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A fashion find for the Fall

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have been really noticing the womens’ clothes at Target for the past year or so. However, it’s hit or miss-sometimes things look good on the rack but just don’t fit me correctly. I tend to like some brands over others and I absolutely adore the maternity clothes.

But…last week I bought this coat from the Isaac Mizrahi collection and not only does it fit to flatter, but it also really does its job.


When I say “does its job,” I don’t mean as a raincoat, because I haven’t worn it in the rain yet. However, I did learn two things today about my new coat today:

Being that I am the “last minute lady,” I threw it on over (I am so embarrassed to say this and I hope no one I know is reading it) my pajamas as I rushed my son off to school. I got so many compliments and no one had an inkling of what was really going on underneath the coat. So that was my first realization today-that no matter what I am wearing on the inside, this coat gets all the attention and everyone loved it.

Secondly, I couldn’t find my to-go coffee mug so I used a regular coffee cup in my car cup holder as I drove off. At a red light (I’m sure it was red), I reached for the mug to take a sip of hot coffee, predictably spilling it all over myself. Not only did I not get burned, but when I went to wipe the coffee off the coat, it actually rolled right off! Rain doesn’t stand a chance!

Here’s where you can buy the coat online


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  1. dmosley says:

    I know what you mean about running with kis in your pajamas, I’ve been caught doing it too. As for the coat, its lovely! And I hope you get lots of use out of it. I have had the same experiences with Target’s clothes and now I try everything on before I leave the store. Actually now I do it with all of my clothes buying. And now my 17 year old son does it too. Keep up with the awesome finds!

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