More on Stocking Up and How to Freeze Foods

I’ve gotten alot of good feedback from my Family Food Fund Idea and many people have asked for more information about freezing foods. Check out Last minute Lady’s blog about certain foods, especially those I don’t eat like cookies, but for meats and fishes, here are some more tips:

  • To freeze chicken breasts, place one in each freezer bag, pound it flat, add a splash of water so it doesn’t stick and toss it in the freezer. A bunch of these will stack nicely and then you have single servings.
  • If you can get your hands on a filet mignon, slice it into individual 1 inch steaks, wrap them in parchment paper and then place them into freezer bags and you’ve got single servings of those to freeze.
  • You can do the same with fish and if something pricey like salmon or tuna goes on sale, buy a side of it, slice them into individual steaks and freeze the single servings.

These single servings defrost quicker too so you can pull the out of the freezer the morning you want to cook them and you’ll be good to go by dinner time.



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  1. Yankee Bob says:

    Keeping fresh fish from drying out after freezing.
    I got this trick from an old Down-East Yankee geologist up in Maine. Fillet the fish and lay it in a Tupperware container. A few work in each one. Freeze the container. When thawed, the fish is fresh as a daisy. Why?
    Water is the only element that Expands when it freezes. And it does so from the surface inward (think of lakes and ponds). So, as it freezes, it creates pressure on the fish, thereby making it difficult for the water in the fish tissue to freeze outward and turning the flesh into a sponge. It’s compressed. When it thaws, the moisture is still in the tissue. No dried out fish!

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