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You know you’re getting old when…

Okay I am going to start a thread here. Who feels old? As of today, I do.

Just last week I was out on the town, dancing the night away with some friends, feeling kind of young. Better still, I recently joined a 30+ womens’ soccer team (I’m on the higher end of that decade) and have started every Sunday morning feeling like a teenager again. Until today.

Two weeks ago, after a soccer game, I left with a little limp from a sore left calf. I didn’t think anything of it because I have never been injured in my life, no broken bones, nothing, or if I have, I have always toughed it out. I don’t even get a sniffle. Since that Sunday, the soreness has subsided and I have continued my usual routine of running a few miles every day. Today, while coaching my 5 year old’s soccer team, we decided to let the purple team scrimmage against the light blue team. Despite my fine coaching for the past few weeks, this being their first scrimmage, the kids had no idea what they were supposed to be doing so they all descended upon the ball like flies on candy. Eventually, they understood the concept of getting the ball away from the opposing team and carrying it down the field in one direction to ultimately score between two orange cones. In fact, three of my players, were, truly, AWESOME! I was a little vaklempt, to be honest. So vaklempt that when Anthony, or as we call him, “Ant,” scored the first goal, I jumped up and down in the air waving my arms like a maniac and then I heard a loud “SNAP!”

Ouch. Suddenly, my left leg no longer worked. In fact it hurt so badly that I really couldn’t move. I tried to play it cool and keep going, especially since my team was winning and I couldn’t drag them down, and I am the girl coach so I had to keep up with all the dads, but seriously, I was done.

That was 4 hours ago. I remain on my couch, iced, feeling like a fool. The dr. thinks I tore a ligament. Is this the first sign of middle age???

By the way, not to brag, but, purple creamed light blue! Go Ant!

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  1. Laura latham says:

    I feel your pain. I began playing Ice Hockey at the age of 39. Never skated before. I also learned to ski. We are NOT getting old. However, I am aslo down due to torn ligaments in the ankle – sad thing is it had nothing to do with my “sports”, I just fell off of my steps (there are only 2) and now have a cast for 6 weeks post surgery. Take good care of that ligament, follow all the directions. My injury is a year 1/2 old and just did not heal right. Be Careful and good luck. Congrats Purple!

  2. Susan MacDougall says:

    I don’t think that I am getting old. Just retired as a kindergarten science teacher and loving every minute of my life! Great friends, great hobbies, continuously intrigued with world events and neighborly interactions. LIfe is rich. Attitude is everything.

  3. Jearlean Haley says:

    You know you’re getting older when, The walk back out the room dosen’t work anymore, and a person with some memory lost, remembers’what you’re doing. I help take care of my mother whom we did not want to stay in the Nursing home. On yesterdy I walked out of her bed room to get her insulin. When I got to the kitchen I had forgotten what I went for. I walked back to the room and stood them a mintue, hoping to remember what I was doing. My mother said where is the medicine. I was so shocked she had remember what I was going after. I went back to get it and being so happy she had said that I forgot again. When I went back this time I diddn’t remember and she did not tell me this time. It took me about 15 min. to remember again what I had been doing.

    i would like to know how to get information on the show about the food that makes you look younger. I don’t have access to internet there.

  4. If anyone wants an update-I tore my calf muscle! Ouch! My advice to anyone who is athletic and over 35 or really at any age-stretch before and after you play any sports

  5. Diana Santos says:

    OLD?? Yup – that’s exactly how I feel. For some reason, I started feeling this way just recently. Maybe it’s because my oldest daughter left for college and soon I will have 3 kids driving – HELP!! I am 20 pounds over weight – more than I was after having my fifth! Grey hair – yes, hair growing on my chin – yes (how embarrasing!) I swear I think my face cream is multiplying my wrinkles and I have turned into my mom – falling asleep during movie night after only half an hour into the movie! I’m tired and cranky and yes getting OLD! But I will not give up!! I AM going to loose weight! Tomorrow is hair dyeing day and a new attitude!

  6. Julie StJohn says:

    OLD! I kindly asked my older (40+) sister to cut my hair this past weekend after i made her lunch/and homemade dessert. She precides to tell me how much GRAY hair i have (30+), then tells me i need to shave my sideburns. I was FURIOUS with her!!!!
    I think once you have a child at any age, you start to feel all the aikes/pains of getting older much sooner!

  7. Nour Jafar says:

    I may not be old, but it STILL hurts when you run a mile everyday outside in gym, but we have to run out in the sun!:(

  8. Darcy says:

    You know you are getting old when…. Your six year old uses TIVO to literally stop the TV and write down letter for letter the correct spelling of everything on every commercial that he wants for Christmas. Now mind you I do also have a 24 and 22 year old children…So we all know they could not do such an activity – we all just had to die laughing when this occurred! I told him he was just the smartest boy in the world…I love him dearly… and he was even doing this in cursive which they are teaching in 1st grade these days! Bless his heart!

  9. Darcy says:

    AND another funny thing I must mention to about getting old… You know this when your child (these days) at age 6 again cons you with crazy antics like… Mom can we go on the Rachel Ray show if I spell her name to you? Mom can we meet Ty (Pennington that is) is I spell “move that bus” to you? I think I have the most amazingly creative son in the world – maybe it stems from exposing him to so many different things and constantly reading and spelling to him and letting him do this back as well – especially in creative form to keep him from being bored at times….like in the car or on the plane plus reading every night.

  10. fan of rach says:

    im not old. im only 22! (just 2 rub it in) but all of u made me smile! hehehe!

  11. Lisa says:

    43 years yound, I listen to 70′s & 80′s music. My 14 year old moans & groans when she hears it. I always say ‘tell me who this is & you can change the station’ .. Elvis, The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi .. she shouts out these choices without even listening to the words. I’m the proud mom when she gets it right but until she punishes me by changing the station to some hippity hoppity crappity.

  12. Cw says:

    hah, your in the upper 30′s.

    I always thought you were in your mid to upper 20′s

    shows what i know

  13. AMM says:

    To everyone including the 22year old. Im not old either, I just turned 23 a couple of weeks ago and i’m 32 weeks pregnant. I found my first gray hair. Talk about feeling old, by the way my husband has confirmed it is gray. I suppose my parents were right when they said us kids gave them grays. Haha

  14. momof2 says:

    I feel a little out of place posting about being old when I’m only 26, but man let me tell ya after 2 kids I’m getting old. Premature gray, wrinkles, back aches…and yes, chin hair. I also find myself out of touch with the current music trend. Wow, wonder what 50′s gonna be like…?

  15. Sarah Vocana says:

    This msg is for all moms. This year I turned 30, and felt it. After 3 kids, 2 jobs and no time, I started to feel like I lost myself. I am not starting to remember that this journey started with me and my husband. Don’t forget, all the wrinkles and spider veins are well earned!!And if your kids start calling you old, just remember, thats code for being wise!

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