even the kids can help make.  They couldn't be easier and look super fancy!