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Things to do in New York this month

Last night I went to Rockefeller Center to visit the tree and I have to say, at night, it was breathtaking! They decorated it with all different colored lights, instead of just white or gold, and it looks just beautiful! WNBC in New York actually has a “tree cam” on their website so you can see the tree live!

I was there kind of late, because I was coming out of an event, and what struck me as interesting was that people were still going up to the ‘Top of the Rock” at like 10:30pm! They have these cool late night tours and to accomodate folks who are walking around at that hour, many of the shops were still open. I took advantage by stopping in Godiva for a late night chocolate fix! Here is the website for Rockefeller Center should you find yourself in New York some evening. Lucky for me, it was very mild last night too, which frankly it has been in New York all Fall, so it doesn’t make late night strolling too cold to bare. Of course if you don’t feel like coming out at night, Rockefeller Center is still the place to be during the day to see or even try out the ice skating.

Another great reason to come to New York now is because finally the the Broadway Stagehand strike has been settled! Since many businesses and shows were hurt during the strike, they are giving great deals away to get people to come back and fast. Additionally, they have opened 5 new plays since the strike ended so there are even more plays and musicals to see while you are here. If you go to, they’ve got the latest on Broadway news and ticket deals.

Now I have to throw this one in there because I am a mom and I thought this was a good find. If you have a kid who is really into Build-A-Bear like my kid is, then check out their 5th Avenue store. It’s really big and roomy so you don’t feel the crowds. PLUS, they have a few stuffing stations downstairs that no one seems to realize are there so you don’t have to wait in the long lines upstairs. The staff there was noticeably friendly and seemed genuinely happy -we had a great experience going there recently.

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  1. Jason says:

    I walk by the tree everyday and i have to say it’s breathtaking…really “lightens” my day!!

  2. retta skinner says:

    How do i get intouch with Evette Rios? I need help with decorating.

  3. retta skinner says:

    I love your show,

  4. Frank R. Evans says:

    My wife (Maureen) & I enjoy your wonderful show every day. I am 74 and she is 72. You have such a variety for everyone to enjoy and learn new things!!!!! Keep it up! My wife’s maiden name was Gutenberg (yes she is related to him)
    Frank & Maureen Evans

  5. Ken Jones says:

    Some other fantasic places to visit in New York are the wineries. Being a transplant to Western New York, I quickly discovered the abundance of tasty NYS wines and the wineries that produce them.

    The extensive list of wineries starts at the western most part of the state along Lake Erie and extends to the Seneca region. If you have not been, I highly suggest you venture out this way and try one if not several of the wine tours and experience award winning wines! At one point there was a gathering of various wineries at the Watkins Glen race track where, for a small fee, one could sample an abundance of the vineyards bounty. Yum-o! For you foodies, there is a cooking center located in Canandaigua, NY where there are tastings as well as classes available.

    New York is a culinary and wine playground just waiting to be discovered! Check us out!

  6. Marta says:

    Hi, A friend of mine is visting from metro NYC area and says Rachel has recommended a restaurant in the Saratoga Springs, NY area. I have tried searching the blogs and travel area etc and have found other spots in NY but none for Saratoga Springs. Can anyone provide information? Thanks!!!

  7. Plan B Mom says:

    Hi Marta – The restaurant Rachael recommended on the $40 a Day show on Food Network is Leon’s Mexican Restaurant on Crescent Street in Saratoga Springs. I actually had dinner there last spring and it was delicious – I highly recommend it! Great food and margaritas…

  8. devon says:

    hey racheal you are such a great cook,somedayz i watch your show and i can almost smell whats cooking.keep the fire blazing…

  9. Gilda says:

    when in Miami you must include a visit to Wine It Down Restaurant and Wine Bar. It is family owned and operated and it is cozy,friendly,good service, casual elegance and the food and wine selection are both fantastic.
    they are at 14417 SW 42 street ,Miami,Fl
    305 223-2503. They have wine tastings and live Jazz on Friday nights. You will be glad you stopped in.

  10. Dot says:

    Rachael, I need to know when you were in Oneonta at Brooks House of BBQ.
    I love your shows and sorry I did not know you were here.

  11. tellenberg says:

    I too, would like to know when you’re back in Oneonta at Brooks! I went to SUNY Oneonta and loved that place! I was also wondering if you or anyone had some ideas of where to dine and what to do in Saratoga Springs? My husband and I are going there for our anniversary this September. Thanks!

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