The Yum-o! Family Cookbook

Hi Kids,

I hope everyone is having a great new year! I am busy taping my new show for Food Network (I got to try snowboarding this weekend!) and taping the day time TV show (check in out on 1/31-we’re on ice), but I am most excited about a special project that is going to launch in April. Following our mission at Yum-o! to help families develop healthy relationships with food and cooking, we are coming out with a new cookbook. The Yum-o! Family Cookbook is a collection of recipes that are good and go for you so you and your family can prepare delicious meals together and teach your kids good eating habits along the way. These recipes are designed to be prepared by kids and adults so you guys can get in the kitchen and have some fun…together. And as an added bonus, you’re going to see some recipes that were sent to us from kids too, which is just too cool. Some of these guys are really itty bitty and it just warms my heart that they are in there making up good recipes.

So keep an eye out for the book in April, but in the meantime, we’ll have fun contests and giveaways before then.



Check out the Yum-o! organization.

Note:  Rachael’s proceeds from the Yum-o! Family Cookbook will be donated to the Yum-o! organization. 

148 Responses to “The Yum-o! Family Cookbook”

  1. Rachel Raya says:


    My name is almost identical to yours (Rachel Raya) AND I look a little bit like you, so every time I meet someone new I end up having a conversation about you and about cooking (I aspire to be a good cook but have QUITE a way to go).

    I am writing because I work at a hospital in Plano, Texas, and we are totally pumped today because we just found out that we won an Ivy Award for our food service! Most people don’t equate hospital food to GOOD food, but we have a fabulous executive chef and we were the only winner of this award in the entire Southwest this year! I am so excited!

    I know that one of our main objectives, being a hospital, is to provide our patients and guests with HEALTHY, wonderful food, so I thought I would write you and see if you may be interested in having our chef on your show sometime! I know it is a longshot, but I am just so excited, so the sky is the limit!

  2. steve s says:

    Hi, im looking for the recipe for the soup that has pasta, cubed ham, pepperoni ,sausage and all that stuff in it. my wife got some from a freind and we loved it but we cant find the recipe.can someone please help.
    thanks steve

  3. Honore Prisco says:

    Hi Rachael:

    You had on Teri Hatcher & her daughter, you showed a knife and glove set for kids. I am unable to find it and I have a 9 year old son who loves to help me cook and he makes me extremely nervous when he cuts things. I think that knife and glove set would be great for him – please let me know where to get it and if its online the link would be great.

    Thank you so very much.
    Honore Prisco,
    Stroudsburg, PA

  4. I young says:

    Dear Rachel,
    I worte this once but somehow I lost it in sending it but if it shows up please forgive the duplicate. Hope you are doing well. I love all your shows and have been watching them awhile now I love them and you. This is why I am writing you. You are a very pretty woman with a great personality and wit but you scare me sometimes when you cook with thos lose sleeves. As a mother and grandmother who cooks with her brood I am very aware of dangers in the kitchen and every time you cook with those lose floppy sleeves I cringe hoping and praying you won’t get too close to the open flames. I am sure there are others out there that worry about the same thing. I had to write you about this for your safety as well as my own piece of mind because I know if God forbid anything like that ever happened and I hadn’t at least warned you about it I would forever feel I should have done this. Take care. Happy cooking.
    I Young

  5. Richard says:

    Hi Rach

    Hows it going im a big as fan from New Zealand love the show helps me wake up in the morning.For a job i work with specail needs kids and adults i love the job I do alot of cooking with them and love doing that to.
    Even though im not a chef i can cook just as good as them.You should try doing some of our New Zealand food like snapper and vinsion duck other types of dishes.
    I would like to come on the show some day when i say up enough to travel over show you some awsome reipces that i can do you would love.
    Keep doing what you do its awsome as

    Cheers Richard

  6. Don Wade says:

    Hi There Misses COOL- I love your bubbly
    Personiality,You are such a natural and gifted
    person as well as TV host and cook. I love
    your simple style at whatever you do. I try
    to copy you in everyway. Rach. you inspire me
    so much that when I see you I can do anything.
    I am Mentially and Phys.Handicapped- but you
    make me feel like I do not have these issues.
    THANK’s FOR ALL YOU DO…Your friend Don Wade

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Rachael- I just got your 30 minute meals cookbook 2 as a gift and I love it!! My husband and I have been cooking out of it for the past week. So far we have made your philly cheesesteak sandwiches, super sloppy joes, herb & chesse chicken tenders parmigiana w/ spaghetti, and tonight we made Country Captain Chicken w/ white and wild rice! What I love about your meals most is that they are filling, but I never feel like I am stuffed. I always feel like we are eating so healthy! I am going to go out and buy some cookware (I need bigger saute’ pans!) and I am going to look for more of your books! Keep cooking, we love your show too!

  8. Jenny says:

    Hey Rachael!!
    I love the Yum-O thing! I am a graduate student (and a stay-at-home mom). The day I found out I had to write a huge research paper you were talking about Yum-O on your show. It inspired me. My paper is about how the foods we eat affect our energy levels and therefore affect how students learn!

    P.S. My 10-month-old son has to be your biggest little fan. He goes around points at the people he knows in pictures and makes a sound. When he sees the Rachael Ray Everyday magazine he does the same thing!

  9. hey Rachael ;)
    love from ICELAND and I adore you and your show, watch it every day ;)
    luv Sigurbjorg

    P.S. you have to try on an Icelandic hot-dogs they are really good:D

  10. Sharon Martin says:

    I watch your show every day. It is on our hard drive and each night it is the first thing I watch. I love all the topics your discuss. Wish I was closer to your show so that I could come and be in your audience. The new cookbook sounds great. I would love to see more vegetarian meals. You should come to Bozeman, Montana sometime. We have some good restaurants here for you to try.
    Sharon Martin

  11. Tiffany says:

    Hi! I have been a huge fan for many, many years! I think it is so awesome that you started a blog, and I hope that you have time to read the comments!! My husband actually proposed to me during your show because that was our thing when we were dating… He would come over to my apartment, we would watch your show, and then we would cook together EVERY tuesday!! So cool! Anyway, I was watching your show today and a thought popped into my head… could be completely silly, but since this is an easy way to talk, I thought I would share.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if they made a mold of your hand, and sold it like measuring cups, since, of course, you measure everything that way?
    Sounds silly I know, but if I could have done that with my Siti’s (grandmother in lebanese) hands, I know my bread would taste as good as hers!
    Just a thought! Love the show, and LOVE your recipes!!!
    Sincerely, Tiffany

  12. Rachel!!

    I watch your show everyday with my mom! The only thing is that we cant make your food in 30 min.

    She cooks along with the show (we TiVo them)…but the pasta on your show cooks so fast! Where can we get it? We spent all of yesterday researching it on the Google.

  13. shell norris says:


  14. lori says:

    Rachel, these photos of you are gorgeous!!
    We love and admire you so much. Your passion, energy, kindness, and view of life
    make you a very special human being. I have 2 year old twins and they have been into you since they took interest in the television. They study you very hard. You have been an additional teacher of the english language in our home. You have fantastic enunciation(whew,big word) and connect so well with your audience.
    My kids call you “Chel”. Your name is one of their very first words! They love to try new foods and pretend cook in their personal kitchen. Thank you for your beautiful example. I hope to meet you some day.
    Many blessings to you, Rachel.

  15. gloria says:

    hi rachel im a huge fan, i dnt have any kids but you sure do make some good food:) Im actually writing a report on on you because this week in my business class we have to pick a person we feel is creative and explain how :) i think your probably the best example for it because your creativity has helped many cook and have a fun new innovative look on cooking :)

  16. Summer Hedrick says:

    Hey Rachael. This has nothing to do with the cookbook, but I was wondering if you had any recipe ideas for a 10 year old picky eater. My son will not eat any vegetables except creamed potatoes. Any ideas? Thanks!

  17. JESSI says:

    HEY RACH!!
    I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR SHOW AND YOUR PRODUCTS! This weekend was my birthday and I went on a hunt for your garbage bowl and tongs. I had no luck, but am still looking. I can’t order stuff online so I have to go actual store shopping.
    I have two questions for you….
    Are you going on a book tour?
    Where can I get a YUM-O t-shirt?
    I bought your stock in a box last night and I use your EVOO. Whatever will you come out with next?
    Keep it up and keep smiling.
    God bless you!

  18. Don Wade says:

    From Your Number One Fan- I watch all Your Food Network Shows and even all the ones On Channel Thirteen.
    I have used or copied alot of your idea’s in my cooking- THANK’S. You truly Rock On In Everything you do. You are a natural and you make all that you do seem easy if even it is hard for you.
    You Have encouraged me all threw my life, and I want to thank you . Your #1Fan Don Wade

  19. susana says:

    I am disabled and have all kinds of issues….plus a host of “eating ” issues…lactose intolerant, diabetic, thyroid and adrenal problems. When it comes too cooking a meal…a well balance goes out the window. Tell me…” is there a way to cook and not have to stand over the stove to get a well balanced meal?” Do you have quick meal plans or recipes for two, for a person like me. For I am fatigued all the time, plus cold, and find it very difficult to cook becasue fo my health. (But you cnat egt ehalthy if you cant eat right! I am dealing with Bronchitis or asthma also, so I get so stressed when I have to stand very long and I just find it hard to COOK. I am fortunate to have one meal a day. And usually it is because my husband cooks or my daughter brings me something shes cooked.(which is not too often) . Tell me what can I cook and enjoy it and not have to labor all day for? Because I dont have the strength to stand very long(less than 5 minutes and I have to sit or lay down to catch my breath. (I am not lazy, I am sick! And sick and tired of being sick, and I blame it on not having the strength to cook. (I have to lay down or sit now and then and I have the habit of burning stuff or I fall alseep during the process of cooking and my husband has to continue “watching the pot” and he usually is not much better than me at it! (I rely on my husband a lot to cook and half his meals leave a skinny minny waiting. My heart cant take his “appearances” but I would starve to death if it were not for his “hit and miss ” successes at making a meal out of whatever .Abd If I start a meal, my husband usually ends up “watching the pot” when I get fatigued. But his “watching the pot” is almost as bad as mine. Is there recipes for short quick well balanced meals that take less time to “cook”? I would appreciate a decent meal without having to go out to a restaurant. I like to be able to have a Meal withotu going to Taco Bell. I cant even maek a Taco right. But its the esasiets meal for me for I can make it in “steps”s that require less time and a meal you can prepare in spurts and small steps, but I cant make tacos every day. I would like meals that are decent and tasty meals that dont look or taste like Hash in a can? Something a little more appealing than beans and franks? If you ahev soem quicky meals liek your Philly pizza I can handle that. I will try it. Susana

  20. carol says:

    hi rachael, i watch your show every morning.i also watch your 30min. meal show. i also am like your viewer susana. I was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 months ago. I also have high colestral. lactose intolerant. I am not allowed spicy foods, greasy foods,tomatoes,tomato sauces, caffine,creamed soups,salt,onions(which I love cooked onions).I have acid reflex realy bad, so a lot of spices bother my stomach. PLEASE HELP

  21. carol says:

    Hi Rachael, I have been realy stuck with what to eat lately.I was diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago.I also have acid reflex realy bad,lactose intolerant,high colestrol,high blood pressure.I can never realy find anything to eat that has taste that doesn’t make sick or uncomfortable.PLEASE HELP

  22. aarin says:

    God..Sure did take his time on you..Your are the most Gorgeous Cook I’v seen…My hats off,to your Husband.Good luck in life guys.Injoy your new fame!!!!!

  23. Maiken Elmbaek says:

    Hi Rachel
    we’re finally able to watch your show in Denmark, what fun :0)
    Besides bringing back some of my favourite foods from the US you were actually cooking Danish food on the show I watched today. You were showing an “aebleskiver” pan, using it to make mini-flapjacks. At one point you said: I have no idea what aebleskiver is… and you were actually cooking them: an aebleskive is a Danish Christmas tradition, and translated the word means apple slices. The original recipe is:
    2 cups of flour
    ½ tsp salt
    2 tsp sugar
    1 tsp cardemomme
    1 tsp baking soda
    Grated peel of 1 organic lemon
    3 eggs
    approx. 2 cups of buttermilk
    Optional: sliced apple
    butter for frying
    Mix flour, salt, sugar, cardemomme, baking soda and grated lemon peel. Whisk the egg yolks with the buttermilk, and blend in the flour mix. Let the mixture rest half an hour. Whisk the eggwhites until stiff and gently fold them into the mixture.
    Heat the aebleskive pan and use a dollop of melted butter in each hole. Fill the holes 2/3 with batter. Before turning the aebleskiver a slice apple can be added. Turn the aebleskive several times while baking. Serve piping hot with jam for dipping and sprinkled with sugar.
    Enjoy :0)

  24. sandra says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Well this really is not a comment to any of the great news you,and your fans wrote,but i have a 5 year old nephew who loves to cook ,and watch you every day. he loves to cook ,and for Christmas we got taylor a chefs hat ,and apron. professional one he looks so good. he always wears both when he cooks. i was wondering when you do your kids show .do the children have to apply online or something? because he would love to cook with you. if its possible to send me some info on those shows? thank you ,and you are the best. have a great day.sandra

  25. Ivette Elisá says:

    Hi Rachel
    I´m living in Tabasco, Mexico. I love your show. Someday, I hope to work there. I like to cook very much. You´re a great person, i would like to cook some food with you. Sorry for my bad English, I´m learning to write, to read and to speak english. I sent you very hugs y saludos. Hasta Pronto.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Hi Rachael!! I am probably one of your NEWEST fans! I love your 30 minute meals, especially since I have 2 kids and need more time out of life, they work wonders for a busy mom!! I can’t wait to see what you make next :-) Love is food!! Thanks.

  27. Denisse says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Before anything congratulations for all your achievements. I have a couple of your cookbooks and I watch all your shows specialty 30 minutes meal.
    I come from a little traditional Hispanic family where family gets together are an everyday thing, my parents are in love with you specialty my Dad who doesn’t speak English to well an I was wondering if you ever tough of having your books translated to Spanish? This will make your Spanish language fans VERY happy to know that they can have your books
    Denisse G

  28. Chooch says:

    Dear Rach,

    I want my wife back. And to think she told me that you were somewhat loud and almost obnoxious. Since she has become ADDICTED to your show, both the 3:PM AND 6:PM, I have spent hours in the grocery store shopping for things that I didn’t even know were edible! Tonight we had turkey burgers with artichoke stuffed baked potato and sautéed mushrooms and garlic.

    I’m all for change but after 10 years of marriage; to go from Russell Stouffer to Gourmet-a-la-RAY is a serious shock to the system. I even took pictures of tonight’s dinner because it looked so ‘foreign’ to me (and you’d have been so proud!).

    Anyway, thanks for the great food and on second thought, wherever the old Bobbie Jean is, tell her I’ll write if I get the chance.

    Your new BFF (best friend forever) – Chooch.

    P.S. If your ever in Detroit, stop by – I have a new dice golf game I’m working on called GOLF1234. It’s a lot of fun. OHHHH BTW, it’s at http://www.golf1234.com. Cheers!

  29. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I have a fan of yours for about 3 years. I just wanted to say that you are a great person and you deserve the absolute best out of life because you sure work for it. TV is a merciless media and the hours you put in must be taxing. I hope that all the nonsense the tabloids are printing aren’t to awful for you. Really I just wanted to thank you for being such a creative cook and also ask you if it is true in the tabloids about your marraige. I really hope not because you two deserve happiness from what you two do for everybody else, not grief. COngratulations on everything you have accomplished.

  30. Jaime Ramirez says:

    I was wondering if u sell ur stuff outside estates… i really hope u do.. and thanks for those wonderfull recipes.

  31. Hi!

    My name is Eva Glimmerdahl and right now I´m on maternity leave ´cause I have two sons, Oliwer 15 months old and Oscar 4 months old.
    Apart from being a mom a big part of my life is involved in dog training!

    At home I have a dog who I compete with, Obedience, he is a Swedish Obedience Champion and I have worked with and helped other people with their dogs for almost 10 years now!
    (Have been traing dogs for myself for almost 15 years)
    Everything from learning the dog how to behave in everyday life to a specific talent, like if you want to enter competitions with your dog!

    Also been involved in working with rescued dogs, dogs that have been beaten and abused and helped them get a normal life!
    (My friends and family calls me the swedish female version of Cesar Milan :))

    I love your show and we watch it all the time and I have a dream of going to the States so I figured, I could at least send you an email, since life is to short not to follow your dreams!

    With this message I would like to ask you to consider me if you ever consider having a dogtrainer on the show!

    Please get back to me, e-mail contact works very well for me! :=)

    Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from you!

    Best Regards, Eva Glimmerdahl, Sweden

  32. leila says:

    hello daer.like these?my name is leila am from morroco know i love your program and i want to be your friend and i love the food they prepare

  33. Emma says:

    Hi, Rachael!
    I just wanted to let you know that your show is the BEST(I am only 9 but I still love it!)!!! I started watching your show when I was about 6 and decided to bake cookies after it was over. I had my mom video tape it and I even (tried to)put in commercials! Just wanted to let you know about the cookie thing…


  34. randall butler says:


    My famous country singer / adorable sister just opened up the Hottest, New Cup Cake shop east of the Mississippi….Located in Nashville TN.

    If you are into cupcakes, you will sell your first born for these

    Just thought id let you know

    Have a great day!

    Here is the link


    Gigi’s CupCakes
    1816 Broadway
    Suite A
    Nashville Tn. 37203
    Phone: 615.342.0140
    Fax: 615.342.0141

  35. Katie says:

    hi rach,
    my son robert is only two years old, but he already starting you make up his own little creation. one night at lunch time he had his favorite mac and cheese, but he also want petezels so he add them in with his mac and cheese. it actually wasn’t to bad.

  36. Joanne Hamlin says:

    Hi Rachael,
    Just wnted to say that my family and I love watching your show, My son Archie (6) thinks your sexy, he also loves to cook, we make oat rock cakes toghether all the time,he watches you with great interest and always wants to know what your doing. You are so much fun and you brighten up our cold & wet winter nights in good old blighty. I bet you had a blast with Jamie Oliver, we like him too.
    Keep doing what your doing as you do it well.
    Jo. Bristol England.

  37. Skyler Neveu says:

    my name is Skyler Neveu and i’m doing you as
    my bioligy person.I wanted to know some things about you.I watch your show alot and learned how to make alot of really good foods.
    But,back to my report i even have to dress like you.You have been a big insperation to me.i even do cheering like you did when you were little.How do i know that,i watched a show about you on the food network.

    I love everything you do to help kids like myself.You are great in so many ways and i want to say thank you and i hope to be just like you when i grow up.

    from a BIG fan,
    skyler neveu

  38. Misty Nugent says:

    Hi Racheal

    I just want to say that me and my Hubby loves your show and love the recipes that you come up with . But do you have any recipes for families on a grocery budget .

    thank you
    misty nugent
    and we love your dog Isaboo.

  39. Skyler Neveu says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I sent you a different message and it was totally wronge,SORRY!I’m doing a biography
    report and I’m using you as the person i’m doing it on.I get to do you because you were the first person to send a gourmay meal up to space.THAT IS SO COOL!I wanted to know what the ingreedience were for it.

    What we have to do is dress like the person we are doing a presentation on.When we do it we have to use props so i’mgoing to use a cardboard stove and pretend to make the meal you sent to space.

    skyler n.

  40. yame says:

    hi rach,

    im really a big fan of you and your shows. i was able to learn a lot especially in food preparations in it’s easiest and fastest way.

    i’m from philippines, but my husband was blessed with a job in LA, by september, me and our first baby wil be joining my husband there in U.S.

    i’m quiet excited in preparing those recepies i got from you for my husband…well, hope he’ll love it.

    was hoping as well to be one of your audience when i get to be in US. hehehe, fingers crossed!

    thanks a lot and God bless!

  41. Silje Andersen says:

    Hi, Rachel!

    My name is Silje, I’m sixteen and from norway.I love your show! “rachelray” It’s så awesome! and you look really nice on TV :-D
    Your food looks awesome too!

    and all that helping you are giving to all the people, that’s so fantastic!


    (I’m not good in english, i hope you understand) take care! ;-)

  42. College Kid says:

    Hey Rachel. Got a quick question for you. I know you’ve just come out with at least one, if not more cookbooks recently, and I was wondering, would you consider the idea of creating a cookbook aimed at the college crowd? The reason I ask, I’m a junior in college, starting get my own ground with my own apartment (and my own bills to boot), but my cooking skills are still minimal. I want to cook more, but time is never on my side and I don’t want to dive into anything to fancy to start out. I think a cookbook aimed and just quick, on-the-go meals or very simple dinner recipes could really help people like me out! What do you think?

    ps – I haven’t looked at the just in time cookbook yet, but that might have some things to help out in this area I suppose, seeing as time and inexperience are my two disadvantages

  43. doaa says:

    hi rachael i love your show i wish for you good
    luck i love orange too and you are very good
    thank you

  44. Hi Rach,
    My son is highly allergic to eggs and milk and it is very hard to feed him, right now it is mainly hot dogs and oatmeal. He is a year old and it is so hard to change everything for him so do you have any meals that have neither in it that i could also feed the rest of my family (a 3yr. old and my husband)? Thank you this would be a huge help!!

  45. Rebekah says:

    Hi Rachel,
    My daughter & I love your show, personality and your wonderful cooking recipes. We had a sort of suggestion/request of you. You’re so smart we thought maybe you could develop a way on your website for fans/readers to enter five (or reasonable number) ingredients/food that they have in their frig or pantry and your website would match them to one of your great easy recipes! Hope you think this is a great idea and maybe one day we’ll be able to see it materialize!!!! You are terrific.

  46. Richard says:


    Yum-O cookbook is great, just like all of your cookbooks! I have been able to order all of your books, magazines and lots of your cooking wares through a website that links you to big savings! You can save up to 50% and more on new and used cookbooks and other Rachael Ray Products. go to http://www.shopalldaylong.com/17559 and the type in the name Rachael Ray! Very simple and giant savings too! See for yourself.

  47. Courtney says:

    I rach love you and your show

  48. Jamie Giron says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I’m a 30yr old mother of 2 very picky boys. You saved my first Thanksgiving cooking for them with your turkey tips, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been in need of cook books and cooking supplies for years. I’ve recently lost my job and not able to purchase anything for my small 2 bedroom apartment kitchen. All of my kitchen ware is second hand that should have been thrown out years ago. Please Rach if you can help me in anyway I would really appreciate it. My boyfriend does everything he can, but he can’t afford to buy cooking supplies. I thank you for your time.

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