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Are you a pear shape gal? Tips for you!

Its funny how people use food to describe their bodies.

Rachael is a pear. I am an ice cream cone. Some gals have apple bums. Some sport muffin tops.

If you are proportioned like RR, I have a tip for you.

The wrap dress is a great solution. Ann Taylor Loft does a super soft grey or brown wrap dress that looks very similar to a dress that Rachael wore from Diane Von Furstenburg. Check out$79

I got it in both colors for Rachael and she found it super comfy. It shows off her waist and doesn’t cling too much.

Find yourself a great boot at

I like the bouquets Bess for $79.95! Its stretch so it can fit most calves.

Designer looks for less! How much do we love that ladies?

What shape are you?  Let me know and I can help you find your perfect fit!

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  1. nina says:

    my shape is also pear but my butt is double the size of a person of my height and I cannot find jeans that fit nice of an outfit that fits the bottom as well as the top! bottom is a 32 my to is a 34b can you help me

  2. Sweet Jane says:

    What is your height?

  3. melanie says:

    I think my shape is like a muffin top. It seems that no matter what kind of pants I wear, something always spills over. I have tried every style of pants and I still have the same problem. I have tried Spanx and I still get the overage.

    Please help me!

  4. Sweet Jane says:

    Nina and Melanie,
    I would need more information about you both to really recommend a jean for each of you.In the meantime, I suggest that you look at this great website:
    You fill in all the information about your body type and your price point and it offers some great suggestions for jean brands.You can do the same for bras as well.Try it out!

  5. dawn says:

    this is for nina and all plus size gals!
    Lane byrant has the BEST jeans and a new size chart for all types of us real size women…
    try them out.

  6. Rum says:

    hey rach,

    da panty gal was da sexiest lady Ive ever seen

  7. Becky says:

    I am so tired of larger women at work complaining about nothing fits them and how lucky “skinny” (which is as derrogatory to a thin person as fat is to a large person, by the way) women are. I am thin with very little chest and it is extremely difficult for me to find nice fitting clothes, especially dresses. I am 5’2 l/2″, barely 34A, 113 pounds. I guess my point is, being thin doesn’t mean clothes shopping is easy. Any suggestions for me?

  8. Jane momaof2 says:

    Sweet Jane,
    I’m a plus size and also love lanebyrant jeans are fab, and fit everywhere it is so great for us plus size curvy girls to fit all the sizes on the rake at a different rate… good going lanebyrant for a great idea.

  9. Ann Marie says:

    Rachael’s clothing…I think that the clothes that she wear’s on her show are very flatterning, comfortable and adoreable. Could you please tell us where she shops or department stores that may be compareable to her clothing attire?!?!?

    Thank you!

    Ann Marie

  10. Vicki says:

    I am also a pear shape but my problem is notfit but finding cloths that are trendy but not make me look like I have my daughters cloths on. Do you have any suggestions on where to shop to buy trendy cloths for the over 40 group?

  11. Cam says:

    I’m 5’2″, with a 36 D bra size, Hips 36 inches and a 29 inch waist, 120lbs. This may sound hourglass shaped, but I don’t have much of a backside. I can never find something to lengthen my look AND make me look more proportionate. What styles would look good on me?

  12. Dagmar Mayer says:

    I’m a plus size gal also but live in rural Alaska and have a hard time putting together a wardrobe to wear for interviews and (hopefully soon) work (I just recently graduated). I lost about 150 pounds 5 years ago and haven’t been able to find “my style”. Any hints?

  13. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Dawn and momof2,
    Thanks for the Lane Bryant tips!I am wondering if you gals have ever tried Avenue? There is one really close to the show and I have used it for tops only when I need to dress a guest. How does it compare to Lane Bryant? I think it may be a tad less expensive.Let me know if you have checked it out.

  14. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Becky,
    You hit the nail on the head! We all have our situations and since clothing manufacturers always use a well proportioned fit model it is sometimes difficult to find clothes that fit us off the rack.I am wondering if you are shopping in the petite department? You certainly would be an excellent candidate!You would do well to look for separates.For work, a button down shirt with a pencil skirt and possibly a neck scarf tied like an ascot tucked in your shirt could look great. Some of the pencil skirts out there are high waisted and this might be good for you as well.In New York Macys has a great petite department.Dresses is another ball of wax.All the styles for the last four seasons are very babydoll.(This is the bain of my exsistance) this could be good for you though or the 70′s straight sheath dresses with mod patterns could also work to your advantage. Have you checked out Zara or Express. I also like French Connection for thin gals. Theu have great accessories as well that you can sport.
    Wear a great necklace since your chest will not be getting in the way.

  15. Cassie says:

    i am a pear but i have a muffin top bum
    i loved that episode of the wrap and the women losing like 3 inches around!!
    that is truly amazing!

  16. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Cam,
    I need more info on you. What do you like to show off about your body? Are your legs OK?
    Your measurements sound like me.I am 5’3″ with
    34 DD bust. My legs and my teeth are my best assets in my opinion but my husband likes my bust.(Typical guy)Let me know your favorite things about yourself and I will give you some suggestions.

  17. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Ann Marie,
    So glad you like RR’s style.We do get a fair amount of designers that loan us things, but I do shop at Banana Republic, Club Monaco, BCBG and Ann Taylor Loft for her as well as Nordstroms on line which carries a lot of designers she likes.H&M and Express also carry clothes comparable to her style.I have been a freelance stylist for years and I have always loved Express for clothes and accessories on a budget!

  18. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Vicki,
    Thanks so much for your comments! Touche!That is such a dilemna for all of us and I wish I had a solution.It has been 4 seasons of an incredible trend from designers that cater to teenagers!Everything is babydoll, empire waists,puffy sleeves and the WORST by far-the bubble hem. Who are these people designing for? RR is certainly not a fan of these styles and it is always a challenge for me to find flattering age appropriate clothes for her.Banana Republic and J crew always have some great pieces but they also adhere to the trends of the puffy sleeves of all lengths.I have taken a look at Spring 08 and its the same ballgame. Lots of 60′s,70′s mod and leggings. Sheesh!Who is buying this stuff?I am sorry that I cannot be more helpful other than misery loves company.

  19. Sweet Jane says:

    Dear Dagmar,
    I don’t know your size and I am New York based so rural Alaska sounds like an online shop to me.The other plus size gals seem to like Lane Bryant for pants. They have online and catalogue sales.Be more specific about your size and I will give a shout out to some of my plus size model friends.Good luck on the job hunt.

  20. Jamie Horton says:

    I love the tips you give to plus size girls about how to dress. I’m just wondering what tips you could give for finding supportative bras for us gals whose band sizes are larger than 44 inches. Where do gals shop for underwire bras with band sizes of 50dd or larger?

  21. Jamie Horton says:

    Help! Please I can’t find bras to fit me. I love the advice you give plus size women on the show so maybe you can help me. I am about a 50DD and I would love to find nice underwire styles to chose from. I live in a small town and have to buy the largest size at our local Wal-Mart and buy those ugly extensions to almost have a decent fit.

  22. Sasha Shackelford says:

    Oh My Jane what can I do if my arms are too long and everything looks small on me? I have monkey arms, please help me. Yes I am very tall too but thats not a problem. I love to buy at Macys!

  23. I’ve been studying these problems for years with the help of 100s of patient women. Unfortunately we are only in Dallas right now (with several out-of-town fans though), but I can empathize with your fit issues wherever you are. We have long-armed customers and customers that are up to two sizes different from their waist to hips – and we specialize in the apple and pear shapes. The three most important things we do to ensure a great fit: 1. Design the clothes for the shape, and the designers work on REAL everyday customers, NOT fit models 2. Manufacture the clothes so they are easy to alter, and 3. INCLUDE ALTERATIONS.

    When shopping for your investment pieces, particularly pants, I would offer these couple of tips – Look for a split seam in the back of the waistband – if it is all one piece along the back, it will never look right when altered. Second, buy from places that will do the alterations, maybe not for free, but if they mess it up they will replace it – it’s not fair to you to have to make that investment in the article, then take it to a local tailor and if its ruined you are out all the money and your time for the hassle. Women need to start shopping like men and demand the same type of service.

  24. barb says:

    well i guess you would say i am an apple shape… to me it is just fat. I have never been up on fashion. I would like some affordable ideas on what style clothing i need to buy. I am 5’7 and about 200lbs. I am going back to school so I don’t have alot of money to spend either.If you have any advice that would be great.

  25. Gina Carter says:

    I have a waste size of anywhere between an 11-13 maybe smaller. I had a baby 7 months ago well i dont have a bulging stomach but my rear and my thighs are big. The jeans i buy fit me in the waste but will not come over my rear and legs. I have tried stretch but feel it looks like im squeezing into them. What should i do?

  26. liz frost says:

    Hi Sweet Jane, I’m going thru the change, i am very depressed, i have gained over 100 lbs no energy i don’t have to evan eat to gain weight what can i do i thought about a treadmill,but i lost my job so do you have any answers for me. depressed in radcliff ky.

  27. christy says:

    I don’t really know what shape I am. I eat healthy and walk around a lot in NYC so I keep very thin. I am a 0 and I’m 5’2″ and it’s very hard to find clothing that fits, especially pants. Do you have any solutions?

    I just moved here a year ago and I think it’s time to dress a little classier:)

  28. Tess says:

    I am happy to find that there are at least one or two others similar to me. I get so depressed hearing about how important it is to be big. I am almost 5 foot 2. I weigh about 110. I am a size two. My weight is spot on for my height. I am 50 and have been this size for most of my adult life. It used to be that we just heard how important it was to be really tall and busty. Now. Big is Beautiful. There are all these adverts with woman who are obese dressed in their underwear. Yet you also hear that it is attractive to be healthy and being overweight is unhealthy. That’s confusing. Why is it so ugly to be a size 2? I hear that over and over. How that size should not even exist. If that is what is your size when you are at a healthy weight, why is it bad? Bra sizes are also strange. Padded push up bras are hardly available in small sizes. Isn’t that counter intuitive? Go to Victoria Secret and look. They stock very few 32 A bras. And then they only offer plain colors. So if your so ugly as to be a 32 A you couldn’t possibly want a pretty colour bra. Gaining weight doesn’t increase my bust size and nothing will ever make me tall. I guess I get to be healthy but ugly. Thank goodness some busty women have small feet. Otherwise I would not even be able to buy shoes!

  29. leigh says:

    i’m about the same size as you – 5’3″ and 105 pounds. i’m not naturally quite this thin, but fashion is one of the most important things in my life and i actually feel like the more couture-inspired pieces hang better when i’m thinner. everyone’s different in that respect, as far as the weight or size where they feel clothes hang the best.
    when seeking clothes that fit well, the most crucial thing i would recommend is finding a good, reliable tailor who is fashion-forward and understands the most current trends. they can nip the waist of a trouser, slim a pant leg, shorten a hem, take in the seams of a blouse… all for a small investment compared to the amount of wear you’re likely to get out of the piece you’re having altered.
    tailors can do other more detailed work, too (shoulders, etc.), although that will often cost you a little more. but if you have a reliable tailor, when you find a pair of pants (or a dress or a jacket) and it’s the perfect color and style and a reasonable size, but maybe the waist is too big or the sleeve is too long, you know you can have it taken care of with relatively little fuss.
    i’ve heard so many people say that the number one secret to looking like you spend a fortune on your clothes is a fit that looks like it was designed for you – and i believe that’s true. i can spend $50 on a wide-leg pant from the gap and have it tailored to suit my body, and it suddenly looks strikingly similar to the trouser that proenze schouler showed this season.
    one thing you need to remember is that while a tailor can take a good fit and make it amazing, he can’t usually take a pant that’s two or three sizes too big or small and make it work. neither can he make someone look great in a skinny jean if that’s not a figure-flattering cut for her. tailors can seem like a gift from heaven – but they’re not magicians.
    H&M, the gap, macy’s, express, and ann taylor loft all offer really beautiful, up-to-date, classic yet modern pieces that can be accomodated by a young working woman’s budget (albeit some more easily than others). most of those stores run fantastic sales regularly as well.
    on another note: though not apparel-related, something else that may be helpful in developing a “classier” look, as you mentioned you’re seeking, is updating your hairstyle and your makeup routine. you can buy the clothes and have them tailored and look the part from the neck down, but it’s the parts from the neck up that pull it all together. (a great bag or pair of boots never hurts either…)
    well, now that i’ve written a book – i hope some of this information will prove useful to you and that you will feel encouraged to know that you’re not the only one out there experiencing troubles with clothing style and fit.

  30. rachie says:

    I don’t think that the women in the ads are obese. Yes, they are bigger women, but they look pretty healthy. I think that the reason that people are saying “big is beautiful” is because for so long, bigger womon were looked down on. I believe that they still are, to an extent. Our society valued small for so long that it is a reclaiming of power to have bigger women in ads now. My mother-in-law is a very small woman and was picked on a lot for being “skinny” when she was growing up. I don’t think that any woman, petite or rubenesque, should feel bad about their bodies. We are all different and we are all beautiful. As for the whole Victoria’s Secret thing – I totally agree! I am a 40DD and try to find something colorful and pretty in that size! Also, I don’t want the padding! Why do they insist on forcing the padding on me? In these postings I have found a lot of talk about Lane Bryant and a little about the Avenue as suggestions for clothing for us bigger chicks, but has anyone tried Torrid? I’m in my late 20s and I love their clothes! Not only do they have trendy clothes, they have trendy PROFESSIONAL clothes that are great for work. I think Torrid fits my personality and taste better than Lane Bryant. Torrid is online too.

  31. Tess says:

    Our society has never valued small. 36 years ago when I was first old enough to be aware of what our society valued in regard to a woman’s appearance, models were tall. In the early 70′s, there was not quite the emphasis on big bust lines as there has been recently. We all remember Twiggy. Late 70′s, of course, is when that Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress first came out. Eventually, tall and busty became very important. Yes throughout that time the women in the magazines and on TV were thin, but they were not small. Within about the past 5 years, rubenesque has become fashionable. I am not petite. I have short legs. Petite clothes are for women who are average height and have short torsos. You could be a size 12 and be a petite. I usually have to have petites hemmed. You mention 3 places for people your size to buy clothes. There aren’t any places for people my size to buy clothes.
    We can have them made or buy big sizes and have them altered. Children’s clothes do NOT fit me.
    The Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress would be good for muffin shapes because it flattens out the chest area. Pear shapes like myself need something that makes the bust area seem bigger. Perhaps a padded push up bra would be a good idea? Of course, we won’t be needing a pretty one. Not as far as Victoria Secret is concerned.

  32. Lisa Stapley says:

    Rachael, I think you should put a quiz on your web sight. Just to see what shape others are. I know I would take it just for kicks. Because I realy don’t know what shape I am.

  33. Marie says:

    Hey all you plus sized ladies! If you are having trouble finding pants to fit; you definitely need to scurry to your local Lane Bryant and check out Right Fit by Lane Bryant. There are jeans to fit all body types and now online and in select stores they are carrying wear to work pants in Right Fit as well. They are amazing if you are a size 14-28. I am a yellow 5 Average and I couldn’t be happier. I always had trouble finding jeans that fit my waist but weren’t too baggy in the legs, now my Right Fits look great. Also for the person having a hard time finding bras in larger sizes than a 44 around try looking at; click shop by category, intimate apparel, bras and then shop by size.
    Hope this helps!

  34. DeeDee says:

    I believe I am a 40D (although, Victoria’s Secret once tried to tell me that I was a 44B-their reasoning? If I wear a larger “girth” then I can wear a smaller cup!?!) Anyway, I buy bras that feel like they fit, but after a week, the straps begin to fall, and the underwire pokes my underarms, and I have no support and feel like a disaster. Any suggestions?

  35. Tabbatha says:

    I am a very short (4’11″) big busted (40D) and big bottomed woman (12-15 pant). It is VERY hard to find jeans that fit my waist and don’t have to be rolled up 10 times on the bottom so I can walk with out tripping. I have tried to buy the “short” length jeans but, they still aren’t short enough. Any suggestions? Also, where does Rach get her tops? I LOVE them. They flatter and aren’t clingy or tight. I have a belly (and 2 kids)and I am always concerned that people can see my “roll” over my jeans. I need to find tops that are for everyday so I can chase my kids around still. THANK YOU!! I NEED HELP!! I actually HATE shopping for clothes because I can’t find anything and don’t know where to shop!!

  36. jan ulery says:

    i have always had a boy shape. Straight up and down. Now i have the boy shape with a belly. Started happening after i turned forty. Can you tell me what i could wear to hide the belly and show everything else off?

    Thank you

    jan ulery

  37. Trisha says:

    I am a pear shaped, but I have a small waist, so I have a really hard time finding pants or dressed that fit right. I am 5’10, and 150 lbs. I am a 32 almost B bust, with a 28 in waist, and 42 inch hip/thigh area. If I find something to fit my hips, it’s way too big on my waist. I usually wear about a size ten, but when I went to buy my wedding dress it was a size 4, simply because it was tighter on top, and poofy on the bottom. I feel so disproportioned. Any tips?

  38. Charity says:

    I just wanted to thank you for – I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I’m always looking for advice. I’m 5’3″ and pretty slender (size 4/6) everywhere except my chest where I’m always a 34DD or larger. I have a HORRIBLE time find bras that fit – or shirts – or dresses – the list goes on. I’m anxious to give zafu a try. Thanks again!

  39. Amanda B says:

    Hey guys…
    Tall women have it rough too. I’m 6’0, wear a 32-34 pant and need at least a 34″ inseam… I can’t find pants (other then men’s) that will fit me. I’m guessing that I am tube?? LOL, not a very flattering idea if you ask me.
    So any suggestions on where I can get jeans that are $200 would be very much appreciated.

  40. Amanda B says:

    opps, I meant not $200… YIKES

  41. Stac says:

    Have any of you ever tried Ann Taylor Loft curvy jeans? They also have a line of curvy pants called “Julie.” I am definatley curvy- pair shape with a big butt. Try finding pants for the old Marilyn Manroe shape! Someone should create jeans with that title for us curvy girls who still exist!
    Another brand I like is “Not Your Daughters Jeans.” They sell them at Nordstrom and yes, they aren’t cheap but they are worth it. If you try your size on at Norstroms, then look for that same size on EBay and save some $. As far as the “fall out” over the top of the jeans, since most jeans are lower now, I buy the wrinkle resistant blouse at Talbots to cover that perfectly up. They do go on sale sometimes. Somehow, they seem to hide that part, never showing the “fall out” underneath, and are long enough to cover it. All that together is a very good investment and will make you look and feel like a million bucks, curvy women! I am a size 14 on the bottom and my top is 38 C and I’m only 5’3′. I’m going to skip the weight confession to the world.

  42. Jade says:

    I know most of the questions here are about RR’s clothing….but I am interested in where you buy all of her amazing jewelry? I am really into necklaces and earrings to compliment clothing.
    Please let me know some designers or online websites I can purchase similiar items.

  43. Racheal C. says:

    Your hair has a shine and appears very smooth. Could you please let me know what product you have been using?

  44. Linda Pierson says:

    Love you, love your fresh, easy, fast, preparation methods and results! I watch your show daily here in Northern Kentucky. I love to cook and you always tickle me with your ease and honest approach. Keep on teaching us how easy it is to cook healthy, fast, and appealing meals.

  45. Yes, I am the pear shape and looks like I have passed it down to my two daughters. My 27 year old daughter is trying to wear the jeans with the small back pockets and the lower waist, but they still seem to emphasize her thighs and backend. Is there a certain jean for her to try. She exercises hard and bicycles in marathons, but she still has my problem to contend with. Help!

  46. Liz says:

    Isn’t it amazing that all of us are blessed in different ways, yet none of us seem to be happy about it? I’ve been 5’6″ since middle school (I’m in my early 30s), and I’ve weighed everything from 123 lbs when I graduated high school to 217 lbs when I was working 80 hour weeks. Short, tall, thin, curvy — none of us on this board seem to feel represented in advertising or on the shelves.

    What can we do (other than pay stupid amounts for clothes or tailoring) to uplift each other, rather than compete for the title of most disenfranchised? (This is a serious question — is there an answer to a universal outcry for revolution?)

  47. juels says:

    hi sweet jane im 5.6 with a bra size 46e big belly big bum any idea what style of clothes i should be wearing thanks juels x

  48. Julia Sickmeier says:

    Not sure WHAT shape I am. I am 4’11″ (drivers license says 5′) and 120 lbs. Over time with changes in diet and newly found love of exercise and running, I’ve lost about 35 lbs and still losing more. I’m confused on what ‘things’ look good on me. I’m short-waisted and short-legged, but God’s funny sense of humor blessed me with 36DD’s. Seriously, no kidding.
    My mother tells me one thing looks good, my husband tells me another, friends tell me something else and the salespeople in the stores will say anything. Got any advice?

  49. neetu says:

    i am 4’11″, weight 80 lbs, chest 32A. cant find cool clothes that fit me. tell me how should i get dressed. thankyou

  50. deenyreeny says:

    hey! i’ve always been a pear shape, now that i’ve had a little girl and gained 60lbs (was 120 before preg. now 180 and 5’2), i’m a much bigger pear and am a total loss at what to wear. i’ve tried nearly everything to lose weight. so, anyways, until i can convince my docter i’m not too young, 22, to have endocrine issues, i’d like clothes to look decent on me. i’ve tried the wrap dresses, they look funny and i hate dresses, i’m a big t-shirt and jeans gal, but dress it up for work. can you please give me some guidance?

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