Boo Bag
Emily Wyckoff

You’ve been booed!

Boo BagA couple of my friends have recently shared a fun Halloween activity to do with your kids and treat your neighbors. What you do is make up a little treat bag with a Halloween theme (ie, stickers, trinkets, candy and for adults a bottle of wine (if you want – feel free to skip this part), chocolate pretzels, or fresh baked cookies) and leave a copy of this poem in the bag with a cut-out picture of a hand-made ghost with the words “BOO” written on it. The recipient then does it for 2 neighbors and so-on.

I have never heard of this in my life yet have heard about it from a number of people this year – it is also referred to at “ghosting” someone. I even saw it in action at my son’s preschool – so it is not restricted to neighbors – you could do it at work, drive around to your children’s friends’ houses, etc.

Unfortunately no one has “booed” my house yet – at least not in this capacity! It sounds like fun.

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  1. tracey hall says:

    we have booed and have been booed-its a fun little thing to do. Another fun halloween tradition is watching kids movie monster house-then making little monster houses(I came up with this idea as a little tradition with kid neighbors-cousins etc.) You make little houses out of grahm cracker squares-and frosting one for floor-then 4 sides-then cut one square diagonally for roof support-then 2 squares for roof. Use your own frosting by mixing powdered sugar and water in ziploc-then snip corner. Assemble and let dry-if its crooked its O.k. because so can monster houses be crooked–you decorate with a little candy pumpkin-count chocula ceral-black decorator gel-we use cereals and candies of any sort-use your imagination-its fun!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Booing is a lot of fun. My family always did it when I was a kid. This was my first year in college and my roomate and I decided to start it on our dorm floor. It spread everywhere. I think it’s just a great way to put a smile on people’s faces and brighten there day, and there’s no limit on how often you can do that :)

  3. Lisa says:

    My daughters friends have been booing this year. It has been sooooo much fun. Very neat to drive through the neigborhood and see all the boo signs on doors. Happy Halloween

  4. Deej says:

    Our neighborhood has been “booing” for years. We call it the Phantom. I actually have two different versions of the letter than you have above. This year, Target & Wal-mart have made it easy by selling Boo Kits. It’s not as much fun, but it makes it easier on working moms who don’t have a lot time to put something together. My kids love being the Phantom & Lisa is right, it is fun to drive around the neighborhood looking for the ghosts on people’s windows!! Happy Halloween Everyone!!

  5. Ray says:

    Hi Rachael Ray!!!! My names Rachel too. . .but spelled different! I’m your biggest fan! I don’t really watch your show that much be cause i watch animal planet and cartoon network. . . Well, I LOVE YOU RACHAEL!!

  6. You can go to the store and buy a “boo” kit but another great way is to go to and print the ghost and poem there.

  7. agness says:

    wow how cute thank rachael your show is so great lots of great recipes, fun activities and things for kids and even now this how clever thanks for sharing!

  8. Brenda says:

    I never even heard og booing but when I read this, it sounds like fun I think I’ll give it a try!

  9. Vivian says:

    We just did this a few days ago. We printed out the one from It was so cute and fun to put the bag down, ring the doorbell and run. The kids had a blast. We also just bought a few things from the dollar store. Didnt cost us more then $5. A definate must do!

  10. martha says:

    this sounds sooo fun!! we have done something very similar to this. anytime during the winter anyone can start the “snowball fight”. we bake goodies and put them in packaging and sneak up to their door leaving the package and sticking a paper snowball on their door and a note and two more snowballs are in the goodie package explaining the game. anyway you knock on their door and run so they don’t catch you. this is soo fun. we are gonna do this halloween one and see if that catches on here.

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