Show Mom You Love Her This Sunday:Celebration and Gift Ideas

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Emily Wyckoff
Stuffed French Toast Hearts Say, I Love You Mom!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11, and there is still plenty of time to make this Mother’s Day the most special one yet. Remember it is the thought that counts, and most moms appreciate simple heart felt gestures more than a fancy store-bought gift. Here are some ideas on how to let Mom know how much you appreciate her all year round:

The ultimate breakfast in bed

Let Mom sleep in and surprise her with the ultimate breakfast in bed. Decorate the tray with a home-made card and flowers (a simple flower or two picked from the yard in a juice glass filled with water is perfect). Use nice china and a cloth napkin to make it extra special. Bring the newspaper or her favorite magazine to make sure she can leisurely enjoy her meal.  If there is no way you can get your mom to stay in bed that long, still surprise her with breakfast.  Read our Mother's Day recipe special for options here.

If you aren’t up to cooking a hot breakfast, fresh bagels or pastries with fruit and Mom’s favorite coffee drink is a wonderful option as well.

Picnic lunch

Most moms want nothing more on Mother’s Day than to spend a relaxed day with their family – and if the weather permits, having a picnic lunch outside is a fun way to treat Mom and spend some time together. Hit your local park, playground or even your own backyard. You don’t need a special picnic basket – you can use a big tote bag or even a laundry basket to carry your lunch. Be sure to bring a blanket to sit on or a table cloth if you are going to a park with picnic tables. Try to stay away from preparing any food that has mayonnaise or anything else that needs to be refrigerated. Remember to pack utensils, plates, cups, serving utensils, and napkins, plus a plastic bag for garbage. Bring a Frisbee, wiffle ball and bat, or any other activity you can all enjoy together, and don’t forget your camera! Here are some picnic lunch ideas:

Honey Nut Chicken Sticks

Stacked Fruit Sticks

Cheese and Summer Sausage

No-Mayo Potato Salad

Marshmallow-Nut Brownies

You can also make an assortment of sandwiches, cut up raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and green beans with dip (remember to stick the dip back in the cooler when you are finished with lunch), fruit, and cheese and crackers. Add your favorite cookies and the picnic lunch is done.

Home-made gift ideas for Mom

The best gifts come from the heart – here are some ideas that cost nothing but will mean the world to Mom:

Chore coupons: Most moms find there is not enough time in the day to get everything done around the house; chore coupons are the perfect way to show Mom you love her. Kids can cut strips of paper and write a specific chore on each “coupon” – i.e., vacuum downstairs, take in garbage cans, do laundry, make dinner and do dishes, etc. Mom can redeem the coupons at any time. Kids can make the coupon activity fun by decorating the coupons or tracing their hand on a sheet of paper, cutting it out, and writing the chore in the middle. Dads can write their own coupons with activities such as dinner and a movie, make dinner, Mom’s choice, etc.

Home made picture frame
: Use fun foam (available at the dollar store) or even construction paper glued to cardboard to make your own picture frame with a special photo tucked inside.

A letter or poem: Take a few minutes to write a letter or poem to Mom telling her how much you love her and the things you love about her. If the kids are too young to write, they can dictate to a grown up. Little kids who are daunted by a letter or poem can take some strips of paper and write one thing they love about Mom on each piece of paper and put them into a decorated envelope.

Gifts for Mom from the store

If you think Mom would appreciate a little something extra on Mother’s Day, here are some winners:

Digital Photo Frame: These frames are a great gift and really easy to use – they have also come down in price. You load photos from your computer or camera into the frame and Mom has a running slide show of her favorite photos. There are also key chains that display digital photos as well and are more affordable.

Gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or massage:
Mom can schedule this at her convenience and will love the thought put into this gift.

Other ideas include chocolates, a “spa” basket with her favorite candles, lotions and bath gels, or a music or book store gift card.

Happy Mother’s Day!