15 Minute Meals-take it easy!


Sliced Tuna and Avacado Salad can be prepared in 15 minutes!

Photo Credit: Tina Rupp 

Hey everybody…if you are dragging from the July heat like almost everyone I know, try these 15 Minute Meals. You can still get a delicious meal on the table and you won’t have to spend too much time at the stove.

And if you aren’t up to turning on the oven or stove, it’s okay to throw a few cold sammies or wraps together with a side salad for dinner, especially during the week.

So go easy on yourself and enjoy the summer while it lasts!  I’m back off to tape Rachael’s Vacation so look for the new shows this Fall on Food Network-we went to some super cool places this summer.  I can’t wait to tell ya all about it when I get back!



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  1. Debi says:

    Safe Journey Rach! I can’t wait to see the new shows!!!

  2. Andrea Potanovic says:

    Looking for a dish you made on Monday’s show. Tuna with shell pasta and cherry tomatoes. Please help. Thanks.

  3. Tabitha Bender says:

    Can you post the orange cake recipe? I know you may be running past shows on TV right now, but the show was on last week. You had an actress, I’m sorry she’s Elaine from Seinfeld, from make it and it looked delicious!! Thank you

  4. meagan says:

    Rach, I will definatley try 15 minute meals. They looked (and probley taste) awsome! When school starts, my mom will tape Rachael Ray. Today, are you going grocery shopping on the show? A

  5. meagan says:

    i didn’t finish! WhaT HAPPEND. i was just goiung to tell you that I’m getting your cook book

  6. Heather Gilbert says:

    Dear Rach,

    I received my August 2008 issue of your magazine and I was SO excited that I had to make one of the recipes so my family tried the Beefy Tex-Mex Stir-Fry. It was a hit! The family loved it. We used ground turkey instead of beef and we added some black beans. What a fab-0 dish! Thanks for the great idea! It took my only 15 minutes to prepare and have dinner on the table…talk about your fast food.

  7. Lois Carreon says:

    please e-mail me the onion burger recipe you made on july 8, 2008,
    along with the sliced potatoes you put in the oven.

  8. David Walsh says:

    Anybody else notice that a couple of new episodes of Tasty Travels snuck out on FN recently? Also, $40 a day is returning out of the blue after being off the air for a couple of years.

    Wishing they would come out on DVD,

  9. Kirsten says:

    you are so very inspirational to watch rachel! :)

  10. Debbie says:

    Rachel trying to find recipe for the French Onion Burgers with the fries the show I saw aired on 7-8-08 please help I know my dad would love the burger!!!!!

  11. Maira says:


    I just recently tried one of your recipes and absolutely LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Now I am hooked on your show and your recipes are on my dinner table almost every night. The only side effect is that I don’t like restaurant food as much anymore…… Which is actuallly a good thing. So, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  12. Toni Sanders says:

    Would really appreciate recipes for the french onioni burgers, etc you prepared on 7-8-08

  13. Tammy says:


    There was a show that aired on 7-10-08, you had a guest who was going to use her crockpot every night for 1 year with 365 different receipes. I would like to know how to find her blog as to get some of her receipes. I am a working mom and I enjoy being able to use my crock pot so when I get home from work I am not spending hours in the kitchen, and can spend more time with my family. Thank you for alot of your receipes I use on the weekends when I have more time to cook.

    Thank You,

  14. Davette says:


    I recentally bought one of your cookbooks. The recipies are easy and fun. I am not a great cook, my husband says its like eating at a restarunt every night. He sepecially likes your sexy serf and turf. Thanks for making a cookbook that is easy to follow and has ingredents that you can find in my local store. After 29 years of mirrage I can finally claim “cook” to my name.

  15. Rachael, you are one of the best young women on TV God bless you and God continue togive you the excitment u bring to your audiences. My birthday too, August 25, 1947 hahahha yes, I am a grandmother of 12 . seven girls and five boys. And I make sure all kids watch RAchel when they are visitng me. Know what??? My grandsons love you and girls want to be you. TAke care and thankyou for all that you do for so many ppl. Love, NannyANne

  16. hello Rachel
    Just once again to Thankyou for a wonderful Cooking show and the genuine person that you appear to be on TV and off the screen. Thankyou for being a lovely young decent woman. I like the fact that you come across in a decent manner for the young little ladies in the audiences and at home, I like the fact that you use appropriate language and dress to the “Nine” you dont know the impact you are making for the teenagers, especially the girls, you are moral, intelligent, kind and genorous. God bless America, God bless you. NannyAnne

  17. oops spelled generous wrong, oops

  18. Marlene says:


    My daughter of 4 months and I watch your show every day! =) Here in Sweden your show is on twice a day, but a few months behind.. As I will be staying home with her for the next 6 months we will be seeing a lot of you – you are just so fantastic!! You have inspired me so much, before I could barely make good pasta – now I go into the kitchen trying everything “If Rachael can – so can I” is my new motto..! It is too bad your own brand is not available in swedish stores, but I´ve made my boyfriend go shopping online…! =)

    Keep up the good work – you are a true inspiration to everyone in every way!

    Love Marlene and Maja in Sweden

  19. Jen R says:

    I am a huge fan of yours! ANs I also am a huge fan of the crockpotting site and have been following it all year off of my blog rool. Thanks for featuring her and recognizing the blog world!!! Jen R

  20. sue says:

    what is the recipe for farfella pasta bow tie pasta with mascarpone cheese.

  21. Judy Lewis says:

    I would like to know how you made the salad with swiss chard and raw beets. I know it was a rerun during the week of July 7-11. I haven’t been able to find it on any of your recipe sites.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Hi Rachel… I always watch your show , but I am surely dissapointed in you when you speak of “up North”, when you are refering to Glens Falls…. look up.. There is a whole world above there. I live in a small town in the real ” NORTH” !!!! Have you ever seen the beautiful St Lawrence Valley, the georgeous St Lawrence River…. it is a sight. Boldt
    Castle… Singer Castle… they are both spectacular … you really should visit NORTHERN NY….just a thought !!

  23. Dick Schuler says:

    Quick meals are my motto.

    Check out my tips and specialties in my 1st ever cookbook. Just releases this week byu Author House.

    Check out the details at

    this has all my family recipes from Sauce and pasta to sweets treats and family cocktails.

  24. Tenille says:

    Hi! I need help. I recently became a stay-at-home-mom and I am new to cooking every meal. This will sound funny, but I do not know how to grocery shop! I try to make a list and then I come home and don’t have the ingredients to make any of Rach’s delicious meals! I can cook well, I just don’t know how to get the stuff to cook in a trip to the grocery store. Any help would be appreciated!

  25. judith ann says:

    Im looking for a reipe on monday july 14th show. Crusted chicken fried in extra virgin olive oil over pasta? Dyin to try it but dont have the complete recipe..thanks..judith ann

  26. Melanie says:

    After working all day, the last thing I want to do is spend time in the kitchen. My husband and I try to eat healthy but it is so hard b/c neither of us likes to cook. I need 15 minute meals that are healthy (i.e. figure friendly, only healthy fat, whole grains, lean protein, plenty fruits and veggies, no added salt, no/little processed foods) and that use very few ingredients. Oh, the ingredients need to be normal foods we can get in the normal grocery store! HELP!

  27. lair aven says:

    Dear Rachal:
    Help Please. I have a family of 6. We have four children ages 6,7,9,11. Three girls and
    one boy. I am a vegeterian but not the rest of my family. It is so hard to cook, because they all have different tastes. Every night is a struggle. The children will not try different meals. They will help make it but not eat it. They will not touch any veggies. I could really use your help. I have very active children, we are always together doing fun things. It it just the food part. I dread everyday what we are doing to eat for dinner. Please help us.
    Thank You in Advanced
    lair aven

  28. hello rachael i love ur show and the way u cook and talks to the food XD:) i love your recipies and i try to cook them every day for my family I love your shoow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love// NickyxoxoXD

  29. Kendia says:

    Hey Rach I love your show and I watch almost everyday. I live in nevis you’ve probably never heard about nevis but it is a small beautiful island in the caribbean. I love to watch you cook and having fun while doing it. The way that you put yourself into people’s shoes is amazing and that is why your show is so loved your an inspiration and your so dedicated.I have never seen anyone talk to food as much as you do I just want to know, Do they talk back? Hope that one time you will be able to visit Nevis and look me up but dont bring the cameras I have stage fright. LOL

    I’ve learned a lot of great cooking ideas from you’re show.THANKS SO MUCH. WE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!!
    WITH OUR LOVE,Laura Penland & Family

  31. Erica says:

    Dear Rachael Ray I love your shows they are excellent i love that 15 min dish you made it look and tastes delish. I also love how you make up your own word up like stoop(thicker than a soup but thinner that a stew) Your my inspiration to cook, My dream has always been to cook with you on 30 minute meals. Can’t wait watch your next show!!

    Love Erica

  32. sue harper says:

    the recipe “fancy puff party poppers: smoky bacon bites’ does not include oven temp.
    i set it @ 400, since the phyllo box recipes were all at that temp, and it turned out fine.

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