Go team!

We got this letter today and I want to give a big fat congratulations to the rachaelray.com team and you visitors who have helped us make the site the great spot it is!  Keep a-coming back and telling us what you like and what you want to see.  Here’s what the letter said:

“It is my pleasure to inform you that Rachael Ray (rachaelray.com) has been selected as an Official Honoree for the Celebrity/Fan category in the 12th annual Webby Awards.

The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to work that scores in the top 15% of all work entered into the Webby Awards.  With nearly 10,000 entries received from all 50 states and over 60 countries, this is an outstanding accomplishment for you and your team.


Hey thanks!  The Webbys are like the “Oscars of the Internet”  Pretty cool!

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  1. Debi says:

    CONGRATS – well deserved ! :)

  2. Congrats to you Rach and your team! You need to post a virtual trophey somewhere on the site now!


  3. Bronwen O'Donnell says:

    Hi Rachel and the Team,
    I’m from Auckland New Zealand and they are now screening your program here in NZ on channel 3 in the Mornings. Its about 3months behind but who cares just love the show, Oh my god I am hooked you your programme I enjoy cooking and I love watching the things that you cook and it looks like that way I’m going I will have a file full of “Rachel Ray Recipes”. my 4 step sons are coming for the weekend and I’m going to try the Buffalo Chicken Chili Mac. The Website is awesome Best of Luck with Webbys I shouldn’t think you have to much competition. I only wish I lived a little closer as I would love to come and see your show. All Power to you and the team for a truly Entertaining, Informative, fun and well rounded show.

  4. LA Guy says:

    Rachel Ray is freakin’ HOT!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I am trying to find the mixing instructions for the German Chocolate cake. Where do I find them????????????

  6. Brenda says:

    Hi Rach and the Team

    My 11 year old daughter and I absolutely love your show. My daughter has taken on a great interest in cooking. you are an inspiration to her. do you have receipies that she can do on her own with me worring about her being in the kichen by herself. Her fav is anything that has chicken but i would like to introduce her to the wide array of flavors out there.

  7. Mandy says:

    Hi Rachael:

    I know your new book is coming out in a couple of weeks and was wondering if you were doing another book tour and if so, are you coming to Massachusetts? That would be exciting!

  8. David Walsh says:

    I second Mandy’s comments, only swapping out Massachusetts for Nashville, TN. Are you book touring this one, or The Big Orange Book which comes out towards the end of 2008?

    If you don’t come to Nashville, feel free to come to Cary (Raleigh). Thats where I went in Dec. 2007 and I loved the whole experience there.

    Keep on rockin’, Rach! We love ya!

  9. Suzanne says:

    I am still trying to reach someone about the mixing instructions for the German Chocolate Cake. How can I get this info? Love your show. You seem to be so genuine. It is a nice change from other programs on TV.

  10. Kim Waldherr says:

    Hi Rachael, This is my first time responding, so I hope I’m doing it right!!! I subsribe to your magazine and watch your show faithfully everyday…LOVE them both, and so does my 16 month old grandson!! He has also watched since he was about 6 months old!! He knows the music when it comes on, even if it is advertised during the day and is very disappointed if it is not the show that is really coming up next…poor guy. Rach…I beleive by the sweet smile and starry, glassy-eyed look, he may be in love!!! And to top that off, he LOVES IZZY BOO also!! He can’t wait to see the end so he can catch a glimpse of the dog, which we think may or may not be your Izzy. I am his grandmother, and babysit during the week, and we watch it, and I was so proud when one day last week his mom, who is expecting his brother in July, was home sick, told him Rachael Ray was on. He heard the music already and was on his way anyway, and I told him to tell mom “Rachael Ray” and he tried his best with “Rachael” which is getting better, you would know he is saying Rachael, but he finally was so excited, he just told her “RayRay” as he ran to his spot and fell in love for an hour again!! Watch out John, there’s a blue-eyed blond after Rachael (and Izzy Boo)…Rachael keep putting a smile on our mornings with all your talents, and your cheerful and lovely smile…Kim and Cole

  11. jesse says:

    rachael you are beautiful, & i love your show.

  12. Pat Gaetano says:

    Hey Rachel and team, I love your show wouldn’t miss it for the world .. I have to tell you I don’t think a day / show goes by where I don’t learn something new not to mention all the great meal ideas.
    One thing .. I just thought I’d throw your way … when you’re cooking I sometimes see you struggling with your mappine .. “which I also absolutely love” .. so I just thought I’d recommend .. you putting pockets on the corners of both sides … so you can then
    use either side of the mappine .. you’ll never struggle with which side to put your hands in again.

    Hope my suggestion helps,

  13. Brenda W says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I love your show and your 30 Minutes Meals. My friends and I watch it on a big screen while we ride the stationary bikes at the YMCA.
    I love your most of your reciepes but the most important thing that I learn are techniques and general combinations of foods. My husband and I have learned to love several new foods.
    Thank you so much. You really cheer up my day.

  14. Tiffany McCutcheon says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I just love your show! I know you hear it all the time. You have so many great ideas about how to get kids interested in food. But I wanted to throw out an idea to you. I am 16 weeks pregnant and of course now I have to change what I eat. I am a high risk pregnancy because I get blood clots. So now I am on blood thinners and am unable to eat things high in vitamin K. So that rules out broccoli, kale, spinach, etc. I want to make sure I am giving my baby all the nutrients he or she needs. It would be nice to have some reciepes that extra yummy and extra healthy for mommy and baby. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!!

  15. Maiken Sörensen says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I’m a 15 year old girl from Gothenburg in Sweden, and I really love to watch your show! Today I saw one episode, I think it’s from april last year, about Enterpride High School in Alabama, and I got really touched! I sat here crying during the whole show, and now I have a question about the song they played at the prom “You’re A Guardian Angel”. You said that Jamie hade made that song, was he one of the 8 that died? Or was he the one who had chosen the song for the prom? I would be really glad if you could answer these questions, ’cause I really love that song!
    Maiken :)

  16. LuAnne says:

    Hey Rachel, I just want you to know that you are a insperation to women everywhere. You inspire, modivate, and encourage wemon to do and be more. We all love you Rach!


  17. lindsay says:

    hi rachael and team my name is lindsay and im 12 years old but a huge fan… i love cooking and i watch your show every day on the food channel and the rachael ray show…. my drem is to be on your show if you could make that drem come true gosh i dont know what would happen i might have a heart attack.. well i just want you to know that you are my idol and i hope to grow up to be just like you..

    your biggest fan ~lindsay~

  18. lindsay says:

    Oh and im from Hudson New York

  19. Kathryn says:

    Hey Rachael Ray and the Team im from New Zealand. You may have not heard of New Zealand its below Austraila!!!
    Any way i LOVE your show im always talking to my partner about you and saying “on rachael rays today…..” haha. Oh man your food looks so good when you make it but when i make it it doesnt come out looking so good hahaha!!! Down here we are way behind on your show but i still love it i have learnt soooooo much!!! And atless once a week i cry because you do something nice for someone!!
    Thanks Rachael and the team for a great show!!! If i become rich i will come to america just to watch your show!!
    Love From
    Kathryn in New Zealand

  20. Donna says:

    You are so fun and funny! Great show.
    While watching today I so wanted to call in regarding the swimsuits. I caught only part of it as I was trying out how to get in contact with you.
    Your guest mentioned that you should buy a suit a size larger. I disagree because if you really do get in the water and get it wet it will stretch and look ugly. I always get a “tight” fitting suit even since I was in grade school. I do now also even though my weight is horrific. I am trying to work on that too. Back to the swimsuit issue again.
    She also mentioned to get a suit a couple of sizes larger if you wear a size 6. (I was 10 1/2 lbs when born and have Never been in a size 6) again back to the issue; she said this is because the suit my be too short in the trunk area. Wrong! at least in my case.
    When two piece suits came out it was wonderful for me. I am very very short waited/thru the trunk and everything always rolled in the middle. So the hip height suits and Hip hugger pants came out they fit me at my waist. You see I am also short from the waist to the crotch and from the waist to just below my bra line. It is always very difficult to buy any clothing; with or without my fat! Also it is a joke when they say there is a flattening panel in the front to flatten that little tummy. The lycra/spandex whatever needs to be all of the way around. When it only in the front all the elastic does is pull the material from the back to the front. It needs the ‘pull’ all the way around. Just think about it! Most don’t have those tiny stomachs that need to be hidden. Get those suits back with the ‘body’ slimming lycra/spandex etc. all around…. also the high legs hum. they don’t cover the flab that hangs….. no one ever speaks about what or how to work on that hanging stuff. I also have the spare tire but the hangover (ha) is bad.
    Thanks for listening.
    Keep up the great work.

  21. karen says:

    Hi Rachel, HAPPY EARTH DAY! My kids and I love you, and they think you should have a compost bowl as well as a garbage bowl! We compost, and it’s important to the earth! Thanks for reading this! The Westhavers, Victoria, BC, Canada

  22. Us plus 5 says:

    Hey girl, my wife and I have 5 kids. Lifes always busy!! Ut’s like cooking for a football team! lol We would love to come visit the show this summer. How do we get tickets?


  23. Us plus 5 says:

    Hey girl, my wife and I have 5 kids. Life’s always busy!! It’s like cooking for a football team! lol We would love to come visit the show this summer. How do we get tickets?


    p.s. I had 2 of our kids wanting lunch!! lol Sorry for the above type-o’s :)

  24. yay go Rachael Ray team!!!!!

    Don’t you think you should have a “ask Rachael Ray a qesion” place so we can give her ideas and tell her stuff like our name. Unless it cost alot of money or something. then i will be happy. Not that im not all ready or anything but wouldn’t that be cool.
    Im 11 and a big fan of Rachaels and wish i could be just like her when i grow up. but, i can’t unless i can get to know her better

    Rachael Price

  25. aida says:

    hi rach
    my name is aida. i’m from iran. i watch yor show everyday. i want to know if you could tell me how i can make pancakes…. i know that you wont make it on the show, but i really want to try it and eat it at home…
    i will be so happy to hear from you
    thanks alot
    love you

  26. Debbie says:

    I had an OMG moment. I was watching you make the pan gravy with wine. I quietly said ( out loud ) MMmmmmmm……. And to my surprise, you answered. “I knooowww”

    What a great show. Keep up the good work.


  27. Greggo says:

    Rachael I love the show, if you were not taken i might make a play . but you are and I am to old HA HA I thing- The scarf it’s got to go you are to cute for it let it go but keep up the show it is HOT


  28. ka says:

    Hey Rach, I’m new to your site. I first learned of you a few years ago on 30 minute meals. I fell in love with the show and I can’t get enough of all your recipes. CONGRATS! You go girl and keep up the good work.

  29. VINCENT DECKER says:


  30. Judy says:

    Hi Racheal,

    First of all, I have been watching you since your show started and I love you and it. It is such a nice change from the usual talk shows. Now to the reason I am writing……It is in regards to the Leah Remini delima on weining her daughter off the bottle. I relate to how difficult it is, but just let me say that there are real reasons to why she needs to take this step. My grandaughter got the flu several years ago and while she was sick all she wanted was her bottle. She got the flu again right on top of that episode and, once again, only wanted her bottle. We assumed that some nourishment was better than nothing and gave her what she wanted. When my daughter took her to the doctor, they did a blood workup on her and found out that her red blood cell count was so low that she had to be hospitalized and needed a blood transfusion, and if left undetected, she could have died. You can only imagine how totally alarming this was. She appeared to be such a healthy happy child, and even a little over weight at the time. What we have learned since, is that too much milk can block nutrients that every child needs to grow healthy. It is also less satisfying, and therefore, requires more frequent bottles to satisfy her hunger. Now, I’m not saying that Sophie might be in the same condition. I’m not. Our grandaughter had the flue twice before this became such a severe problem, however, it does point out the necessity of what can happen if things don’t change. In terms of what might work for Leah and her delima, I have a few suggestions. I don’t have enough information about what they have tried, but what comes to mind first is…….have they tried “graduating” to a sipper cup? The reason I emphasized “graduating”, is that is how they need to promote it to their daughter, Sophie. She needs to feel like she is accomplishing something really great. Another thing that I tried with my own daughter, eons ago, when I was trying to get her to give up her blanket before she started school is………letting her know how difficult I know it is, but that there are rewards for doing the right thing. I found out that she wanted something very badly (a doll), and so I decided to use it as a tool to inspire her to take that step that was so difficult for her. I told her that she could have the doll that she wanted, but she had to earn it. She had to show me that she wanted it enough to give up her blanket, and then I would buy it for her. I left the decision to her and didn’t push it on her, and it didn’t take too long before she came to me and let me know that she was ready to rid herself of her blanket and, in return, I kept up my end of the deal. We celebrated her being grown up enough to make that decision on her own and she felt good about herself, and she got the doll she wanted so much and she kept the doll close to her for awhile, but did not cling to it like the blanket. We always have to try and understand what is going on in the mind of our children, and be able to use our knowledge to try and make sense of what will work the best for them. Leah needs to let Sopie know that everything that she does for her is out of love and conern for her needs, even when Sopie doesn’t agree. I wish her well and will be rooting for her in her pursuit of a happen ending. I feel for her pain in trying to do the right thing, but in the end, she needs to DO the right thing for Sophie. God Bless her family! Parenting is NOT EASY, but very satisfying! It is a gift!

  31. Isabel, in Dallas, TX says:

    Hello Rachael, I think i’m an excellent at home cook for my honey,4 kids including, 10 grand-kids. But my biggest problem is that i can’t make Sour Cream Chicken Enchilads. Chicken is our “FAMILY’S” favorite. Please help. I’m always watching your daily shows, including your favorite 30 minute meals. You’re the BEST, keep COOKING. Oh, almost forgot to tell you that i do the over the shoulders for luck, but instead I take one step backwards and shake the salt shaker over my shoulder, in the sink for good luck. I think it’s working.

  32. nancy wooldridge says:

    Hey Rach, I am your biggest fan in Illinois. I live in Pontiac and I watch your shows on food network and your talk show. I use your olive oil and your pans but I still cannot cook anything pretty much but hamburger helper. My kitchen is not real big on counter space and the fridge is old so I really have no space. I have your cook books but am afraid of trying anything. I know it doesn’t make sense. I love you so much and one day plan on coming to see your show. Our house recently got hit by a flood and all of our stuff down in the basement was lost and I have had a hard time coping with it all. Please help me to learn to cook something that will please my husband and my 2very picky girls 18and13 thanks nancy

  33. melody says:

    Hey Rach, I seen your show today on push over mom with the bottle. I have four children 20,17,11 and 4 which is on a bottle still. We are down to two bottles a day, also tells me that he doesn’t want one sometimes. There is hope. My first child was off the bottle at a year old,(listen to doctors)do what you feel is right. I feel my first daughter is a little insecure forcing her off. The second daughter gave it up at 3.5 on her own very secure child. My third child forced off when I was on vacation with my husband,by my sister(slight insecure) The fourth is telling me now he doesn’t want it at times. The first thing your guest Leah needs to do is have her daughter sleep in her own bed, and she is going to want that bottle for security if her parents aren’t next to her at night. When Leah’s daughter ask for a bottle, pretend you didn’t hear her and offer her something to eat or even a ice pop get her mind off, or get excited about doing something or go somewhere and do it. Believe me this works. We now have one during the day and one at night the last couple nights my son said he didn’t need one he is a big boy. Please Rach pass message on, p.s. my kids have no cavities. I guess I’m a push over mom also children great,healthy and smart follow your heart. P.S If doctors are so smart then why are we still asking the same questions on motherhood…… New York retired nurse/bussiness women and a 20 year professional mom lol feel free to contact me anytime

  34. Akronite says:

    I, like so many are new to this site. I was looking through trying to figure out how to post a blog, under the blog section. However, I have had some difficultly figuring this out. Can someone please help with this problem.


  35. Rayma Ewing says:

    I am brand new at blogging never a blog or message board writer before but Leah got my attention today, I would like for her to contact me I have some positive insight as to how she can help her family in a loving way if she is open to it, I have experience and references, I earnestly feel the need to share with her what is really behind the baby bottle blues, and that I have no intentions of telling her what to do or charging money but i will be direct and honest and i will share the insights that i have received, well thats that if some how she gets this message i will be grateful and happy to share. thank you thank you thank you love and light Rayma

  36. Emily says:

    Rachel, I was wondering if you could have the Jonas Brothers on your show. I love them so much. Their my idols. The problem is I will probably have school that day. But i’ll ask my mom to record it. So when i come home I can watch it. My BFFL (Best Friend for life) Carly likes the Jonas Brothers too. She’s not as a big fan as me. But it’s ok.My other friend Nicole loves Nick as much as I love Joe! My friends and I are going to their concert but were sitting in the back. Even sitting in the back doesn’t matter. It’s a dream just to see them! I can’t tell you how much i like you show but i can’t tell you how much I LOVE JOE! Please try to get them on your show. I would love it! I need to get a tape for recording the show. Thanks! P.S please try! I would LOVE it! Performing would be awesome too!

  37. Emily says:

    I love the Jonas Brothers. PLease have them on your show! I would love it. I will probably have school that day. But I will record it. Please have them. Thanks! I love your Show but not as much as I love Joe Jonas!
    Thanks again byeee!

  38. Nicole says:


  39. rachelle yasmine says:

    hello rach and the groupe, i’am 18 years old from lebanon . i just want to say hello and i am always watching u
    love uuuuuuuuu

  40. ida says:

    i love your show !!! keep doing the good work.. love ya. ida

  41. Ronna says:

    Judy made some great suggestions for Leah Remini above. Issues like this usually center around control, whether we want to admit it or not. Leah and Angelo are loving parents and they are giving all the control to Sophia – they just need to give her structured control; choices and they can influence her decisions which will give them some much needed control back.

    I am home recuperating from foot surgery and watching your show has become a highlight of the day! When I go back to my office, I may start TIVOing it because I’m enjoying so much. Keep it up and I’m glad to see you seem happy personally. Tabloids are a bad thing!

  42. Martha says:

    Here’s an up and coming competitor, or maybe someone to follow you…
    Hope you see this buried in the depths of comments. You will really enjoy her.

  43. Emleigh oliver says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I’m Emleigh I’m 14 years old and i watch ur show. I was wondering if u could have the Jonas brothers on your show? PLZ?


  44. mariana fernandez de lara says:

    heyy rach! .. im mariana from veracruz mexico im 16 years old .. i just want to tell you that i love your show .. i watch it every day when i come home from school and i wanted to ask you if you could get the jonas brothers on the show i know they are not like reggis or tom jones! hhahaha but that would be awesomee! thank you! ((:

  45. tara says:

    hi Rachael my name is Tara i am a big fan of yours i watch your show on the computer because i am at school but if your show was early er i would go on right a way i love to watch your show so much i am so inspired by you it is my dream to go to your show i try to cook every day what i say is “cooking is not work cooking is an enjoyment to me” thank you so much i enjoy your watching your show
    from Tara

  46. Cindy Catlin says:

    I think your awesome! You are so funny and
    smart. You are not a chef and you have the best show of all the chefs that are on food
    network. You are so down to earth and I love you for that. You give young people hope that
    if you work hard you can do anything you put
    your mind too. Also your morning show is
    great as well. I only get to see it on Fridays when I have off. I wouldn’t miss it.
    I however get to see you all the time on
    food network. Great job congradulations.

    Cindy from Elizabeth City N.C.

  47. Vivienne Sommers says:

    I saw the Leah show and have a suggestion for her. My grandaughter at three years old) stopped drinking from a bottle after her first visit to the dentist and he showed her pictures of what her teeth would look like if she continued to drink milk from a bottle. She stopped cold turkey from that point. Hope this will help.

  48. Nita says:

    Hi Rachael, I just love watching you on TV. Also, love visiting your blog as well. THere’s a lot of inspirations. Keep it up!

    Nita – Bothell, WA

  49. rachelle yasmine says:

    hi rachael ur amasing keep going . love your show . take care bye

  50. Victoria says:

    Hi Rachael! Oh my gosh! I can’t beleive that I am actually sending you an e-mail.
    I watch your show almost everyday if I am not volunteering at my son’s pre-school.

    One day I would like to go to your show so I can finally meet you.

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