Rachael’s Rescue

Today marks an important day in my life-in addition to my children’s charity, Yum-o!, I now get to talk about Rachael’s Rescue, my way of helping animals in need.  I come from a family of animal lovers-my mom has several cats and we have always been deeply committed to helping shelters and other no-kill animal rescue programs.  My mom lives in the woods and her environment reminds me of Snow White-she not only cares for a number of indoor and outdoor cats, she feeds a raccoon family pretty regularly and even has been known to care for a lost baby moose!

My heart belongs to my red-nosed pit bull, Isaboo and before her, Boo, who gave me 13 of the happiest years of my life.  In the city, she is about all I could fit into my apartment-no baby moose would be happy going up the elevator!  Pit bulls get such a bad rap and I never understood why-my girls are the most gentle, sweetest animals you could ever meet and cuddle up to adults and children like little babies.  But unfortunately,  many many pit bulls are neglected and brutally abused, which is what inspired me to help these organizations who are generously helping to rehabilitate or rescue these and other dogs.  That’s what Rachael’s Rescue is all about-check it out to see some of the cool organizations we are talking about today.

Rachael’s Rescue gets its funding from my proceeds from the sale of the Nutrish for Pets dog food products.  What a better way to help animals than to start by getting dogs a food that is good for them and full of real ingredients-no fillers or by products.  Groups like North Shore Animal League, Bad Rap, and many others will join the list on Rachael’s Rescue and get thanks from us for doing their part.  It’s the least we can do to help our little friends in need.

Check back in our Pet section over the next few months-we’re going to have all kinds of fun contests for you and your pooch.

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  1. hi rachel ilike watiching your show with my mom and when i’am at nanna i watch you with her we love your show’s and this morning i was watching you and we saw your show with the teacher i have a teacher i would like to see get your gift card she was my 6th grade teacher she is a wonderful special ed teacher who always made time for you and listened to your promblems even when you no longer in the school i’am in8th grade this year and she send me e’mail when i’am not doing my best and engourages me to do better her name is mrs rebiz and she deserves a little help.
    thanks francesca veen 13 years old n.j.

  2. francesca veen Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 28th, 2008 at 9:42 am
    hi rachel ilike watiching your show with my mom and when i’am at nanna i watch you with her we love your show’s and this morning i was watching you and we saw your show with the teacher i have a teacher i would like to see get your gift card she was my 6th grade teacher she is a wonderful special ed teacher who always made time for you and listened to your promblems even when you no longer in the school i’am in8th grade this year and she send me e’mail when i’am not doing my best and engourages me to do better her name is mrs rebiz and she deserves a little help.
    thanks francesca veen 13 years old n.j.

  3. Sandra Cruise says:

    Dear Rachel,
    Love your show! I live in Manzanillo,Mexico. I want to thank you for your interest and support of the dog named “Spirit”. A heartfelt thanks to you. We have a group here named ara.mzlo@yahoo.com., it’s a very small operation but we dream big. We would love to have a shelter but as of today money is short and we will just have to beef up our outreach programs. I too helped an injured and abandoned dog not too long ago on my peso. But these animals can not talk for themselves so we are their keepers. Thank you again Rachel, and I will be using some of your receipes for my companion “Nat” a Catahoula Leopard dog.
    Love ya, and all the best to you and yours

    Sandra Cruise

    PS If you ever want to visit Manzanillo with your husband you have an open invitation. Perhaps we could plan an event with you as the featured guest.

  4. Felicia Cannon says:

    American Bulldog? Never heard of the breed until we saved one from euthanasia in a delaware shelter in ’07.
    She was abused and abandoned. My 5 children , husband and I fell in love with this older dog immediately…She touched our hearts and being an artist, I couldn’t help writing and illustrating a children’s book about her, (THE LIFE OF RILEY) This book is sad with a happy ending, and brings a tear to the eye of those who read it,(including a rep from Random House who recently took it to her editor)..
    We enjoyed and spoiled Riley for 9 months before she was diagnosed with Mast Cell Carcenoma…Three weeks later she was dead. We feel such a loss.
    We thought we would have her for years instead of months, but she will live on in my heart and the pages of my story book.(I’m Committed to getting it published for her, and dogs like her!).
    I applaud Ms. Rays witness to mistreated animals everywhere… THANK YOU!

  5. KITTY HARTZO says:


  6. Sherri Garney says:

    I am so happy someone in the public eye has taken a stand like this. My husband and I adopted an American Pit this year, and he is by far, the best dog I have ever had in my life, and I have had quite a few dogs.
    He was abused, so I have to retrain him to be social, since he has some issues, but, I am willing to work with him, since it wasn’t his fault he was abused.
    Since I have gotten him, I have had a neighbor send police to my home stating I was going to attack him with my dog, our condo association CLAIMED he had bitten someone twice. Both situations were baseless, and nothing ever happened,but it irks me so much that this stigma has been associated with this breed.
    I hope more positive press gets out about these great dogs. I have owned MANY breeds, German Shepards, Boxers, other large breeds. None were ever deemed VISCIOUS.
    As a pit owner, we have to be EXTRA vigilant, but it seems, no matter what you do, your dog is ALWAYS at fault.This was told to me by a police officer.
    We need to erase the BAD rep. these great dogs have been given. The shelters are full of Pits, just because of that rep. Rescuing is the greatest feeling in the world!!Sorry I got off topic.

  7. D. Brinkmeyer says:

    I applaud your work and yet I’m a little disappointed .. There is one group of pets that are being completely ignored .. There are 100′s of orginizations that do similar type of work your fondation is doing yet no one is help a group of resposible pet owners that are not able to afford the care thier companions require .. It’s the Senior Citizens that live on fixed incomes and just can not afford the Vet costs to keep thier pets healthy and active.

  8. Hazel Wilson says:

    I think it is so wonderful that you are taking a stand for the american pit bull. I have 2 of my own and it looks like I’m going to have to find a place for them. Because of the stigma surrounding this breed my husband I have been asked to find a new place to live. Unfortunately, we can’t find a place that will accept our dogs. We already drive over 60 miles a day just to work. With the price of gas we really can’t afford to live that far away and can’t find anything closer. Our dogs are like our kids and it’s killing me to have to give them up just because people fear them instead of understanding they are Gods creatures just like them. I think it’s just wonderful that you are putting the American Pit Bull in a much better light. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to have a pit bull again, but for today I have to say good bye to my Bea Bea and Scrappy Doo. Thank you for all that you’re doing for these precious misunderstood animals.

  9. roscoe says:

    Thank you for supporting the APBT!!!!

    Good job Rachel. You are awesome.

  10. Lola Ball says:

    RE: D. Brinkmeyer Says:
    July 28th, 2008 at 11:38 am

    In regards to this message above, there are several groups dedicated to seniors and people who are also sick with things such as cancer/HIV where their medical cost just to stay alive keep them from being able to afford their pet.. there are several clinics all over for low cost annual shots etc. If you want to be disapointed at someone try the government. Each person who wants to give to charity has the right to decide who to give it to. I for one help dogs with disabilities, I am just glad that any money made like buying a bag of Rachels food helps needy dogs in general!! Its awesome.

  11. Eileen says:

    Dear Rachael,

    I adore you and your show! You seem so down to earth and one of my greatest wishes would be to be able to meet you!

    My husband had a pitbull when we first met 19 years ago. What a sweet dog!! His name was Beau. When I met him for the first time, he scared the life out of me because he came running down the hallway and I thought he was going to attack me, but he stopped, put his arms up on my shoulders and gave me a big sloppy kiss!! He would love to come and try and sit on my lap, all 85 pounds of him. He was so spoiled, he would refuse to eat unless you sat with him when he was eating. He unfortunately died of cancer about 15 years ago, but he was a delightful dog and friend. Pitbulls get such a bad rap, but they are wonderful dogs and we miss him very much. Thank you for all the great work you do in so many areas!!

    With love from your biggest fan!


  12. Genevieve says:

    Hope everyone is on board to oppose AB 1634. We must NOT punish the breed, but what untrained dogs and careless owners are chroniclly doing. Please help defeat AB 1634 for responsible dog owners and trainers of law enforcement dogs, blind and deaf service dogs as well as search and rescue. Get complete information @ http://www.PetPac.net.
    Thanks for your help.G

  13. Brittney Norris says:


    Thank you so much for your loving support in spreading the good word about pitbulls. Our family just had to find a new home for our beautiful pit Roxy. Unfortunately word got out that our dog was half pit/ half husky. While our managers allow dogs in our neighborhood, they were urged by thier grand-daughter to have our dog forced from our home. She was the sweetest thing and never hurt my toddler…in fact, she was like a sibling to our daughter. She learned great tricks like “army crawling”, opening our doors to let herself into another room, and many other adorable tricks. Our family was so heartbroken by her leaving that we are very hesistant to get another dog. Pitbulls are just like big babies and when they are raised right, loved and played with- you can gain a great friend. Thank you for all of your effort…it makes it hard for people to have open minds about these animals when there are so many horror stories on the news about how “vicious” they can be.

  14. Mabel says:

    Bless you Rachael- You are and continue to be an inspiration to the planet- Thank you for your gracious heart that continually gives-
    My dog is the light of my life and at times if it was not for her unconditional love always I would probably go out of my mind.

    Thank you Rachael and wishing you a glorious 40th birthday- may this decade be better than the last-
    You are an angel


  15. Foster says:

    I’m so happy to hear what you are doing! I have wished for a long time more high profile types did the same.

    My effort has been slowed by my illness but take a look at this idea. http://www.barkthemovie.com

    Thanks keep up the good work.

  16. Brenda says:

    I was so excited when I saw you had started a line of dog foods and eventualy cat foods. I have 3 rescue puppies to go with my 3 other puppies. Yes, that is 6 total – they keep finding me. I believe that our pets find us. I actually have 2 puppies that have food allergies — do you plan on any lamb and rice- no corn types of foods in the future for these customers? We’ll be watching!

  17. Megan says:

    I applaud you and thank you for educating the public on bully breeds.

    My husband and I were interested in adopting a dog and had searched through the profiles on the Petfinder website. We came across a dog’s profile, which included a story which broke our hearts–he was abandoned in a house during Hurricane Ivan. However, we were a little leery because his profile also listed his breed as an Am Staff (pit bull) mix. At the time, we knew very little about the breed, but had heard various stories on the news.

    Fortunately, I consulted my sister, who had worked at an SPCA in another state. She told me about the misconception regarding pit bulls and how wonderful they really are. We took her advice and went to the shelter to meet him. Needless to say, our minds were made up within minutes of meeting him that he was the dog for us.

    I am so thankful that I took the time to ask questions about the pit bull breed and wish others would do the same!

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Diane Molinari says:

    I am so glad to see you doing the help with animal rescue.Our daughter is totally committed to helping animals.She has handraised 10 baby kittens(from 3 days old to 2-3 weeks old) since last september that were abandoned,orphaned because of mother killed,and 4 that were thrown away in garbage.We also took in a stray who ended up she was pregnant and had 5 babies!Our daughter never complains about the constant care ,even carrying them back and forth to her job she does working with horses from 5 am till?everyday.Dia’ is 18 this July 30th and is an amazing daughter and person,we are blessed!She uses her own money she earns to provide all vet care etc.including spaying and neutering.She has found a few good homes for some,but has many left and worries she won’t be able to help more cats or kittens till she finds more homes.Oh lol! all these kittens share their space with 8 parakeets that live in a walk in floor to ceiling cage Dia’ and her dad built lol! She has bought 1 every Christmas by going to a pet store for the last few years and looking for 1 that sits alone and looks broken hearted.All the birds and cats have many toys to amuse themselves while she works and a/c for their comfort.I wish I could do something special for her cause she works so hard,but she never asks for anything for herself.She is truly an Angel!Thanks for letting me tell her story,I hope it inspires others to help the helpless,homeless animals in our world.I’ll try to get a video to send done. TC!! Diane Molinari(Proud Mom)


    Dear Rachael,
    I am just wondering about where your dog food will be made? I am still concerned after all of the dog food that was recalled on switching dog food brands, especially when i do not know where they are coming from. I am sure you did plenty of research, but could you please let me know? I’d appreciate it, thank you! Sincerely,Carrie Longacre,Dog Lover

  20. sarah says:

    Hi Rachael,
    You and your dog look so happy together! I love pitbulls! Wonderful, confident dogs when they live with balanced humans! I love your human food recipes for dogs! Thanks so much for publishing those. Human food is soooooo good for our canine and feline companions. I’m very surprised to see corn and corn gluten in your new dry food. FYI, Brewers Rice, Corn, Soy and corn gluten are all common allergens for dogs.

    Thanks for all your good energy around rescues!

  21. Meryl Gillen says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I have always loved you and your shows/magazines/cookbooks, etc. but now that I know about your rescue I love you even more!!! I am writing you not on behalf of myself, but on behalf of the Horse Rescue that I volunteer for. Our organization is called EPONA which is Equine Protection of North America. Presently, due to financial problems we have only 9 horses but in the past have had as many as 30. We have rescued them all from neglect, abuse and from the Premarin ranches and have cared for and rehabilitated them over the years. We have placed better than 200 horses into forever, loving homes. We presently have a blind horse who has a companion (seeing eye buddy) horse as well as several from the track who we saved from the “kill pen”. As I stated above, we are in serious financial trouble as the organization was basically dropped into the volunteers laps when the Executive Director left as well as the majority of the Board of Directors. Us volunteers have stepped up and gone from stall muckers to board members, trainers, grooms, etc. We are presently looking for any help we can get either financial or publicity to help get ourselves back on our feet. We cannot and will not allow these horses to be euthanized and due to most of their conditions/temperaments at this time they are basically un-adoptable. We would also like to become financially stable so that we may continue our mission and help other horses out there!!

    I hope to hear from you. Thanks again for all you do for this world as a whole. You are a great person with great energy!!


  22. Karen Lyons says:


    I just love you more and more everytime I read something about you! You are such an inspiration to me. I have always disliked cooking yet you make it seem fun. Recently I even subscribed to your magazine and so enjoy it! But my favorite thing about you is how much you love your dog! I have two rescues and they are the joy in my life. Thanks for everything you do to make the world a little bit better!!

  23. Bobbie Owens says:

    Dear Rachael,

    When I saw your show about the pits that Michael Vick had fought and then they were rehabilitated, I cried my eyes out. Because like you I have owned 2 pits myself and I would not any other breed. I also have a chihuahua that was abandoned under my car. She and my pit get along so well, they sleep together and they play together and its sounds like he is hurting her but is just palying. The day I took Bellie (chihauhau) into the vet, Ozzy the pit was very depressed because his buddy didn’t come home with mommy. Well I can tell you they are a pair to be seen. I love both of them with all my heart and I couldn’t ask for a better breed of dog. I have also had many breeds of dogs but the one I keep going back to is the pits and that will never change.

    Thank you so much for giving pits a name and trying to get their breed off the violent list.

    Bobbie Owens
    Owner of Bobbies Creations
    Kingsburg Ca.

  24. Hi Rachael:

    Thanks so much for caring about animals, and also for focusing on a much misunderstood breed, pit bulls. I have been helping the animals in New Orleans since Katrina, and have much contact with this breed and found them to be sweet and wonderful on the whole.

    I just moved to New Orleans to continue helping a local animal rescue called ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans.) I became aware of this group, after Katrina, when I visited them to work on a story for a magazine (I am a photojournalist.) It was my first glimpse into an amazing organization. I was so incredibly impressed with the love and care that all the animals in their care received, and so I continued to come back and support this group. That first glimpse captured me and after many more trips to New Orleans to help, I finally decided to move to New Orleans permanently.

    I may be prejudiced, but I believe that ARNO does phenomenal things; they do not just support animals who need love and care, but they also help and support the other animal rescues of the gulf coast, by sharing food and resources with them. From ARNO’s perspective, by working together, you can accomplish so much more. ARNO has become very involved in pet retention, which since Katrina has become a large issue; so many have lost their homes, are struggling financially and then find it difficult to keep their pets, and so ARNO helps by offering shelter for the animals if needed, or food or medical care, if that is their need. Depression became a significant issue in post Katrina New Orleans, and ARNO believes that keeping a pet can help with that issue; unconditional love from an animal can help someone who is struggling to make it through, and so we do whatever we can to keep that bond strong.

    I would love it, if you could focus your attention on this wonderful group. Our website is http://www.animalrescueneworleans.org and I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about our organization.

    Thank you again for setting up your rescue and for caring about the animals.

    With gratitude,


  25. Sean Green says:

    Our community want to thank you Rachel. When we think you have done it all you surprise us again. Isaboo and every pet owner that has ever benefited from you is blessed. Our community of dog lovers take GREAT pride in providing our dogs with the care and compassion you show Isaboo. You are a inspiration to everyone.



  26. Mary says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Love your show. I’m a little worried about your voice though. It sounds more breathy than usual. I think you should go see a speech pathologist there, in order to prevent further damage to your vocal folds. Because you can really lose your voice (become aphonic) if this continues without any intervention. I also suggest you should have voice rest.

    Take care always

  27. Courtney says:

    Hi Rachael-I have enjoyed your cooking show for years and now am so grateful for what you are doing for homeless animals!! I have found myself in a situation of rescuing 5 6 week old pit bull mix puppies and am trying to find homes for them but cannot find a rescue organization to take the ones who I can’t find homes for. I have even been told that even though shelters are “supposed” to adopt them out that they are not given that chance. Do know of any organizations that are taking them in? Any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you-Courtney

  28. Robin Fahaey says:

    I am a volunteer with Pets In Need, a non-profit no-kill animal rescue group with locations in Somerville and Dracut, Massachusetts, as well as Nashua, New Hampshire. At Pets In Need, we are devoted to caring for abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs and finding them permanent homes.

    We would appreciate a donation to support us in providing medical care and food for the animals waiting to be adopted. We are also trying to raise money to eventually open a shelter to save more animals.

    For more information, please visit our website: http://www.petsinneedanimalrescue.org. The phone number for the shelter is 978-459-8700, or you can contact me directly at

    If you would be willing to donate, please forward the donated item to:

    Pets In Need
    PO Box 123
    Dracut, MA 01826

  29. jeanie annecco says:

    Hi Rachael,

    I hope you liked the cake.


    From Jeanies Bakery

  30. Susan Smith says:

    Just a thought but could the proceeds be divided up so that Local Pet Rescue charities in the region where they sell your dog food benefit also.
    This would make it easy to promote the product and tie it in with Stores events.

  31. I have to tell you that our dog (Mr. Picky Eater) loves your dog food and Booscotti. He is a rescue, as was our last dog. He was on death row at the pound and a wonderful pet store took him in, neutered him, groomed him, and sold him for the same price as you would pay at the pound. He has been the light of our life since. I don’t understand why people would pay hundreds of dollars for a dog when their are so many who need a good home and make wonderful pets. My husband says he thinks Cheddar thinks he did die and go to heaven (he’s a bit spoiled). They know when you do this for them. We have always had “pound puppies” and would never have anything else. There can be some initial issues sometimes (abuse, etc.), but they go away with love and patience. So if you are going to get a dog, go to the pound or rescue organization. It’s cheaper and the dogs are many times better (no inbreeding of bad traits, puppy mills, etc. They will love you forever.

    By the way, their is a pit bull living up the street and he is a sweetie. He’s very friendly and loving. Prejudice is bad no matter what the species.

  32. Esther Ritchie says:

    Dear Rachel,
    My husband and I have been doing Pit Bull Rescue for about 23 years now, ever since we
    fell in love with the breed after getting our first one, Whiskey! Right now we are fundraising to be able to afford to fence our property so that we can take in more dogs in
    need. We rehabilitate when needed, re-socialize, re-train and try to re-home.
    Thank you for bring good attention to the Pit Bull terrier-it’s amazing how one or two famous people can turn the media light in a whole new direction! I would really like to find out more about receiving help from your
    Thanks for all your good work!
    P.S. Love your show!
    Esther Ritchie

  33. Esther Ritchie says:

    Dear Rachel,
    My husband and I have been doing Pit bull rsecue for about 23 years now, ever since we
    fell in love with the breed after getting our first one, Whiskey. Right now, we are fundraising to be able to afford to fence our property so that we can take in more dogs in need. We rehabilitate when needed, re-socialize,re-train and try to re-home. Thank you for bringing good attention to the Pit Bull Terrier-it’s amazing how one or two famous people can turn the media light in a whole new direction! I would really like to know more about receiving financial help from your rescue organization.
    Thanks for all your good work!
    P.S. Love your show,
    Esther Ritchie

  34. Denise says:

    Hi Rachael!
    I just purchased your dog food, the chicken and veggies variety and my little pug sat by the bag until I opened it, he ate almost his whole bowlful!!!! He’s never liked doggie food like this before!! I feel great knowing my pooch is eating well and that we are helping “Rachael’s Rescue” as well, the dogs we’ve owned have all been little rescue angels.Thanks again, Denise

  35. Linda Swanson says:

    I am so glad that you have stepped up for Pit Bulls. Many cities are starting to ban them within the city and they are getting put down in Ohio by great numbers. I also love the idea that you are donating proceeds from Nutrish to animal rescue, but smaller groups could use a little help too. Maybe when your new food takes off you could do that

  36. Jeff Lim says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I’m from Singapore, get to see you on your show and really love it. I’ll watch your show every morning, before I go to work.
    And just wondering if I can get the Nutrish dog food product in Singapore.

  37. Jacqiue says:

    Hello- not sure where to post this blog- I am first time blogger :) anyway yesterday on rachel ray she was highlighting some of the dancing with the stars guests and Ali’s daughter was one of them and she had the most fab dress on- does anybody know how to find out how to find that dress- my hunch is its ella moss, but not sure- thanks flynn

  38. ElizabethSJones says:

    This world is definitely a better place because of you and all the great work you do, Rach! We are a family of dog lovers, too. We currently are owned by a rescue mixed terrier, Scotty, and a Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Neely Belle, who lost a limb to cancer. We so love these little ones, and we feel blessed to have them in our lives. I hope your Nurtrish will be available in our area soon. Keep up the good work. You have a heart of gold and are a daily inspiration to me.

  39. Dear Rachael, I am too an animal lover and you are probably my children’s age.  I always have had fish, dogs, cats and rabbits around. I love all creatures great & small and into mother nature.  Boy am I a fan of yours, and will be adopting you shortly.  God Bless you and take care.  Best to you, your husband and especially that beautiful puppie.

  40. Rose Richardson says:

    Rach, we have a no kill shelter called Roice Hurst Humane Society that was going broke. Our community has come together to help them out with a few fund raisers. Keep up the good work. We just lost 1 of our 3 cats and our 1 dog. They are so loving.

  41. Katie says:

    LOVE what you’re doing Rachael. Love that you give back so much of your time and money to causes so dear to not just you, but much of America. Looking forward to the new season of RR!

  42. FYI; this web site has listings of many rescues around the country

    Horse Welfare Organizations:

    Future Horses of the Month, check out November:Teddy



  43. BIG JIM says:


  44. Yes, a lot of pets get a bad rap. All they want is a lot of loving care. Its sad how people can abuse animals and don’t care.

  45. janet bullaro says:

    I too have a pit bull/mix. The best dog ever in which I got from a shelter. I have been looking for a way to help abused animals and I believe promoting your food will do so. I must tell you I have 2/3 people a day tell me I remind them of Rachael. I have her same look and personality. I find it strange because I am passionate about helping children, the worlds enviroment as well as animals. I hope to be as much of an impact as she.


  46. Hi Rachel ;)
    I’m a girl from Norway who just want to say that your show rock!

    love from Norway :)

  47. Web have a city in Ohio that is trying to outlaw pit-bulls! Lakewood ohio is trying to make people move if they have a pitbull.

  48. Rachael, You had a show that was for women and the problems we have with out bodies. There was one particular item that showed how you can reduce the flab under the arm. I am interested in knowing what the product was and the show it was on so I can trace back to it. Thanks. You have a great show

  49. Kit Underwood says:

    Rachaels Rescue is great! I’m excited that you’ve provided for the pups, what about our feline family members? Do you have plans for any food product for the cats?

  50. jennifer says:

    I have a red nosed pit, named buck, because of his color. He is very hyper, but you just have to love him. He is goofy and makes us laugh. The only abuse you will get from him is a good licking. I hope that you can help people understand that it is not always the dog, but the owner that makes these furry pals mean. It is all in the way the way you treat them. To be honest I really didn’t want Buck, but my nephew wanted him for is b-day, he lives with me and that is what he got. Buck decided he did not like him (my nephew), and attached himself to me. He is protetive when he needs to be.

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