More About Austin, the “Bat Capital”

As I headed out of my hotel this morning for an early jog, I was thrilled to find that there is this beautiful running path that runs all along Lake Austin. As I crossed over the bridge from 1st street to head down to the path on the other side of the lake, imagine my surprise when I saw this:


Apparently, if you go to this bridge at dusk, there are tons of bats flying around. I didn’t see any doing any day time hanging around, but I am intrigued enough to try to go back. I guess this would be like whale watching somewhere else, as you can take a river boat tour and see the bats from that angle. Signs are posted that caution you-don’t touch the bats if you find one resting on the ground. Don’t worry, I won’t!

As I continued down the path, I ran into this statue of the late and great Stevie Ray Vaughn:


A fine tribute to one of the world’s greatest musicians who left us way too early in his life due to a plane crash many years ago.

I headed back to my hotel and found that even at an early hour, the music scene had already begun. Here was a street band that found a corner and started playing for fun:


What a city!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Hi Rachel!
    It is so great to have you in Austin! I met you yesterday morning and gave you some of my artisinal candy bars. I hope you enjoyed them! It was great to meet you and I love all that you do! Your ability to relate to just about everyone in the kitchen is astounding.

    Happy SXSW,
    Courtney Fuqua

  2. Raylene Canby says:

    Wonderful party at the Beauty Bar yesterday…yum-o, tasty food and the music was the perfect mix. Cringe is polished, professional and put on a great show…I was the one who kissed your husband’s head when he did the “front row plunge” and can hardly wait until they make the Seattle scene. Anybody who gripes about you is just full of sour grapes…ride the wave for all it’s worth.

    Raylene from Seattle

  3. Shane says:

    Come back in late September to see lots of bats, it is very impressive. The repairs along César Chávez will be finished next month, so a jog around Lady Bird Lake will be a lot easier.

  4. Tim says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Austin. I love it too. There’s lots of cool stuff to be seen.

    Take the “Austin Ducks” tour if you get a chance. :)

  5. Vince Mundy says:

    My wife and I had a great time at your SXSW party. Thanks for the guitar! Sorry if I snatched it a little too fast. John signed it for my wife later on, it is now a prized possesion. The appearance of Billy Gibbons(ZZ Top)onstage with the Cringe was awesome! I didn’t know that you were such “a cool rock chick”. Your smile is amazing.
    BTW the Rose’s mojitos were perfect for the warm day. I know what my new summertime drink will be.

    Vinnie and M.J.

  6. Hi Rachael Ray,
    That “street Band” is us– Green Mountain Grass, taking advantage of all the euros and pounds floating around our home town that week. If you give a P.O. box, we would be glad to send you a GMG care package, with CD and such.
    Cheers and glad you liked Austin,
    Jesse, bassist GMG

  7. booger says:

    howdy ya’ll,
    thanks for posting the picture of GREEN MOUNTAIN GRASS(the street band). we are based in austin and travel and play all over the country. we’re currently releasing a new album called “as the crow flies” and planning a vibrant summer. including the northwest. maybe we’ll see you there!!!!
    if you have any suggestions for good cheap road food we are all ears.


  8. mike says:

    lots of people stand of the congress ave bridge to watch the bats at sunset

  9. Hi Rachael,
    Your tv crew came by the downtown Farmer’s Market on the 21st. The market is from 9 am to 1 pm for farmers to bring their wares to town. It is an amazing site. Your crew visited with my husband and myself and then took some footage of our sign and product. We own Remember When Dairy from Yantis, Texas. We offer the most healthy milk and dairy products there is to offer. We have had several write ups and the latest is in the newsletter from the royal chef. I am also friends with Marc Chapman ( Cookie Lounge in Austin) He uses our milk along with several restaurants and stores. I want to extend an invitation to you and/or your crew. If you are ever up our way ( 83 miles east of dallas on I 30) please let us know and we will show you around and let you see how the milk and other dairy products get from our Jersy cows to your refridgerator. Love your show and glad to see you use it to make people aware of local producers.

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