New Food Crew

One of my co-workers from the daytime show, told me about a way of introducing new foods to her 5-year old. Each week they pick one food and her daughter tries that one new food a week.This way, the kid can get a handle on one food only for the whole week instead of too many new choices and tastes at once.  We had Jodie Foster on the show and she talked about how she gets her two kids, who are picky and wacky eaters, to try new foods too. So we decided to launch the New Food Crew on our show’s website-each week we will pick a new food for kid to try. Then they can download a pdf and print it out and mark if they liked the food or not with a smiley or a frowny face.

Give it a try with your kids and let me know what they think.

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  1. Walter Fields says:

    Hey Rach what I have is more of an idea than a comment .Did you ever think of a shrimp burger, you know ground up like beef and held together like a meatloaf. I’ll bet that will be great. I’m going to try it out. ok later

  2. Walter Fields says:

    You are the burger queen if anyone can do it you can

  3. Godfrey says:

    Rachael you are very beautiful and take my breath away every morning i see u on tv, keep doing what ur doing and stay pretty

  4. Casey says:

    Rachael! I’m so happy that you have been saying, “Go grab a HEALTHY snack” when you are going to commercial breaks on your show. I am an exercise physiology and nutrition major and just that little extra word could make a difference to lots of viewers! Thanks again :)


  5. Bethany says:

    Hey! I find that if I don’t give my kids a choice whether or not they will try a new food…then they’ll try it and give feedback on what they like and what they don’t. Then I value their opinion, only after they have given it a fair shake! They won’t know they don’t like it unless they really do try it! Sometimes they surprise me, too, and they will request the “questionable” food again! Keep tryin’ with your picky eaters, sometimes they’ll outgrow it.

  6. Sue Lubahn says:

    You always wear really nice jewelry The necklace you wore on April 11th was awesome. What is the stone and where or where did you get it Love the show!!!

  7. Debi says:

    Hi Rach!

    I think that is splendid idea- not only for kids but adults too- I am not as daring as you are when trying new foods myself- So I just may adapt that New food Crew into my adult world!

    Love the show and Love you
    Debs :)

  8. kathie says:

    Hey Rach,

    I love to watch your show everyday and i love all of the different recipes you make. I wish you would make more low cal recipes for me to use…I joined weight watchers in jan. with 4 freinds from work and have lost 20 pounds so far..they are calling us the biggest losers at work because we have lost a total of 94 pounds… please give me new ideas.. i hope to meet you someday in person i think your a great person and so bubbley ..thanks a bunch kit kat

  9. janey says:

    Hello rach,
    have i got a special gift idea for you for you pet and you. But i need a pic of you dog to do it. take a look at my site and look what i can do
    hope to here from you

  10. lynisa ferdig says:

    rach im sending you my longtime recipes its a jar of love you can use it on anything ok oh i dont know the measurements i just put it in a pint jar ok

    a half a jar of real lemon juice
    a half a jar of oil it can be evoo or veb oil eather one will work

    some dry spearmint rub in your hand and put in the jar

    salt and pepper to your taste

    and a whole clove of garlic minced

    thats it put it all in the jar and give it a shake hope you like it my name is lynisa from purdin mo and i watch your show everyday .

  11. Pixie Winans says:

    Hey Rach,

    Please or if , when you can, have your pots and pans at Costco again. I went to pick up a cast iron casserole and someone, the nerve of them, to beat me to it!!

    I loved the blue color.I have read about so many others and they are always complaining of the the iron casserole peeling. That sounds so awful because so many of them reguardless of the brand peel. Except for the super expensive ones..?

    I also would like to get a oval pot for pasta. I love the way or methods you cook. I have learned so many things from watching the show.. I know you can purchase them online but I would like to go to a store and pick one up. The shipping you have to pay for is so much at times. I try to be conservative with my expenses. I already have two jobs and work 7 days a week just to get by. It so expensive in CA.I consider myself a recovering single parent trying so hard to get out of debt… My son finally moved out to live with his dad and is going to college..
    Well enough about that. I look forward to seeing your cookware at Costco.

  12. Ed Tudor says:

    Hi Rachael
    I am a Builder/Developer by trade. And now a 54 yr old stay at home dad with a 4 month old bundle of joy. I do a lot of cooking and for the first time this past Tuesday April 22nd I watched your show, and now record it everyday. What a great show. I so enjoy your presentation with the culinary side of your show. On Tuesday April 22nd 2008 you made a dish that was called Chicken Fra Diavolo or a Devilish chicken dish. :)
    I am wondering how I can find that recipe, I don’t see it on your site. And I would be so Great full if you could point me in the right direction to finding it. What a Great chicken dish it looks to be.
    Thank you so much
    and I am so glad I found your show

  13. Paul says:

    Hi Rach, I just wanted to say that I am a soldier in Iraq and I really like watching your shows that we actually can catch on AFN. Anyways please if you ever want to contact me I would really like that.

  14. Rosanna says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I am an avid fan of yours all the way from the Philippines. You are such a blessing to me and my family because of your very fast cooking menus. By the way i saw a funny site in youtube please view it you might like it!!! it’s wacky dana or

  15. Rosanna says:

    in youtube you can type in “wacky dana” for the site i was talking about. enjoy viewing

  16. Tabatha Robertson says:

    Hi Rachel I just wanted to say i love watching all your shows i rush home from work every day so i can watch your show.MY family loves your jumbalya stoup we have it all the time.

  17. Ginger Porter says:

    Hey Rach,

    I, along with so many others, want to say how wonderful I think you are, I love watching your show here in Palatka, Florida. I have to admit though, I find myself in a “competition” with you, my husband thinks you have the “most beautiful smile” he has ever seen! I think it’s so cool to see him smile when he sees you on the TV or on the cover of “Everyday”! Anyway, please keep up the great work!!! Thank you for having such an awesome show & keeping my husband smiling!!

  18. Becky Coats says:

    This weekend I spent three hours peeling after blanching garlic bulbs in an aluminum pan to get the skins off easily. All was good, I was finally done and the garlic cloves were nice and white! I used Rachael Ray’s Coppertail knife (my and my daughter’s favorite knife) to cut the tops after using a regular knife in the beginning and it seemed it was taking to long so I brought out the big gun, Rachael’s Ray’s Coppertail knife. It worked great and sped up the prep time. I put into sterile jars and processed and the garlic all started turning blue. Now they are really blue! I read on line about how chemicals such as copper can change the color of garlic. I am not sure the culprit here because I used my gramma’s aluminum pan to blanche or that the knife could have caused it. Or was it the processing and the heat. I just need to know how to make pickled garlic and can it without it turning blue! I have read it is safe to eat blue but not so appetizing. I am trying this newly because my daughter and her husband took me to a winery in SE Missouri along the Mississipi River and I tried their pickled garlic for the first time and it was awesome! A flavor exlosion! So, I really want to know how to make them myself. Thanks for any input! Sincerely, Becky Coats

  19. Anna says:

    Hey Rachael! I’m 13 years old, and i live in Norway.I Love your show! And I am a BIG fan of you! I’m not so good to speak english…

    Many hugs from your BIGGEST fan!

  20. This is what I do with my boys, as well! Once a week, we try a new food. Last autumn we decided to try weird new cheeses. To do this we would get a loaf of our favorite crusty bread, some fresh fruit (grapes or apples, usually!), and a new cheese. This would be our ‘dinner’ and we would eat it by candlelight and then play a game oru watch a movie together. It was fun and expanded our pallets, too. :)

  21. Laurie says:

    Hope you can help!!!

    I am looking for the weighted vest that Valerie Bertinelli showed on your talk show last week.

  22. Linda J says:

    Great idea! Reminds me of something my folks did when we were kids.

    With 3 stepping stone aged children and a toddler (my baby sis), money was always tight for our family. 3 weeks out of every month, on Saturday, one child picked a new restaurant to eat at. The rest of us stayed home with a sitter (a real treat ‘back in the day’ when Mom was a stay at home mom and never left the house – we LOVED having the TV dinners while they went out!)

    I learned alot about different cuisines and cultures that way – we always chose our restaurant on Sunday night, then Mom would take us to the library during the week to research whichever cuisine and associated culture we were going to enjoy the next weekend – Italian, Mexican, Thai, you name it!

    OH – and on the 4th week? Mom and Dad went out ALONE – they sure deserved it!

  23. Michele Lacek says:

    You should check with your vet before using onions, grapes, raisins and other food in your dog food. Some of these can be toxic to some dogs.
    I never use these when making my treats for our store in Westmont, Illinois.
    Please tell me how I can send you some of our treats from our store? Besides treats we do homemade clothes, blankets and pet portraits. I really like to send you some. Thanks Michele

  24. Crystal says:

    The only veggies my son would eat was corn and greenbeans. He loves helping out in the kitchen. So whenever I’m making a salad full all kinds of veggies, I give him a kids safe knife.He’s aloud to help cut the veggie’s but him and I get to try them before we put them in the bowl. I do have a question, a few months ago on the show rachael showed a kids set with gloves and a knife just for kids. Where do I find that? Last but not least I love Rachael Ray, my family gets tired of hearing me talk about her show and ideas I get from her.

  25. megan says:

    I am what you would call a child because I am not eighteen yet, however I am almost sixteen. I play sprots all year-round and I eat ALL the time before and after. I used to have very poor eating habits when I was little. I was what you could say a overweight first grader. I probabaly started sliming down in sixth grade. I was pretty slim through eighth grade. I think my bad eating habits are catching up again and I can’t possibly do more excersize than what I already do. And I am not super over weight I just have that belly fat no teenage girl or anyone wants. I watch your show every day. When I’m not home to watch it you are on my tivo season pass! I really enjoy watching you cook and help others on the show. I’ve tried tips from your show and they will work for a week and then I just can’t stick with it. Could you help in any way? (Btw I could not figure out how to just send an email.)

  26. Bebi Ferrier says:

    I love to cook and pretend that I am demonstrating my cooking on TV. I already have a certain line of cookware that I use. I am from Guyana and my cooking is Guyanese style. I think it would be nice to have people from other cultures share their kind of cooking. What do you think? It can be called “International Cooking”. What do you think. Love your show. You do inspire me.

  27. Norma says:

    Glad you meeniotnd the zuke substitution. I am that person who really likes zucchini and never can grow enough.

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