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A travel gem

If you are someone who likes to travel (like me) but also likes a good bargain (like me) then you should check out this website called Luxury Link .

I first met the people behind this site when they asked me to do a consulting gig for them. I had never heard of them before, but like with y first time on ebay, after I played around on Luxury Link’s site, I was hooked.

I understand they redesigned it so you may have to dig a little to my favorite spot, but it’s the travel auction section. They have an area where you can buy goods and travel packages, but it’s the auction part that’s really fun. I found some great deals there.

The site has its critics-mostly that they don’t go to enough places, but all in all, it’s worth a look.

7 Responses to “A travel gem”

  1. Jenny says:

    LOVE THAT SITE! My husband and I have used it a few times. We took a vacation to Las Vegas one year and stayed in an incredible hotel out of town and it was wonderful. I also recommend Luxury Link.

  2. Ashley says:

    Great link! I can’t wait to vacation soon! Thanks!

    Check my travel blog :)

  3. Sandi Tassano says:

    I don’t know where else to put this comment, so I’m putting it here. At least it is travel related. Today you are doing a show on noodles and making noodle bowls. You said that it’s fun to slurp noodles.

    Well a piece of info I thought you would find interesting is that in Asian countries, Korea in particular it is POLITE to slurp. It shows that you like the food you are eating. If you listen to Koreans eat you will find that they slurp (and burp) while they are eating…for that reason it is not impolite.

    It’s not just for fun…

  4. Ken Jones says:

    Oy Vey!!!! An auction site that has an abundance of locations! I spent the better part of an hour just cruising this site! O-M-G!! I will have to tell my wife to hold on to my wallet because there are a lot of locations I want to bid on!

    Why oh why did I go there? I must exercise self control…

    Thanks for the tip, I think?!?!

  5. Joan says:

    Help! I can’t find the travel products mentioned on today’s show — specifically, the travel flatiron, $90.00, available in New York, but WHERE? Just what I needed today!

  6. Sue says:

    Love the show….for anyone looking for great travel savings & earnings, go to or or book your next vacation on
    Sue Bolick
    Platinum EMA

  7. Nichole says:

    I wasn’t sure exactly where to put this post so this will have to do. We recently returned from an amazing trip to Akumal, Mexico. We were in desperate need of a ‘do-nothing’ holiday and stumbled onto another paradise (the east-coast of Italy is generally our first choice). It is just an hour and a half, or so, from the Cancun airport but feels worlds away. We also stayed in a beautifully appointed condo for exceptional rates. Details available at We have had great success with much of our accommodations booked through vrbo.

    In planning the trip, I also stumbled onto another terrific resource…a extraordinary community of devotees to the Mayan Riviera who are more than happy to provide oppinions, advice in travel planning, photographs, etc. I have since posted a trip-report on the site if you are interested in reading more about our experience in Akumal and taking a look at a few photos –

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