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Sweet Jane’s Leftover Fashion

It’s that time of year again! Find a cobbler of your choice (shoe not fruit) and dig through your closet for those leftover dusty boots and shoes. Savor the possibilities!

Boot styles are so varied this year that I am willing to make a bet that you can find leftover boots from last year and maybe 10 years back (if you hoard shoes like me) that can be refurbished for this season. Accept the challenge! It can be really rewarding and cheaper than a new pair of shoes.

Round, pointy, square toes,thick heel, thin heel,wedge- it all can work.

Drag them to your shoe joint of choice and get them re-heeled,re-soled,conditioned ,etc…

I have paid $40 to bring an old pair of boots to life.They’re already broken in and its kinda like running around with an old friend who just got Botox.

Share your shoe recipes with us..

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  1. Pat Pruitt says:

    Please repeat the way to stretch shoes. I have hung on to a pear of Evan Picone’s for several years and now they are back in style. They fit a little snug now and I would love to be able to stretch them and enjo wearing them again. I figure at the cost of them I need to get all the wear I cand lor

  2. Pat, you can find that segment on Rachael’s TV Show website. Cut and paste this into your browser:

  3. Jane, can you tell us moms what are the essential wardrobe items to have on hand when we want to just wake up in the morning and throw on something stretchy but flattering? I mean, what are the best pants, sweaters and shoes for this lifestyle (like mine!)!

  4. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear LML,
    This depends on your shape!
    If you don’t mind how your legs look in a legging, this is a great way to go!
    American Apparel,DKNY,Gap,these are all reasonable in price.
    When you wash them be sure to air dry them so they hold the lycra.
    Go for dark colors.
    Avoid a shiny material so you don’t look like flash dance meets soccer mom.
    Wear ballet flats or a knee high riding boot.
    j crew, frye,or franco sarto all make good ones.Go to Zappos and find something in your price range.
    Try to find an old cardigan or borrow one from a friend or significant other.
    Basically, dress as you did in the 80′s.
    Belt it if you have a waist.
    Don’t worry, you won’t look like Madonna unless you over accessorize. Be careful though, because you could get mistaken for Robin Hood.
    Good luck.

  5. donna evans says:

    Have looked for segment you had on purses, showed a small one with 21 things in it, interested in buying 5 of them

  6. Sweet Jane says:

    I am not sure about this as it was not a segment I was involved with. It may have been with Lara Spencer. Those were handbags from Cate Adair(she is the costume designer for Desperate Housewives).You can also go to and polk around.Cate’s website is

  7. Janet says:

    What is the brand of the green underware (last shown) on the 11/2 show? It’s certainly perfect for the less perfecft body like mine!

  8. Cassie says:

    where do you go to get your shoes redone?
    xo cassie xo

  9. Sweet Jane says:

    In NYC I go to the Chelsea cobbler. Ask for Alex

  10. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Janet,
    I am not involved with all of the fashion segments. I dress Rachael for all her shows and public engagements.Check out the Rachael Ray Show website for answers to those questions!

  11. Michele Whaling says:

    Dear Sweet Jane, Please tell me that low rise jeans are going to stay around longer. I love my lowrise jeans even though I am over 40. I dont wear them too low but I dont want to go back to high rise. What are you favorite jeans and where can I get them.

  12. RITA FRAZIER says:


  13. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Michele,
    I think they will stay, but look for the midrise to be more popular eventually.
    I am a fan of Citizens for Humanity, but that is because I have a slim leg and rear.I have had good luck with Banana and DKNY jeans for Rachael
    who needs more room in the leg and bottom.
    Pine IV and James work on her as well, but are a little more dear in price.
    I am also 40+ and dress like a teenager at times. I have to stop myself. I also ride a Razor to my yoga classes and I love big hair rock music.

  14. Sweet Jane says:

    That is a question for the Show website.I think it was from The Dish with Lara Spencer. Try getting the answer there but I will ask around for you.

  15. karen lingo says:

    Hi Rachael,Im 55 and my husband is 66.We live here in Florida.My husband loves to cook(not me)I like working in the yard.My husband Jim watches your show all the time.We recently found out he has cancer.Their still running a bunch of tests.We dont know what stage he is in yet.We also found out he has paradontal disease.He has to have all his teeth pulled out before radiation treatmeants.I think this bothers him more, than knowing he has cancer.(He does enjoy his food.)My question is.Do you have any recipes for people with no teeth.He has to have them pulled on 11/27/07.I would appreciate any help you could give me. I am not a cook at all.simple,easy and flavorful would work for me.If you have any good ideas. Thank-you very much.sincerely karen lingo

  16. fossillady says:

    Dear Sweet jane,im 30 and im finding it hard to find the right outfit,im 5ft tall, you think skinny jeans is ok with my height,weight and age?thank you very much! sincerely-fossillady

  17. Debbie says:

    I watched the show last week and I am trying to find the mascara that looks like you have false eyelashes on.

    I would like the name of the product and who makes it.


  18. Where I get these, please. They sound wonderful. Program Jan 10,2008 Thanks

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