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Kids Birthday party ideas

Being that I am the last minute lady, it’s no surprise that I have done nothing to prepare for my daughter’s birthday that is coming up on 10/15 (today is 10/6). Most people would have not only mailed the invitations by now but actually gotten their RSVPs. Not me. But before I ramble on about my lack of planning, I had to tell you guys about this amazing website I found for b-day party ideas:

Birthday Party Ideas

This site is so cool because it not only features ideas from the people behind the site as to how to throw a “pirate party,” for example, complete with snack and decoration ideas, but it also has a huge community to it, and that’s the exciting part. It’s a collection of real people’s stories of parties they have thrown for their kids of all ages. So you can read about the 5 year old “princess party” for Sara in New Jersey from 2004 or the “sweet 16″ party for Julie in Kentucky in January of ’07. Even better, they have ranked these parties and given “awards” for the best ideas. After playing around a little on the site, I also found an adult section for grown-up theme parties like “old movie night” or “casino.”

Now I better get back to my own party planning before I miss the date altogether! Here’s what I am doing at the last minute (she is only turning 5 afterall, right?):

  • The party will be at our house. I did look into doing it at a place and of course, being last minute, they were all booked for weekends. Additionally, they were expensive!
  • My daughter and I will have fun making the cake ourselves. Cheaper than buying a cake and much more fun. We may do cupcakes and let the guests decorate their own. I haven’t decided. The frosting will be a regular white butter cream but we’ll use food coloring to make it PINK! Here are some frosting recipes I like.
  • We’ll make healthy food for lunch like these pinwheels or fruit kabobs.
  • I’m limiting the guests to 8-10 girls so we can keep the theme of “princess,” my daughter’s choice (she has to have some say in this party) and we don’t have to worry about the boys who would rather die than wear a princess dress.
  • We’ll buy some dress up dresses, shoes, tiaras, etc for the guests to wear when they arrive, or we’ll ask the girls to come dressed as a princess and we’ll let them decorate tiaras as one of our activities.
  • We called the local theater here in town and asked to find some of the stage actresses. We found that there were female actresses more than willing to come for an hour or two dressed as “the queen” as a surprise guest of honor.
  • We’ll fill the guest bags with things these girls can really use, rather than tons of candy. I like going to CVS and getting pencils for school, note pads, stickers, little combs, mirrors, lip gloss, change purses, key chains, etc.
  • All in all, we’ve spent much less time and money keeping it simple and doing it ourselves which allows us to focus on the great time we’re going to have.

And finally, we’ll keep the party limited to 2 hours so by the time everyone realizes that my party is disorganized, it’s time to go home and everyone has had a great time hanging out and chatting.

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  1. CarriePod says:

    Hello Last Minute Lady,

    You’ve got plenty of time…and a great plan! Thanks for the site info. You’re not so last minute though!

    Good luck with your party!

  2. angela says:

    I wish I would have had this advice before last week when I had my daughter’s 6 year old party!!! We have a huge family that travels for about 2 hours to come to visit so it requires lots of food. She is the oldest and the rest are boys, except a 2year old and my youngest of 8mos. This year she wanted to play games, so we had an egg on spoon race,potato sack race and wheel barrel race. Even though I was completely disheveled the kids had a great time and that’s what matters! I always feel so unorganized!!But my sister-in-law on the other hand is the party planning queen!! Good luck to you…sounds like lots of fun!!

  3. David M. says:

    The ideas above are great, but speaking of being late planning for a birthday, my son is turning 7 on 11th Oct. and we are having the party the 13th. I told the birthday boy we ought to have Rachael Ray come, and he loved the idea! We are thinking along the same lines as your suggested site there, having a king/castle party, and my wife is running like crazy to get it set up, complete with dragon cake with little party swords in it. So, if you have nothing to do, come down to Stafford, Virginia and I’m sure you can make a great party better! Nathan would love it!

    David Moseley

  4. Maureen says:

    My son’s birthday party theme this year is roller skating. Can you give me any ideas on food? I’d appreciate any you can give.


  5. Bridget says:

    I would go with a “roller”or wheel theme. I think turkey and ham roll-ups would be fun, it’s just wraps sliced into wheels. You can slice cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini for a healthy side. Sliced oranges would also work. The wheel-shaped pasta could also be used for spaghetti, mac and cheese or a side salad. Just have fun with it and let your son help!
    Good luck,

  6. tracey hall says:

    I always do homemade parties-I will tell you about one party that was my favorite-my son was turning 6-it was a ninja party-basically a karate party—I ordered a cake with a photo of a ninja on it-I went to subway and ordered like 5 footlongs and cut each into 4-then I put shredded lettuce for grass on my kitchen island-then layed the sub on counter in an s pattern-in the first peice I cut 2 red pepper strips and placed in half way hanging out-then using toothpicks I placed green olives with the pimentos for eyes–it looks like a serpent in grass-sooo kool! I made a recipe of rice krispie treats and rolled around gummy worms to look like sushi(just google rice krispie sushi-you can find recipe on web) I bought balsa wood at a craft store so kids cold go hyyyya and break it-I had a teen girl that helped at a karate studio come over and teach the kids for like 20 minutes. I found a japanese market and bought some neat stuff for goodie bags-and bought chinese take-out containers from a chinese restaurant for like a dollar for 10-I made these the goodie boxes-with chop sticks sticking out-and went on line to find japanese alpha bet and wrote all kids names in japanese on boxes. I decorated with the japanese laterns and my son dressed as a ninja-I told parents they could dress kids up in karate outfits or what have you-one litte girl came looking like a little geisha girl–she looked adorable. It was a great time-

  7. sonya says:

    yes i have a 3 year old that is going to be 4 and i want to do her party at home.and i had other b-days at places and i did not like it at any places.and its alot of money for nothin. so i will do it at home cause its comfortable and cheap. and i love to decorate the house u have any tips for a 4 year old girls b-day party?

  8. Maria says:

    I have a party coming up for our 14 y.o. daughter. It’s in the beginning of December, and we live in Colorado. She wants to invite many friends, wants to do as much party planning as possible-she just dosn’t know what to to! any ideas?

  9. Lynn Smith says:

    I need some ideas for my two younger children’s birthday party in January. One will be 2 and the other 1. Their birthdays are only 11 days apart so we will have just one party for them both. It may not matter as much this year, but later on they will not want the same thing(as I have a boy and a girl). How would you plan a less expensive party with two themes? Or do you think it would be more practical to have two different parties?

  10. Sara Gastineau-Wilson says:

    Racheal and Team-

    My friends and I love all that you do. Really it is quite refreshing to see a talent as you make such a great splash in this world!

    A few months ago you had discussed a website for creating a moving movie clips from my childrens’ art work. I hate to say, but I have forgotten the website.

    If any one can please send that to me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Keep up the great work!~Sara

  11. Maureen says:

    Thanks Bridget….I am going to try your ideas. I’ll let you know how it all comes out


  12. Kelly Gilmore says:

    My daughter 2yr old party is this weekend. We are doing Elmo’s World. I have had family members buy Elmo’s at yard sales, thrift stores etc. to give away as prizes. We are putting goldfish crackers in a fish bowl for everyone to guess how many for a prize (Dorothys elmos pet),we are going to play pin the nose on elmo. I plan to serve apples slices, pizza rolls (pizza is elmos favorite & alphabet cookies.I will let you know how it goes.

  13. Rachel Sejas says:

    I am throwing a small party for my son’s 7th birthday (in 9 days!) and am looking for some unique ideas. His birthday is the day before Thanksgiving so we decided to take a group of boys to see Mr Magorium’s Magical Emporeum after school. We will then come back to the house and have snacks then a few games. I would love to do some food and games that would work with the movie theme. My son is a big science buff and has fun in the kitchen, so I thought we could do some food that the kids could help with. Any suggestions?

  14. Tammy says:

    My sister has a great idea for her daughter’s birthday in December.
    She got adjoining rooms at a hotel with an indoor pool. The girls can swim from 6-10 pm, then return to the room for pizza delivery, cake, and TV all night. Parents pick up the kids before 10 am, and the hotel staff cleans up.

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