Rachael Ray and John Cusimano with Isaboo

“DogCatemy Awards”

The North Shore Animal League, one of the largest no kill animal shelters, puts on this annual awards show called the “DogCatemy Awards” , get it?  That is too funny! This year, John and I attended and we were able to bring Isaboo! We rarely get out as a family so we were pretty psyched about that!

Rachael Ray and John Cusimano with Isaboo

Awww, don’t we look proud? You can read more about this event at their website. It was so much fun seeing all of these celebs with their pooches. We didn’t win but one of the winners, Bianca, dedicated her award to Izzy! I think Izzy has a new friend!

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  1. Doris says:

    Please you have to do a story on Vicks, he was wrong, just do the facts. Those poor dogs are being mistreated and seen as bad dogs in the public eye. Those people who mis-used these dogs are wrong and not the dogs themselves, you have such a strong public watching, that you have to comment on what is going on with our fellow animal population that is being mis-used by our so called American sports heroes. Please speak on your show! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

  2. Tammie says:

    Should call them DogCatEmu Awards.

  3. shari says:

    i really luv u rachael! u are the best cook on t.v. u are my inspiration to learn to cook! we will be the same age in may and im barely still learning to cook. im getting more into it now than i used to be. anyway, i really luv isaboo. shes so cute and sweet looking. i want a dog just like her but i live in an apartment and cant have dogs. one day hopefully i’ll get my isaboo. keep up the great recipes for us fans to enjoy! keep up the great talk show! i watch it everyday! luv it! the only talk show i watch everyday! luv u lots! shari

  4. Rebecca In Lancaster says:

    I got in to watching you on 30 Min meals with my Mother in 2005 when she was ill with lung disease. She passed in Dec of 05 and it took me a while to tune back in. I couldnt really do anything that reminded me of the time I spent with my Mom. I recently started watching your new show at the home of a lady I private nurse for and really love it.
    I am going thru a dilema of my own with a lovely Pit Bull ( Of course a generic term used by society ) named Lucy ( Who looks just like Isaboo) .
    Lucy came to use in Aug..she was a gift to my son for his birthday. She is absolutley wonderful, But unfortunetly I found out recently that I have to give her up due to insurance reasons. The owner of my home happens to be my oldest brother and he took over the deed after mom passed and we both share the responsibilities of the up keep and care of this home, but the insurance companies in my area wont insure a home if there is a “Bully Dog ” on the property and I cant afford to move elsewhere. My brother is scared that someday he would be liable if something happend..such as a dog bite, etc. I tried to reassure him that Lucy is a safe dog and a loveable dog and I keep her behind a 6 foot solid fence. He still wont hear my words or understand. He is adement that I get rid of the dog. He tells me that he doesnt want to see her go to the pound, but I have to find a place for her now.There is no talking to him. He wont change insurance companies to one who does not discriminate against certain breeds of dogs. He doesnt understand when I tell him how hard it is to properly place a dog like Lucy. You have to be very careful of where you place a “Pit Bull” because of the Michael Vicks of the world. Ive looked high and low and searched everywhere in So Ca for a Pit Bull rescue and found a few but they cant help me or havent contacted me yet. *Shrugs* I dont know why.

    Lucy is such a wonderful girl who loves to play with my cat and watch the birds eat out of her dog food dish. She has that sly smile when she wants something and she is so loving and has a weird since of humor. She is just a 5 month od baby that I fell in love with and I am heartbroken. My time is running out and I fear hers is too.

    I cry everytime I run across a website that advocates dogs like Lucy only because I know that the people that need to see these sites arent looking for them. They only see the negative press.
    Im so lost about what to do.

  5. Jaque says:

    Thank you for all you do for Pit Bulls. We do our part every chance we get, and every time we see or hear about Isaboo, we get so inspired and re-energized! She’s a BEAUTIFUL breed ambassador.
    Thanks again,
    Jaque, Tony and Ruby (red nosed pit in training to be a Canine Good Citizen and ultimately become a Therapy Dog)

  6. Valerie Brandt says:

    Your dog is beautiful (as are you). We are the proud owners of a Chinese Pug, English Bulldog and a Louisiana Catahoula Leapard Dog (the State Dog of Louisiana). I have owned dogs all my life and it makes me so angry to read about dogs that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. I believe that when you own an animal you are obligated to care for it. Thank you for all you do for animals. I watch your show every chance I get.

  7. Karen Wolfe says:

    I watched your show a while ago when you recognized a gentleman who rescued animals. There was a pet food companay willing to donate food for his cause. I recently adopted a rescued adult yorkshire terrier from an amazing woman in Maryland (I live in PA). She rescues abandoned small breed dogs, keeps them in her home, takes care of all vet needs, and charges a minimal fee for adoption. She works diligently to place every dog with the best match possible. I would like to somehow help her cause by finding a food source since she does all care herself. Any contact information you may be able to provide would be appreciated.

  8. Rachel-

    You and your man look so happy with your new family member… they bring such joy, don’t they? (AND they cut down on your cable bills, as you don’t need T.V so much with their antics!!!) We have two of them ourselves. Anyhow, I wanted to write to you and let you know what an inspiration you are to me, I mean, of course your recipes are to DIE for… but, just how happy you are…. I know that seems strange, but I look up to you… anyhow, if you would like, we have a family blog (I know you’re really really busy and all)
    check it out if you’d like, and keep on smiling:)

  9. missy says:

    Hi Rachael I just want to say that I think that you’re a great role model. Thanks for showing me that I can cook with courage and without any fear of messing up in the kitchen.

  10. Louise Bayle says:

    Hi Rachael, You are my most favorite cook I just wish I could cook like you. You bring joy in my everyday life. Your love of life and the people you bring on your show are great. The picture of you and John and izzie is really nice. I buy pedegree for my dogs one someone dropped off at our place and the other I got when a puppie and she is now 16 yrs old and they are great so is my cat they are just so much fun and loving. You keep up the good shows you give us we love you and yours. I have your books I look at them all the time just looking for something my family would like their problem is they are meat and potatoe people I do get some chances at trying some one day I will have all the things I need. Your pots and pans I ask for from my kids for Christmas maybe for mothers day and birthday I will have them

  11. christine blint says:

    I watched your show today (Feb 26)and you had a young actress on who was talking about “Dogs Rule”. You made the comment, “My dog runs our lives-she runs the household”. Wow! What a great idea for a show! You need Ceasar Milan to come over and do a behavior assessment on your lovely dog as a segment! He’s an ever so handsome man and all the women I know are very warm for him.

    I tried to email this suggestion to the “comments to the producers” link but my dumb ole computer wouldn’t go there.

    Love your show,

    Chris Blint

  12. Jody Law says:

    I watch your show often and I wanted to let you know that I have a Red Nose Pitt also but not only that. My Pitt looks almost exactly like yours. Mine is a male and he is three years old but his name is Boo Boo. He is my pride and joy. He does not know that he is a dog. He has slept with me since I brought him home. He gets to be a handful but I love him as much as my children. I wish I could show you a picture of him. He is almost exactly like your dog. I hope you love yours as much as I do mine. Maybe we could mate them.

    Yours Truly
    Jody Law

  13. Julie says:

    I love your show, and watch everyday. I am also a huge dog lover and enjoy all animal related stories, but I am disappointed any time you mention botox. Wether you are or aren’t considering the procedure, you should research the testing they do on dogs. Every batch of botox is tested on dogs before being sent out for public consumption. Dogs are being tortured and are slowly dying from botox. Levels that are too dangerous are paralizing these poor creatures and they are unable to breathe and slowly die a horrible death. It breaks my heart everytime I hear the word botox, and I am hoping that you being a celebrity can bring some national attention to this subject.

    Thanks again for the great show and xxxooxoxo’s to Issaboo!

  14. Deborah says:

    I love the fact you’re such an animal lover. I am too. I have two adorable cats now, but several months ago I was forced to turn my two dogs, Mia(a yellow lab) and Dante(a doberman pinscher) over to the humane society. It was a very difficult and teary day for me. I lost my house and rented an apartment so I couldn’t keep them. I still love them with all my heart no matter where they may be.

  15. Laura Machado says:

    This really isin’t a recipe. I don’t know where to write this but this place will do for me….I saw your show today (actually you are still talking as i write this you are calling the foil fairy.)LOL!! so I saw the part of the pitbulls and I think in one of your shows a while back(1yr ago) I thought I Caught a climsp of a pitbull portrait on your wall, but it was so quick. I have this love and respect for this breed. Though we get stares and people just hate these dogs, they don’t get the education or the time to know these dogs. My huisband is in the military (USMC) and befeore he left to Iraq he bought me a pitbull and I Feel in LOVe. Now we own two. People that meet our dogs are amazed on how well they behave with people and other dogs. They can’t believe that they are “normal” When in trully they are just like anyother breed, and any dog can be mislead to be agressive, but pitbulls have taking all the blame when in trlly it’s all on who raises them. I am very paasionate about this subject and when i saw what happene in that Micheal case I wanted to kick him in the nuts….I am so glad that you did a show on Pitbulls and maybe it educated people a little more. I think you are awsome that you have a Pitt instead a rinky little dog. We are big fans of you and Ceaser Millian especially fo r having Pitbulls. Love ya
    Laura and Edgar Machado

  16. Teresa says:

    I love your show and that you love pit bulls. I have a pit bull. where I live they are trying to get rid of the pit bull race. Everyone that ownes a pit bull had to get fix and the puppies were put down. I wanted to write you at the time everything was going, but I didn’t want to bother you. I thought if we had a big name like you that we could have possibly fought city hall and maybe would have won or the city wouldn’t have been so harsh. Thank you

  17. Rachael Poe says:

    I am so glad that there is finally a celebrity voice for the APBT. I use to get so ill hearing people put down the breed. Thank you so much.

  18. nicholas says:

    hey miss’ ray im on my moms computer we love your show. Today i was watching the one about pitt bulls. It is good that you dont think of animals as bad. I have 2 full blood pittbulls like you! I think you are really smart for seeing that pittbulls are not bad dogs they are just bad owners the way they treat them. You are a really good role model for young kids like myself only being 11 years old thanks nicholas pena houston texas

  19. Alissa says:

    You two with your Isaboo is a great pic. I watched your show this morning about the dogs saved from the dog fighting rings. You said the are not bad dogs just bad people. 2 years ago our dog Casper was run over by our mail man drug 20 yards stuck under the car the left for dead on the side of our driveway. he did not even stop to let us, this had happened.We know how far he was drug by the hide left on the ground. We barley had the funds but scrape up the almost 7,000.00$ to have him put back to as close to normaly as they could get. Then we packed up and moved 20 miles we thought to a different mail route. Well I guess ater our numerous complaints he was moved to a new mail route guess what ours. With in a week of living in our new house I received a letter from the mail man and it said how many BAD dogs do you have? I wrote him back and said “There are no bad dogs just mean people!” I truely believe this and hope all mean people get what the deserve. The dogs have no choice. Needless to say our mail 2years later is still all messed up if we get it at all.

    Thanks for your love and support to those who can not defend themdelve.

    Punish the breeder not the breed

  20. Chris says:

    There are NO bad animals! I say this because of Peanut my 110 pound 2 1/2 year old pure bred pit bull. We got her at 6 weeks and 6 lb’s. She is the most amazing red nose pit. I love her dearly. She is a people person and has to be right next to you at all times. She get’s along great with Rocky our 7 year old Catahoula Leopard. I would not trade her for the world.

  21. Cindy Yelle says:

    Hi Rachel!!!

    I just wanted to say how touched I was when you were speaking on tv today about that dirt-bag michael vick. Your celebrity and caring heart and words impacted me. Not only are you an amazing lady but Godbless you for all the work you do for animals, you deserve all the sucess in the world.

    Your newest fan,

    Cindy Y.

  22. kayla croce-hunt says:

    I am such a fan. The only thing I like more than your recipes is the work you do to educate people about pit bulls. I loved the show about how BAD RAP rehabilitated and found homes for the abused pits found at Michael Vick’s home. My last pit was a rescue who had been abused. My husband was nervous about having a pit bull that had been physically mistreated, but she was just so thankful and forgiving and willing to move on to bigger and better things. They really have the most wonderful personality. Thank you for the work you do.

  23. Rachel,

    I wanted to thank you for sharing the positive side of Pit Bulls with your story on the Bad Rap organization. I am a pit bull owner as well and appreciate the manner in which you shared their story and focused on how wonderful these little angels truly are. It is very rare that pits receive positive press, so thank you for that!
    Pit Bull Lover

  24. Sally says:

    Hi Rach,
    I love the show. I was so happy to see the pit bull story. I have been following the story thru Best Friends they recieved 22 of the “victory dogs”. The work they do at best friends is amazing. Please check out their web site http://www.bestfriends.org They are also one of the largest no kill sanctuaries.
    Located in Knab, Utah.

  25. Rachel, Thanks for the awesome segment on Michael Vicks dogs! Not many people have the guts to stand up for this breed! I’ve been in rescue 2 years and the things people do to these animals is cruel, horrific and completely unacceptable! I have 4 female pits and always a foster or 2. I love your show and I’ve never been more proud knowing these dogs have such awesome support and love!!!To all the rescues, keep fighting the fight!!

  26. Beth says:

    I was so happy to see your episode on the rescue of the American Pit Bull Terriers. I have a red nose named Bella. Our Petsmart loves her. Everytime we go there the vet always comes out and talks to us. All the employees know her by name and she loves them all. It is just so crazy everytime someone asks what she is even if they are down petting her, and I say that she is an APBT they will immediatly jump up and back away. I just think it is so very sad that the whole breed is punished for the action of a few PEOPLE. These dogs are not born mean, or breed to be mean, they are trained to be mean. The whole reason that they were used for fighting in the first place was because they are so loyal to their owners. How many dogs can you fully engage in a fight and then reach in and seperate them without the chance of getting bitten? That should let you know how loyal these animals are. There are countless stories of APBTs giving their life for their owners. This is a very majestic breed and a very beautiful breed if you will just give them the chance. My Bella is the best thing that has happened to me. She is my very best friend. I love her dearly.

  27. Rachael, i know what a softie you are when it comes to animals, me too. rach, there are so many animals, dogs and cats out there that need homes, what about your showing a different dog or cat on your show and tell what shelter or rescue group it comes from. it might take 5 min. but would do a world of good, as far as getting animals adopted.

  28. Sarah Evaline says:

    I hope you see my response, but I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for our pets. Especially pitt bulls! I saw where you had gotten emotional talking about it on your show the other day and it moves me. Nobody seems to understand how great they are! I have a beautiful blue nosed pitt bull named Jake, he will be a year and six months on March 9,2008. He is the most wonderful loving dog. He takes good care of me! I think he would really like Izaboo too!! ;)My mom still has never seen him because she is to scared and says they are mean. It upsets me to hear people talk and say how they all should be put down. I live in New Albany, Indiana and have lived in my home for about a year now. Once people found out my dog was a pitt bull, I had nowhere to go. I got kicked out of my current residence and had to find somewhere to go if I didnt get rid of him.(ONLY because he is a pitt bull.) Man was that tough. People would laugh at me and call me crazy when I called about a house, it became very frustrating. It finally all worked out which is great, but it made me realize that something has to be done. And I praise you for what you are doing and being a voice that alot of people look up to and you are voiceing out about these wonderful animals.
    With Love,
    Sarah and Jake ;)

  29. Kassie Ritchey says:


    I just want to thank you for being such an advocate for Pit Bulls. My husband and I did a lot of research on them when we found out that our 4 year old rescue dog was part pit and part lab. She is a wonderful dog. We fell in love with the pit breed. We found a local breeder and visited annouced and unannouced to make sure the animals were being treated well and not being bred for fighting. We fell in love with the breeder and all of her dogs. At the same time we were trying to decided if we wanted to start a family or get a new puppy. So we started trying to start a family and kept getting disappointed. So, we went to the breeder and decided on a beautiful blue nose blue brendle pit. He was so cute. We could not wait to bring him home. We would go visit him every week after he was born, waiting for the day he got to come home. In the mean time we also found out that we were expecting. What timing. Once we brought him home he was the light of our household. He got along great with our other dog and 2 cats. He was home with me all day, for I own my own insurance business. Everywhere I went so did he. He just turned 8 months old last week and just yesterday we were told by some neighbors that if he was outside again they would shoot him. This is the same neighbor that owns a rotweiler. Busta, our pits name, loved people, kids, cats, and most of all life. He did not have a mean bone in his body. We worked with him from the time he came home not to bite, growl, or be ruff. We would pull his tail while eatting and playing with his toys to get ready for baby. But when the neighbors said what they did, I could not let that happen. We live in a neighborhood and do not have a very big yard. So fencing it in was not an option. We called our breeder and she agreed to take him back. We returned him today to her and that is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. My baby is due any day and I have had to get rid of my other baby to protect him. I write you just to say thank you! We need more people in this world showing everyone that pits are not mean, it is all in how you raise them. Although, Busta no longer lives with us our breeder is going to keep us up to date on how he is doing. They have decided to keep him as their house dog. He is such an awesome dog! He will always be our dog and a shining light in our home that will be missed forever! I just wish the perception of pits were different. They are the most loving dogs I have ever been around and I grew up with dogs. Thank you again for mentioning them and loving them publicly so others can see that they are not all bad. I will always miss my Busta, but I know he will be happier where he is because he can run and play without someone wanting to kill him.


  30. Diane says:

    Hi Rach,
    I love the fact of the no kill shelter. I also love your picture with Isaboo. I have two Rottis and I know what it’s like for everyone to think your dog is a killer when he’s a big sweet gentle baby. People just dont get it, it’s how they are raised. There are people who get Rottis and Pits because they’re strong and loyal and will fight to the death and in return for their spectacular qualities they use them and make them mean. You can make any dog mean if you mis-treat them. I think people should have background checks and be licensed to own Rottis and Pits. Then the people who go through all of that are people who truly want the dog and will love them and take care of them. You have to get background checks to own a gun, licensed to drive a car. If you adopt a child you are checked in everyway. So why do we not take the same care with the animals?Very honestly, my Rottis have more integrity and loyalty than most human beings I’ve ever known. I’d rather spend my time with them than alot of people. It’s time we start making animal abuse a felony in this country. We need to start locking people up and punishing them the sameway they punish the animals instead of doing absolutely nothing. There is a fabulous organization I belong to called The Animal Legal Defense Fund. These lawyers defend animal abusers. Thank God people are finally starting to step up and are going to legally punish animal abusers. I love hearing you talk about Isaboo. Bring her on the show with you. She can be your cooking assistant. I love you and I love your show. You’ve got me loving to cook again. I’ll see you tomorrow at 9:00 AM on Channel 14. I look forward to your show every morning. I can’t get my day started without it. Thanks for all you do for us girls and for the animals.

  31. Connie says:

    What breed is Isaboo?

  32. Lisa Hurdiss says:

    Hi Rachael
    First i want to say i love your show. I didn’t think it could get any better, until I saw ” cooking for your pets” show. Whoo Hoo, as a pet sitter I’am always making yummy treats for my four legged clients. Pupcakes with cream cheese topping, fruit salads with yogurt & honey dressing and of course Ice Cream for cool summertime treats.

    Your show got even better when i saw Miss Isaboo. She is just one of the cutest pitty girls around. I also own pits (all rescued).
    My boys Dude & Capone ( Red Nose pits) also enjoyed your show. I think they have a crush on Miss Isaboo..LOL

    I just wanted to say paws down you are “AWESOME”

    A fan forever.

    Lisa Hurdiss

    APBT are one of the coolest dogs on the planet.

  33. Marilyn says:

    Hi Rachael,
    First of all I want to say that Isaboo was so cute!
    I saw your show on March 8th in the evening. I loved the show about pets! I would like a copy of those recipe’s for my dog that you made on the show. And I forgot what the foods were that are bad for dogs. Could you please send me this information? Thank you much. :)
    I love ALL your shows! You’re great! :)

  34. Michele Colombi says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your show Cooking For You Pet. I own a beautiful male Pit Bull named Buster and he has the same coloring as Isabeau. She is beautiful. I am so happy to see celebrities with APBT’s because I go thru so much bull with people not liking my dog because of what he is. He is so sweet and lovable and I,m glad you show the public that they are great dogs. I think you are wonderful in every way and I enjoy watching you and trying all of your wonderful recipes and I look forward to trying out the dog recipes. Hey, maybe you should make a cook book for dogs and cats too.

    Michele Colombi

  35. Amanda says:

    Dear Rachael: i just wanted to say thank you so much for putting your pitbull out there for everyone to see. my boyfriend has a fear of the breed due to stereotypes but as soon as he met my pitbull, Jack, he fell in love with the goof! Jack is the sweetest thing ever and i have such a hard time explaining to people that it’s the owner, not the breed of the dog. i mean, come on, he hides behind you when the doorbell rings!! once again, thank you. it’s nice to know someone in the spotlight isn’t letting them down. thank you.

  36. Katie says:

    hey rach,
    izzy is so cute. i love pitbulls my whole life i have grown around them every dog my parents have had has been ab pitbull. my actually just lost the last one we had her name was licorice she past away from old age it was really very sad,,but she is hoping to one day find another dog.

  37. Leslie says:

    I just saw your episode on “cooking for your dog.” We all love our dogs, they are family. Because of that, I think it is very wrong that you mentioned putting garlic in a recipe and breezing over the fact that it is “controversial,” and check your breed guidelines. Anything in the allium family–mostly onions, but garlic is in there too–can cause a very toxic blood problem in dogs–period–no breed specifics about it. You may have not had a problem, but people who follow you might be poisoning their believed pets. As a dog biscuit baker I take this issue very seriously, and, if an ingredient is “controversial,” I think you, as a role model, owe it to pet owners to simply avoid ANY item in question–do you want to find out the hard way that you were wrong? I’d like to see make a public announcement about it and try to correct your error so dogs stay healthy.

  38. Jennfer Branscum says:

    Rachel, I just finished watching “Rachel Ray cooks for your pets”I have to say I really enjoyed it but the animal nutrition expert needs to learn more about cats,even in the wild cats eat grass I’ve even seen ferral cats eat alfalfa and meadow grass and every cat I have ever had loved fruit.The two babies I have now eat mangos, strawberries, peaches,apples,blueberries,sweet potatoes, corn,tomato soup, etc..My youngest Cali-mae even likes carmel corn but she won’t eat plain buttered popcorn.I just thought I should let you know and I also wanted to let you know I think you are totally AWESOME!!!! I love “Thirty Minute Meals” and “The Rachel Ray Show” you are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Sincerely, Jennifer Branscum , Boozer Kitty & Cali-Mae Litchfield,MN

  39. vergie sears says:

    i have a part multise and love her dearly i like making her own treats, i can not find the boscotties and i want to make them. i love your show lots.

  40. Cynthia Casey says:

    Rachael: I want to thank you (belatedly) for featuring the “Bad Rap” organization on your show with regard to pitbulls. I, too, own a pitbull mix rescued from the shelter. She is sweet, trusting and the best dog I have ever had. Thank you for telling your audience that they are not inherently bad or evil. The piece was truly touching.

  41. Susan Essman says:

    Dear Rachel,caught your natural recipes for dogs but missed some of the toxic foods-are onions? any other nuts? or anything else?
    We are so much alike,I ALSO HATE TO BAKE because of the measuring,but LOVE to cook.We also have no human children-Laddie Boy is almost 4,golden & chow;Pennies from Heaven is 2,Boxer & Border Collie.This is our happy family!Our boys & girls even get have their own prepared meals!
    DOGS RULE!!!!!!!!
    Susan Essman

  42. Tammy Townsend says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I must admit that I have never watched your show..I don’t watch much television. Someone emailed me the segment you did with Johnny Justice and the lady from Bad Rap. I was moved to tears. As a Pit Bull owner and advocate for the breed, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have been involved with Pit Bull rescue for 5 years now and it is not an easy task with BSL popping up everywhere and the bad press pit bulls get. If you ever get the chance it would be wonderful if you could do a segment on BSL. I am now a devoted fan of you and your show. You ROCK!

  43. Amanda says:

    I am glad you support the cuase to do away with bans of pitbulls, I have three of my own and 2 kids who love them. They are gorgeous dogs and are very specials animals in my family. Thanks so much for you help.

  44. like your shows Elaine

  45. Like your shows/presentations Elaine

  46. Stormy says:

    Good Morning, I’m trying to find the recipes for the dog treats you had on tv. Thanks S

  47. Hi Rachael,
    I am so glad that you own a pitbull and promote them in a postive way. So many people have the wrong idea about these dogs. The media makes them out to be such monsters, when they are really sweet loving dogs. I breed pitbulls. I would love for you to attend a dog show sometime if you can ever get away from your busy schedule. Oh and I am a big fan of yours and always have been. I love the show on food network where you go out and eat on a budget that show is fab ! Good luck in all your future endeavors !

  48. Hi Rachael,
    I am only 9 yers old but I watch your show all the time!! You are such a great inspiration for me. I love to cook just like you. That is a WONDERFUL picture of John Isaboo and you!!! I think that what you are doing to support pitbulls is awesome! I volunteer at a shelter here in Ohio called Circle Tail and I love dogs just as much as you do. Your cookbook Cooking Rocks! 30 Minute Meals for Kids is so so so so COOL!!! You are a great person and cook! Thanks for being my inspiration!!!

    Caroline Conway age 9

  49. Joanne Prentice says:

    To Rachael and her pets and all other pet oweners> I can make a laminated paper mache of your dog from your photo.. check out ebay store Treehouse at Affordable Prices or etsy.com ( User ID oscoff).. they really are great will be glad to supply reference. thanks Joanne

  50. Mary says:

    Hi Rachael,

    I love your show, it rocks..I just got into wanting to learn to cook, sad huh? lol..I just wanted to thank you for standing up for the pit bulls, and loving them..The tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this…I had a pitbull named Sadie, she looked exactly like your dog, but she was lighter in color.. She was my baby, spoiled rotten, and so smart..She was gentle and even grandma loved her..she was just 2 and a half, somewhat still a pup to me..Jan 9th 2007 I slipped in a store and fell..Long story short, I went to the er for x rays…Three hours later I was still there, and my older sister and her son came to the E.R…..They had been crying.. My sister took my mothers hand and said” Mom I dont know how to tell you this, but your house just burned down.”then she looked at me and said “Sis I’m so sorry we couldnt get sadie out!!!!” My heart died right there in that E.R….Its been a year since I lost her to the fire, but my heart still feels like it was yesterday…..Mom got me min pin (small dobberman) In case anything else happend they could get her out…I love her, but its not the deep love and connection I had with Sadie..She’d crawl up in my lap when she wanted a kiss and lay her face and muzzle right on my lips til I gave her all the kisses she wanted..
    Well thanks for the ear, and thanks for loving the breed..I really want another one, but I cant find any good breeders…oh and thanks for teaching me how to cook..love Mary

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