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Rachael’s b-day gift

As you may know, we invited you, the rachaelray.com community, to sign our birthday blog for Rachael, sending her over 1,000 birthday well wishes. She read through the posts last night and was very touched. Read her comment about it in her blog.

But to really preserve the memory, I also had a book made, from this really cool website called lulu.com. In fact, you could self publish pretty much any book you want. I uploaded the blog comments and made a simple cover and had the book shipped to me within a few days. So now you know Rachael really does have the world’s biggest birthday card, signed by you guys, in her home.

But I also wanted you to see this website because I thought it was so cool! lulu.com .

Rachael’s birthday book of well wishes:


1,723 Responses to “Rachael’s b-day gift”

  1. maria says:

    Happy Birthday,all the best and God Bless!

  2. Mia says:

    Happy Birthday Rachael,
    You are an amazing woman!! I love your energy, your cooking, and your show. The 40′s are wonderful so enjoy them!

  3. tina s says:

    happy birthday rachael
    tina s

  4. tina s says:

    happy birthday rach i love you

  5. Winda Zuchra says:

    Hi from Jakarta, Indonesia, I’m one of your big fan especially your cooking show and I tried some of them, my daughter really love it. Happy Birthday Rach.

  6. Miriam Sanders says:

    From one Italian to another.. God Bless and may God continue to bless you and yours. May you have many many more birthdays to celebrate, the alternative is grim…. So celebrate all month long and longer.Happy Birthday….

  7. Pat says:

    Hi Rachel, first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I just wanted to let you know I love your show.I try to watch it everyday. I remember the first time I saw you on the Food Channel,I
    saw that smile and fell in love. Love ya and
    best wishes to you and yours. God bless….

  8. Patti says:

    Happy Birthday Rachel !! you look terrific and I enjoy your show very much,You are so down to earth and funny. Well I hope you have a wonderful 4oth year. Your fan Patti

  9. kathy kuc says:

    have a great birthday love your show……

  10. Deidra says:

    Happy Birthday! I really love your shows. You are such a down to earth person. My family really love your recipes. I have cooked several myself with my own little twist. Again Happy Birthday we love you!!!

  11. Brenda Smith says:

    Happy 40th Rachael!!! I absolutely love you! I started watching you on 30 Minute Meals and had a fit when I found out all the major TV stations throughout my state were carrying your talk show except for mine. Now finally we have it here and I never miss you. Hope one day you’ll come down South and visit my city: Montgomery, AL. Here’s wishing you all the best. You deserve it! I’ll be one of your best fans forever!

  12. Hello Rachael, I hope you had a really great birthday. My birthday is Sept. 29th. I saw your show when that lady won all of that money. Anyway, they say that life begins at forty. so have fun and have a great birthday.

  13. Elizabeth Martinez says:

    Hey Racheal i just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoyed it, you work so hard you deserve a nice birthday. i love your show i watch it everyday. i have most of your cookbooks. i have cooked some of your meals and i loved them, my husband really likes the buffalo chilli mac. well talk to you later.

    Elizabeth Martinez

  14. Elaine says:


    Happy 40th Birthday! This is my second attempt to send you this birthday greeting because I forgot to hit submit. Yes, I am a dork! As I watched your birthday show yesterday I got a kick out of your segment with Rosie when she asked you the food question. I loved your answer “Pasta!” My sentiments exactly is there really any other food? I am too an Italian girl from Upstate New York and pasta is the best food in the world! I am always calling myself a “Pasta-alcoholic,” because I could never live without it! Being 48 years old now I cannot eat as much of it as before because I am always fighting to maintain my curvy, girlish, Italian figure. But when I do allow myself a plate of it I am in heaven. The more I watch your show the more you remind me of myself. I really enjoy watching your show and the foodie in me loves the cooking segments. Health & hapiness to you always. Ciao Bella

  15. Ozge Oztunc says:

    happy birthday Rachael,
    Believe me I2m one of your biggest fans…Your cooking show is the most enjoying and creative one in the whole US!!!That’s what I think..You are so creative.You have taught me lots of new ideas ever since I started to watch you!!If I had to describe you with one word I’d say ‘amazing’!!I don’t live in the US and unfortunately I’ve never had a chance to come to your show and watch you live..
    love you

  16. Misty says:

    Happy Birthday Rachael!!!
    I can still remember being in school watching you on tv cooking!! Your still the best!


  17. Krys Collins says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! I’ve been unemployed since last December, and have had the opportunity to watch (and become a BIG fan) of your show! Thanks for keeping it real and real fun!

  18. Stacy in Maine says:

    Happy Birthday Rachael! I watch you everyday and love your food ideas! I love the quick and easy recipes that my children even enjoy! You’re the best, and you should do some karoake on the show with that Carly Simon voice you have!

  19. Judi Schneider says:

    Hey Rach, just wanted to say happy birthday and I want you to know just how much you are loved here in OK. We are all comparing recipies and fighting over your books. Hope your days are filled with happiness and joy and lots of kisses from Isaboo! PS Nibbie and Keshia my Pit Bulls say happy birthday too.

  20. Kenny says:

    Happy 40th, Rachael. You deserve everything good that comes your way. Keep up the great work. God Bless.

  21. Elaine says:

    Happy Birthday, Rachael!!! You don’t LOOK 40!!! Love your show! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  22. Elaine says:

    God Bless You!

  23. Hi Rachael ~

    “HAPPY! Belated Sweetie” I hope it’s the BEST Year EVER! YOU are the BEST! at all you do and your personality shines right on through! WHEN I WATCH YOU ! I see ME and the energy We have for life and the People around us! I hope the best for YOU and John and Izaboo 2 and your family! YOU ROCK! and you inspire me and many around me! I watch all your shows, I CAN’T MISS Em’ or I TVOO them! I all your cookbooks and open and do up a recipe often! I love your contagious SMILE and ATTITUDE on life, and all you do for so many, including our humane pets! Keeping it Simple and with Laughs and Being REAL is what living is all about, in my Opinion! and LML – Great idea for the RACH Birthday Book! Looking forward to getting it and LuLu.com is GREAT! HAPPY! Cooking Rach! and I hope to see you soon, I want to to give you a BIG Hug! YOU deserve to be VERY Happy in life! I hope the BEST to YOU and yours! STay Positive! P.S. YOU’RE in my Heart “daily”! BEST Wishes for that quick healing surgery! REST!

    YOUR NUMBER #1 FAN (since early 80′s)
    Much Love and Blessings, Warrior Purple Lady Shee
    P.s. I have a few of your pictures in my cellphone! YOU inspire me to continue having a great day, with your catchy real sincere smiles! LOVE YA’ – BE Happy another 40 years+++

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