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Don’t burn the garlic-Fashion Foundation

If you’re going to make sauce, you need to build the flavor. Once you burn the garlic you have to start over.

If you are building a house you need to lay a good foundation.

If you want to look delicious in your clothes,you need a good bra. You may need spanx as well.

Treat yourself to the luxury of spending a little more on your lingerie. You need to organize yourself underneath your clothes.

Ask to get measured the next time you are in the intimate department. Most people do not know their true size.

A good bra like a good sauce makes all the difference.

10 Responses to “Don’t burn the garlic-Fashion Foundation”

  1. Cindy says:

    Sweet Jane,
    Good advice…I totally agree!!

  2. Mom of Three says:

    well said, Jane!

  3. Cassie says:

    Sweet Jane,
    that is really good advice, where do you get yours?
    xo cassie xo

  4. Sweet Jane says:

    Funny you should ask, but actually, my husband buys me great lingerie sets. I, however shop for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law at Macys in New York.I would go there or to Bloomingdales should I run low on supplies.Rachael gave me a gift certificate to Le Petite Coquette in Ny and they had some great fancy things as well.I love lingerie! It is one of my most important accessories!

  5. Jane, You have great taste and great connections to fashion in the pulse of NYC from High Fahsion Designers to Macys & Bloomingdales! I love your sleek, spicy flavor, you know where to get it and what to get for any occassion and look fabulous!
    I am a huge fan of Jane the ultimate fashion stylist! Your Texas girls!

  6. Hi Jane, just now saw you were a fellow Texan! Because we do alterations for almost all our customers, I will both endorse and add to your statements on undergarment advice.

    If you are getting anything altered, to ensure the best results, ALWAYS wear the same undergarments and shoes to the fitting that you would wear with the garment on a regular basis (especially if you wear spanx or hose)

    For button down shirts, if you are a C or above, I swear by Bali’s minimizer bras, they really do take your bust line down 1.5″. This can be a huge help because if you go up a size just to fit your chest, the shoulders and sleeves will start to droop or be too long.

    Regarding Spanx – personally they are the bane of our existence when worn under pants for two reasons – 1. the ‘uni-butt’ which can make you look totally fit when worn under a skirt, but under pants is so obvious and makes you look matronly, and 2. it pulls the rise down by almost an inch forcing you to have to buy higher rise pants, and again adds to the matronly look. I have seen styles that claim to ‘lift and separate’ but if they are out there, I haven’t seen them be very effective in the fitting room with pants (if you’ve found the silver bullet I will definitely pass it on to my customers and carry it in my store). If you are just concerned with panty-lines (verses slimming down) then I highly recommend Jockey’s line that is made from the same material slips are made from – they wear like regular undergarments but don’t show a line. I have found both undergarments recommended at the Platex outlet malls

  7. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Gay,
    Its fans like you that keep me smiling.I really miss Texas and especially the bar-b-que and the Mexican food.There is nothing that compares to a margarita with some chips and salsa after a day of shopping.What is your favorite thing in your closet at the moment? Any tips from Texas are always welcome!
    Sweet Jane

  8. Sweet Jane says:

    Well said! I could not agree more!We need your imput more often since I am not the most diligent blogger!
    Spanx-some of my clients swear by them but when worn under pants I feel they just flatten you like a pancake and redistribute the extra stuff elsewhere.
    RR is not a fan and flat out refuses them!I had bought her a bunch and decided to try them myself for the sake of argument. Not only did I find them rather uncomfortable, but really felt unsexy under my dress.Its like wearing bike shorts for me.
    Please! If anyone does have the silver bullet solution like Eileen says-SHARE WITH US!!!
    Eileen, thanks so much for your imput! We all need a good alterations person that we can trust. Where are you in Texas?

  9. Hi Sweet Jane,

    I side with Rachael on the Spanx – not only due to the discomfort, but also because I drink like 6 cups of coffee a day, and don’t have extra time to spare for a wrestling match with undergarments that often in the ladies room ;-)

    One correction to my last post, it wasn’t Jockey’s, it was Hanes that makes the slip-material undergarments: Hanes Body Tagless Microfiber Bikinis (on the site)

    Thanks for the response. We are located in University Park in Dallas (NWHY and Preston) see site at: We started the concept to perfect women’s pants for the apple and pear shapes in an unmarked photography studio in the design district, this is our first year in the new retail location. We ALWAYS include alterations, and if we see a pantyline, it means we need to let the pants out so they drape correctly.

    Would be happy to send you a swatch book of the new fabrics coming in – would be great to get your fashion feedback.

  10. Susan Oswalt says:

    Jane! Howdy from the west– Tucson.
    You always have the cutest style and the best tips. I remember the day you wore a flag to your July 4th party– complete with little ties at the shoulders and sparklers in hand… such a hit.

    From out here– we just dress comfy due to our odd weather of cold nights and hot days… thank goodness cowboy boots go with almost everything. I am quite attached to my navy blue lizard pair at the moment. DO jeans or pearl button snaps ever go out of style?

    Keep up the tips and when it is hotter than h*ll…. head to some shade with a little spray bottle with some mineral water — it will cool you off fast.

    Keep up the good work Jane. You rock!
    Susan Oswalt
    Mi casa es su casa.

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