Entrepreneur’s Organization gives to Yum-o!

My husband John’s best friend, Brad Rand, is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. Last night they presented me with a check for $7,500 for Yum-o! How cool is that? The Yum-o! family thanks you, Brad!

Pics from last night:


John, me and Brad:


See ya tomorrow at the book signing!

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  1. Maria Coelho says:

    Hi Rachel,
    My husband & myself watch your show every evening (we catch it on Satellite). Our son who is a Chef also watches your show, & is a very talented Chef . We thought it would be great if you would give him an opportunity to work on your show behind the scenes with your kitchen staff. I’m sure he would be thrilled if you gave him this opportunity of a lifetime to work on your show. Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Maria.

  2. Renee says:

    hi Rachel,

    I watch your show everyday and i love to see u cook and the nice conversations about your cooking and ur experiences your such a great chef love ur show forever girl



  3. Mark says:

    Get Sara Palin On!!!!! HurrY!!Hurry!!! Hurry!!!

    Highest Regards,


  4. Mark says:


    Get Sara Palin on your Show!!! Hurry!!! Hurry!!! Hurry!!! People love the both of you, and she did lay off her chef so she could cook for her family!!!

    You Go Girl!

    Mark Jason

  5. Rachel,
    I know this sounds really sounds “Corney” My name is Torrie and my very good friend is getting married in 4 weeks. Her Bridal shower is this weekend and she LOVES U! She is one of your biggest fans and I have a little problem i don’t know what kind of gift to give her for her bridal shower that she would love forever and not turn into a red beat when she opens it. “This is a bridal shower, if you know what I mean”. Since she is one of your biggest fans would there be anyway you can send her or call her or somthing a little message stright from her #1 idol. I know this is way off the records for a quite girl from VA. to recieve such a gift but I’m trying and always say if you try, try, try you may get what you want always. Hope to hear from you soon. Luv ya always, Kelly’s #1 friend (Torrie)

  6. Carrie Burdick says:

    Dear Racheal,
    I just wanted to tell you and Im sure you have heard before that your awesome. Ever since I became a stay at home mom I have cooked better than I ever have in my life. which in my house is a good thing with my husband being allergic to msg. Translation no food in a box! His name is Alan and he likes you too, because I cook at least 1 new recipe a week so hes not getting sick no longer. The really cool amazing thing is my 14 month old daughter sits really good in her hi-chair and watches me cook. sometimes I have to bribe her with a noodle but all is well. She will always have good nutish food and its all cause you inspired me to cook and now I love it. no more pasta and ragu sauce. woooo! I love your 30 min meal shows and the rr show, I also have watched tasty travels, and get everyday with RR. My next step is to purchase tickets to the show.

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