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How do you cut brownies so they don’t crumble?

Cooks, how do you cut brownies cleanly so that they do not stick to the knife or crumble?-Jeannine

Dear Jeannine,

You must make sure your brownies are cooked all the way through for starters (check with the old wooden toothpick method and make sure it comes out clean). Most importantly, however,you have to wait for your brownies to cool completely before you cut into them.  Brownies may smell delicious right out of the oven, but they will not cut well until the set and cool.  If you don’t eat the whole pan in one sitting, make sure to wrap them up and put them in the fridge overnight.  They will cut even better once they are cold.

-The Cooks

24 Responses to “How do you cut brownies so they don’t crumble?”

  1. Cathy K says:

    I always use a plastic knife to cut them once they are cooled. They cut evenly and there’s no clumping.

  2. Clare says:

    What cut of meat is a London broil?

  3. Linda F says:

    I’ve seen brownies cut with kitchen scissors. Never tried it myself but it might work…

  4. Ashley says:

    I let them cool all the way! Then I use my cake knife to cut them & it works out perfectly.

  5. Jen B says:

    I usually let the brownies cool in the pan for about 30 mins; then I use a pizza cutter to cut them into small squares. A butter knife works to make sure that you cut right to the edge of the pan. Then the brownies look nice & neat; and they are easy to take out of the pan. This works great on fudgy brownies!

  6. Linda L. says:

    I use a pizza cutter when the brownies have cooled. No problems.

  7. Kathy J says:

    Yes, I agree. It’s amazing how well a plastic knife works. I don’t know why, but the brownies just don’t stick to it!

  8. Joan W says:

    Dip the knife in a glass of water before cutting.

  9. Another great tip for cutting brownies is to use HOT water and a very thin knife…like a filleting knife. After each time you make a cut, dip the knife into the hot water just long enough for the blade to warm-up. Hope that works for you. check out for other tips and great recipes.

  10. Bradi says:

    My kids and I LOVE warm brownies out of the oven. I use a pizza cutter, sprayed with Pam. It glides right through, and I don’t have to worry about the crumbling…or waiting for them to cool off only to reheat them in the microwave.

  11. mrs P says:

    if you cut the brownies with a plastic fork, you know the kind that you get at costco or sam’s club! It works every time!!!

  12. Terri P. says:

    Ditto on the plastic knife!! Just a plastic picnic knife or one you get from a fast food restaurant works wonderfully!!

  13. I use a plastic knife to cut the brownies and you don’t even have to wait until they are cool. I like to eat them while they are hot so this is the way I can do that.

  14. Holly says:

    A plastic knife works everytime. It cuts smoothly and does not drag brownie crumbles/clumps along. Whenever we order takeout and get plastic utensils, I throw the unused plastic knife in a drawer so that I have them available whenever I make brownies.

  15. Lisa says:

    I agree with the plastic knife…but be careful if the brownies are RIGHT out of the will melt the knife a little 0:o) if you let it cool for 10 min or so they are still nice and warm to eat and wont fall apart or cause any crumbles/clumps.

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  17. Dear Rach,
    You often use/mention Cubanele (sp?) peppers and San Marzano tomatoes.

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    Thank you,
    Gail Pellettera

  18. Dear Rach,
    You often mention Cubanele (SP?) peppers and San Marzano tomatoes.

    Is there a substitute pepper and are the tomatoes a style or brand?

    Thanks and keep up the great shows and mag.

    Gail Pellettera

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  20. Sara says:

    Once the brownies completely cool, I flip them over and cut them. They don’t crumble on the top.

  21. Kim says:

    How do you use fresh basil leaves? Do you leave them in the food and eat them or do you take them out once the food is finished. I am going to make Rachel’s spaghetti and it calls from torn or thinly sliced fresh basil leaves but it doesn’t say to take them out. For some reason I thought you were supposed to take them out once done cooking.

  22. Juli says:

    Reply to Kim: You typically do not remove basil leaves from a prepared dish (pretty hard to do when they are torn or thinly sliced and dispersed throughout a dish). You may be thinking of “bay” leaves which you do remove. Bay leaves are generally used whole in soups or stews and not consumed themselves.

  23. Joan Perna says:

    I mbke my brownies in very small muffin tins -
    no cutting worries and you get a bunch more servings. My family loves them and they are a lot less messy.

    Joan Perna

  24. Joan Perna says:

    I bake my brownies in very small muffin tins – no cutting worries and you get a bunch more servings, just don’t overcook or they will dry out. My family loves them and they are a lot less messy.

    Joan Perna

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