Rachael Ray teaches families to cook

Cooking Classes for Kids

Yum-o! has partnered with the Food Network and Share Our Strength to hold cooking classes for kids and families called Operation Frontline. SOS has been doing this for 13 years and this year, we had the honor of joining forces to help carry on the successful work already started. We did classes at the Food Network this October and November and I finally got some pics from the last class.

Read more about what we’re doing with  Operation Frontline and of course, don’t forget to check out Yum-o!’s website with your kids www.yum-o.org.

Here’s one of the dishes we cooked that day-Turkey Bolognese-it’s a rollover meal!

Rachael Ray teaches families to cook

Here I am with some of the kids and families:

Rachael Ray teaches families to cook

Rachael Ray teaches families to cook

70 Responses to “Cooking Classes for Kids”

  1. Tisha says:

    Rachael, you are great! You look good with an “itty bitty” hanging on you!
    GO YUM-O!

  2. Cassie Boulukos says:

    Hey Rachel,
    I was on your show this morning and I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me so much in so many ways and you are truly amazing. I have never had as much fun as I had today. Not to mention how incredible Derek Jeter looked :) Keep up the amazing job on your show and thank you for the opportunity to be apart of it.

  3. Debi says:

    You are a Rock star Rach !!! Love ya, mean it :)
    Merry Christmas !

  4. Julie says:

    i LOVE you
    you are very inspring
    i watch your show Every day
    im doing a report on you
    for school
    right now you are
    a great inspiration

  5. Julie says:

    i LOVE you
    your a great inspriration
    your AMAZING
    i watch your show Every day
    im doing a report on you for school

  6. Patricia McClimans says:

    Rachael, Remember the Bundt cakes you could buy with fillings in them? Do you have any recipes for Bundt cakes like that that you could do on your show which I watch faithfully everyday? Your the best!
    Fan For Life, Pattie

  7. Dottie says:

    I love your show, and I love using your receipes. I want to make your beef burgundy for a Christmas party, however your recipe says add two tablespoons of EVOO. What is EVOO? I’ll let you know how it turns out.


  8. Dottie, EVOO stands for extra virgin olive oil!

  9. wendy says:

    Hello Rach I watch your show every day
    I wish I could cook like you do.I try but every thing gets stuck or burns..I can dont even cook eggs they burn.Can you help me some way….
    Wendy From ILL

  10. Cassie says:

    hey – lookin’ good Rach.
    that one pic was sooo cute with the little girl hanging on you.
    xo cassie xo

  11. Crystal Kirk says:

    Those are very cute pictures. You have a wonderful spirit and you are such a benevolent person. Many people look up to you, for you are very inspiring! What an awsome job you do :).

  12. Crystal Kirk says:

    EVOO is: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Gotta learn the Rachael Ray terms! Neat Huh?

  13. Linda Burch says:

    I was watching the show when you had a knife and glove for children for slicing, My grandson who is 8 and I watch your show and we also cook together. I would like to know where I can find this knife and glove. He would really like to be able to cut things up, but I am so afraid of him cutting himself. This looks like just the thing for us. I have given him his own set of cooking tools. So this would be just great to add. His name is Matt and he love to watch you.
    Thanks for your help. We both love your show.

  14. tracy says:

    HI RACH!

  15. Tony Zamorano says:

    OMG! Rach i love your show AND YOU well i want to be a cook like you that what i want to be when i finish my career and im italian like you.


  16. Tamiko Byrd says:

    you are one awesome lady:) i love watching your shows! keep your chin up and stay strong!

  17. bridgette says:

    Being a personal trainer i rarely have time to watch t.v but seeing your show i can definetly make time.

  18. ali rekik says:

    hey rach even in algeria people keep their eyes on your show you are so nice cute and lovelly women we thanks you from our hearts you are so so so beatiful. bye and see you in your show

  19. Maggie Kruger says:

    Hi Rachael, I love you to bits – our tv network here in South Africa recently started airing your show and I make a point of watching everyday – I first saw you on Oprah. You make cooking look like a breeze and you also make a point of giving great tips on everything! Thank you for all your advice. My biggest wish would is to be on your show but for now I can only hope that you would one day do a couple of shows in S.A.

  20. stephanie c. says:

    You’re so great rachael! i love you so much!!
    watching your show brings a little bit of happiness to my day and makes me cheery :)

    and i also love seeing your serious side and when you get emotional because it just further shows what a real human being you are and how caring you are.

    Keep up the work you’re an inspiration rach!!

  21. Cris Knight says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Everytime I see you cooking in the kitchen, I say “I need to find a way to get her one of my “kitchen in a bag”. Imagine showing up with matching apron and potholders…..how about a pastry cloth…makes clean up as simple as 1,2,3,4 “flick it”. Problem is I just don’t know where to send it.

    If you can buy a bed in a bag..why not a kitchen in a bag…hostess gift/housewarming/bridal shower…made by “sewwhat”

  22. monica says:

    Hey Racheal,You have a great voice.I admire you. Happy Christmasand NEW YEAR


  23. Lydia says:

    I want to just say thank you to your Mom for giving all of us in tv land a chance to watch and know such a wonderful giving beautiful lady, We love you Rach.

  24. Maria K. says:

    My mom and I watch your show everyday!! We absolutely love you!! We had been watching on the food network for 4 years. My family sings your praises everday now that I can cook!! They love not eating the same 5 meals day after day!!! Thanks soooo much,

  25. Jarrett G says:

    Hey Rachael.

    You’re so inspiring.
    I’m only 13 and thanks to you I already know what I want to do with my life.
    I’ve always wanted to be on the food netwrok but theres not many odds of that!
    I watch your show everyday and think you are amazing and beautiful :]
    I’ve taught myself to cook and keep on keeping on knowing that some day I could be like you.

    Thank you.

  26. Rachael,

    Have you ever made a salsa out of a barbecue sauce that kids love and parents rave about?
    Please take a minute and look at bobbieque.com.

    Chef Bobbie

  27. john hider says:

    i love you ray
    your show is informative and enjoyable
    some of your guess are not the best, but your make do; thats a good pointer,


  28. Andrea says:

    Hey Rachael!

    You’re so inspiring! My friends 6 YO DD loves to watch your show w/me she wants to be cooking with you on the show one of these days. I told her if/when we get an invite I will be there w/her since her family is against her learning to cook @ this age since she is trying to be independant most of the time since everyone is too busy to include her in the cooking! I try my best to spend time w/her especially baking cookies for the holidays! I let her help me cook just measuring out the ingredients & stirring you’re using math skills & having fun @ the same time!

    Have A Merrry Christmas!

  29. Kayla says:

    Rach, oh my gosh you inspire me so much.Whenever I am home now I will go through my cabinates and pretend that I’m you and talk like I am you on your show. You are an amazing person and my altamate hero! I just dream that one day I could be like you.

  30. trey davis says:

    rachel ur the best merry christmas

  31. christy welch says:

    You are amazing! I’m inspired soooo much Rachael! You have such a big heart:)

  32. Holly says:

    I love the fact that you are interested in teaching kids how to cook.I learned to cook by being in the kitchen with my Mom over the years, we had a meal at the table as a family every night. It seems these days that we don’t do that and we are always eating on the run. Kids need to learn how to prepare well balanced meals and how to make good food chocies. My 12 yr old son Josh wants to learn to cook like you! I hope he continues to keep his interest in cooking, and you keep inspiring America’s kid’s! Thanks for teaching me cool stuff so I can teach him.

    Holly Wilson,

    Reidsville, NC

  33. Miriam McKinskey says:

    Dear Rachael Ray,
    You have inspired me so much. U are the best chef ever, so I created the best drink for u, the Yum-O!! Hot Coco!
    Enjoy!!!!!! I LOVE RACHAEL RAY!!!

  34. Love cookies says:

    I want to try your “Peanut butter and jelly” cookies, but I see that no flour is required. Is this correct? I just have an urge to put flour in the mix, but I won’t. I will try them! Thanks.

  35. Hey Rachael Ray!

    Ever since I was able to cook in the kitchen I have been watching you cook and you are my role model!!!!!!!! I luv you so much!!! You inspire me so, so, so much because I think you can cook so so well and you are very pretty!!!!!

  36. Sydney says:

    Hey Rachael Ray!!
    Ever since I could cook in the kitchen, I have been watching you cook to inspire me! Geuss what? You did inspire me tremendously!!
    You are my idol when it comes to cooking!! My dream is to meet you some day, that would be amazing to me!!!!! I just got your cook book for Christmas for kids, and I love it!!!! You are awesome, I love you so so so so much!!!!!!! I am only 11 yrs. old and I know what I want to do with my life, become a chef just like you!!!!!

  37. Kerie says:

    hey rachel i just started wacthing ur tv show and i want u to know that i love it and i love the food.

  38. Cindy Sardo says:

    I am writing a collection of books for teachers to use to cook in their classrooms. I would love to share them with you!

  39. alexandra says:

    well i need to know where i can write a email to you because i want to write you a email personaly

  40. alexandra says:

    hey rachael you are the best cook i seen you in minnesota at the book signing in Mall of America i drived 6 hours to see you and get a book signed but they had that wrist band thing i was so sad and mad at the same time because i love watching you on food network i really like cook too just like you!

  41. alexandra says:

    hey this is alexandra i forgot to write that i didnt see you in minnesota and i want you try to write a email back if your not busy please bye

  42. Cook 2 B says:

    I love your show. The only problem is that I don’t have cable. I wish that I could someday meet you! I have decided that I want to be a cook like you when I grow up! Is it a fun job? Keep on being you!

    -Cook 2 B

  43. Cook 2 B says:

    Do you have a good kids cook book? My BFF has your book for kids called 30-minuet meals. Do you have any more?

    -your NUMBER ONE FAN!!! Cook 2 B

  44. Cook 2 B says:


    One more thing… (I know that i have been wrighting a lot in the last…oh..5 minuets)! But, U ARE MY ROLE MODEL!! I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!

  45. Shirley says:

    Rachel this is a wonderful idea and right on time for me. My oldest daughter will be 4 in Febuary and is maturing so quickly. She takes the lead in assisting with her younger sister, cleaning and especially cooking. She has a passion already for cooking and I realized how deep it was when she demanded to watch your show two days in a row. Every weekday we are in front of the TV at 8:50 A.M. to be sure to catch your show at 9:00 A.M then later that day we make something from the show.

    When it’s time for me to cook dinner she is right there beside me and each time you can count on hearing.. “Mom I have to cook like Rachel Ray does!” Now watching the show is not good enough she wants so badly to come to the show so I can tell you we’ll be seeing you soon. Thanks so much for providing the opportunity for our children to learn first hand the importance of nutrition and preparing meals. We support everything you do.

  46. hey rach i just wanted to let you know you are a very good person and a big kid at heart!! i love watching your show you do everything so fast and i like that about you how you never worry if anythings gonna co wrong. i also like it when you say “i got the kids in the hottub” its so cute but anyway i just wanted to say youre a big help and inspiration to ALL women thank you. I LOVE YOU!!

  47. Ellen Capstick says:

    Hi Rachael
    What a great idea to help children learn how to cook and to cook HEALTHY! I’m a school nurse in a public school, we currently have 7 diabetics in our middle school (grade 7 & 8). We teach daily the importance of eating healthy and exercising. We are an inner city school and these children and parents need a great deal of help. I was reading our local paper and read that you will be at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. I think the seminar on how to keep children and their parents fit is a great idea! It’s so important to teach the parents as well about healthy habits. There are two full time nurses at my school – maybe I can talk her into going to Miami for February vacation to the Festival! Thanks

  48. Rachael,
    I am actually writing this for my son. He has been watching you for so long. He is eight (8) years old and alwasy tells mama to “do it like Rachael Ray.” He makes her go into the kitchen and do a cooking show so he can talk to the audience. He was born three months pre-mature and didn’t start talking until he was three (3) years old due a mild case of CP. He is a bundle of energy and loves his Rachael Ray. I just wished to share this with you as to brighten up your day as he does mine.
    Keep up the good work.


    Richard Dixon for
    Ezra Dixon

    P.S. He said to make sure I tell you “Ezra Loves You?

  49. Maria Perez says:

    Hey Rachael;
    i hope u get to read this!
    i am a mom of a 5 yr old, i am hispanic but more american if you ask me,lol. well i have been wanting to do some of your receipes but i HAVE not idea where to find stuff in the grocery store! when i go and have my list ready i ask the people there and they have no idea neither! so i end up not doin anything but FROZEN food! i want to be able to COOK SOOOO bad but i lack experience in the store and kitchen!!! PLEASE HELP!! my poor kid wants mom to cook homemade meals. lol!

  50. Peggy says:

    My 6 year old son loves you. When I get off work and I am trying to decide what to cook we watch your 30 minute meals show,and when he helps me cook he pretends he is hosting a show. when I picked him up from daycare yesterday he asked if we could play Rachael Ray when we got home. So now you are a game to him. Thanks for helping me get through the week.

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