Rachael's photos from Aix-en-Provence

Garlic bulbs

Rachael traveled to beautiful Aix-en-Provence, France this past year for her Food Network show, Rachael's Vacation. Aix is known for its delicious foods and wine, of course, but most of all for its art, afterall Cezanne is from and lived in Aix for his entire life. This ancient city is full of fountains and elaborate architecture. It was once the capital of Provence at the time of the Roman Empire. Read more about the history of Aix.

There is a cookie that is shaped like an eye or a boat called the Calisson d'Aix  which is an almond paste cookie with a sugar icing.  They were historically given out  each September to ward off evil spirits and the plague.  This tradition dates back to the 1600s!

Here you can see a photo of Calisson d'Aix, the eye-shaped almond paste cookie that is meant to stave off the plague.


Just take a look at these photos of Rachael's, directly from her camera (did you know she was such a good photographer)? Here are some photos from one of the open-air markets:

Garlic bulbs






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