Get Inspired! Creative Kids' Birthday Presents

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Emily Wyckoff
Yum-o! kitchen tools make great gifts for the little chefs

When you have school-age kids, weekly birthday parties for classmates and friends are often the norm. Not only does this get expensive, as in most cases guests bring a gift for the birthday girl or boy, it is easy to run out of creative - and affordable - gift ideas. Sometimes it seems like the easiest present is the newest plastic toy that often has a short shelf life and gets tossed into the toy chest after its initial play.

One way to break out of the birthday present rut is to bundle a few small items into one themed gift. For example, a kids' cookbook, apron and cooking tool (like a whisk, spatula, or measuring spoons) is a great gift for the child who loves to cook with mom or dad. Here are some ideas for gifts that are thoughtful, affordable (check out your local dollar store - many items can be found there), and are guaranteed to have a long shelf life - most of these gifts would be appropriate for girls or boys - just tailor according to the birthday child:

For the artist:

A big bin for art supplies filled with new markers, crayons, paper and a plastic 8 x 10 frame to rotate the artist's featured masterpieces. Take a minute to write on the frame in glitter glue - "Max's Masterpiece."

For the baker:

A cookie sheet, cut-outs, an apron, and a few of your favorite cookie recipes on index cards.  Don't forget Rachael's cookbook for kids, Yum-o! The Family Cookbook.  To see all Yum-o! kids kitchen tools, go here.

For the reader:

A few favorite paperbacks, and a flashlight or booklight for night time reading

For the gardener:

A kid-sized watering can, gardening tools, a package of seeds and a small pot with directions on how to plant the seeds.

For the chef:

A kids' cookbook, apron and cooking tool (ie a whisk, spatula, oven mitt or measuring spoons). 

Sleepover Kit:

A notebook, diary or journal with a special pen, flashlight and either a pillow case with their favorite character (like Sponge Bob or Hannah Montana)  or small bag or duffel bag to hold their sleepover supplies

Outdoor Fun (winter):

Plastic block to make snow blocks or plastic snowball maker, mittens or gloves, hot chocolate mix and special mug

Outdoor Fun (summer):

Pick a few outdoor toys: Jump rope, squirt gun, colored chalk, wiffel ball and bat, soccer ball, fun rubber ball, frisbee, sunglasses, fun sprinkler

Beach Fun:

Beach pail with toys (shovel, sand molds) and fun beach towel

For the swimmer:

Kids' swim goggles and fun beach towel OR fins and/or snorkel kit with a fun beach towel

Game Night:

A classic game like Monopoly or Sorry! with a bucket of microwave popcorn

Movie Night:

A favorite DVD or a gift card to a movie rental outlet, popcorn

Ice Cream Party:

Ice cream scoop, special ice cream bowl, sprinkles, hot fudge and a gift card to your favorite ice cream place.

An ice-cream maker makes a perfect b-day gift for kids!

These ideas are just to get you started  - so have fun, get inspired and break out of the birthday gift rut!