Videos Are Now Up On Our Site!

We have video clips of the great party Rachael and John threw in Austin a week or so ago at the SXSW Music Festival. You can see a party montage clip, a sample clip from each of the bands and a full length song clip from The Cringe. Check it out here:

Feedback Party

11 Responses to “Videos Are Now Up On Our Site!”

  1. Pamela Gaddis says:

    Last Friday, March 21,2008, you had one of the “Dish” segments. On there a product was discussed that helped people that have overplucked their brows. Could you please provide me with that information?

    Thank you,
    Pamela Gaddis

  2. RENAT says:

    Приветик Красотка, мне очень понравилась Ваша программа Рейчел Рей, + к тому, Вы ещё очень красива, и сексуальна!!! ;) … Я пишу Вам с далека, буду рад получить, от Вас лично, ответа…

  3. Theresa Filler says:

    You had someone on the show that had laser for quitting smoking.Could you please give me that information.

    Thank you,


  4. Rosemary says:

    haven’t seen any yet but i hope is intresting

  5. Lee Lee says:

    Hey what is your comedian dudes name j. c. smith? and his website.
    Love the show thanks

  6. Laura Albert says:

    The band playing on the street in Austin is local Austin band Green Mountain Grass. Check them out at They are awsome! Of course I am totally biased, as the Bass Player is my son!

    Laura Albert

  7. Donna says:

    Your show on Women’s Bra’s. Foundations for the larger women. Can you send me that information.

  8. Mell says:

    On one of you shows you,you talked about a hair removal device,can you send me that information

  9. Leslie says:

    Hey Rachael !!!I live near austin,texas & wondering about next year@ SXSW?? In Your magazine it stated you will be at next years event. Is that true? & where Can I come & say Hello!! My husband is a song writer & singer. I think he would like to come also..& can you recommend a good place in Austin to eat!!

  10. Laura Valdez says:

    Waited in line at Book People to see you. I’m glad it was more fun than last year. If you need any help this year at SXSW let me know I live 5 minutes from the park. I have been searching for a CD of John’s band & cannot find it.
    Take care of your voice & have a wonderful
    Holiday Season with John and all the ones you LOVE!!

  11. Tyler & Dan says:

    Hey. Rachel… I hear from the local alternative rock radio staton (101X)in Austin TX that you’re coming back to Austin for South X SouthWest again (SXSW) and are throwing a party… how does one attend… I hear you have fantastic taste in music and that a couple of hot bands will be there… true??? we have bracelets to SXSW and live in Austin. We’d love more info or the chance to attend an after party hosted by you.

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