Thank you!

Wow!  Talk about a Hallmark moment!  I was so touched when the LML presented me with all of your birthday wishes!  I didn’t know that you could send so many hugs through a blog.  Thank you for over 1,000 world-wide irreplaceable and unforgettable messages.  I will cherish them all!

p.s. how much did LML pay you to say such nice things???

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  1. Julia Wallace says:

    Oh, Rachael……………I am so disappointed. I have company coming in a couple of hours and I was searching your site for a SIMPLE whole wheat pasta or rice dish to serve as a side to our steaks. (He is a diabetic and tries to avoid baked potatoes when he can.) I didn’t find anything that remotely looked simple. I’m headed to the store now but I have no idea what I’ll have to come up with. I thought for sure your site would bail me out with an awesome dish.
    I watch you religeously.

    Julia Wallace

  2. Lady Garcia says:


  3. AJ says:

    My granddaughter and I have been watching you since day one of 30 minute meals. We talk about our Rachel, and my husband refers to you as my girl and my daughter gave me a years subscription to your magazine. I need ideas how can I cook all the items I need to for Thanksgiving from a wheelchair. My husband has a table set up at my level with two electric skillets and the microwave.That is how I cook and I love to cook.What could I cook earlier than would be okay heated the next day, ideas how I can get it together. I guess I should just give it up and not worry about it but I have always made the dinner.

    Thanks Rach

  4. My whole comment was just blanked off…can I get thru to rachael ray to speak to her directly???

  5. I’ve been searching through all your recipes
    and could not find the recipes you had on Friday. IT WAs gorgonzola cheese stuffed in
    meatballs and roasted. They looked so good.
    also you had mashed potatoes mixed with spinach, garlic, a little cheese. I didn’t get the whole recipe. Would love to have the recipe for them. thanks for your consideration. Pat

  6. nikita says:

    hello rach i just wanted to let u know how much i love u my mom use to watch u all the time with her little note pad watching ur show writing down your recipies and she passed away on her birhtday and she acually was in the hospital watching your show even when she was in the critical care unit she loved ur show and it makes me feel good to watch ur show it reminds me of her she was a good women and will be missed much so

  7. Patricia Weber says:

    I have looking all over the Gretta’s websit for the black shoes that Rachael show in the September 2008 edition “Faves Styles”. Could you please tell how I can order a pair
    Thank You
    Patricia Weber

  8. Maura Gorman says:


    I have watched you show for many years and have several of your cookbooks. Last Christmas I bought a two piece pan set. It was a cast iron skillet and another smaller pan. The first time I used the skillet the enamel starting poppping while I was cooking. I was very disappointed with the quality of the cookware. Someone suggested that I contactg you to tell you about this. With the hub bub of the holidays I never did take them back for a refund. I thought I should let you know that some of your products might be defective.



  9. Hi Rachel,
    This is more of a question than anything else. I am traveling to South Beach Miami in october with like 30 friends, were all taking a vacation…first time. We would like to know if u have done a $20 perday in south beach miami and where are the places to go to eat, have drinks and fun but wont kill your pockets. We will be ther from October 8th to the 13th…We would appreciate your advise.
    With Regards,

  10. Theresa says:

    I was watching your show today 9/30/08 on 30 minute meal you were cutting leeks and put them in water you then said that you had to clean the board before you cut anything else. You then cut the carrots, cabbage and meat and left all the dirt on the cutting board you never clean the board you then proceeded to add everything to the pot. I been watching your show for a long time and I was disappointed with what happen.

    Thank you

  11. teresa says:

    dear rachel, happy belated birthday. i just joined up and i watch your 30 minute meal shows everyday. i love your recipes but i was wondering if you could show some without your onions, peppers, and other hot and spicy foods added in cuz i have ulcers and cant eat that kind of food. thank you.

  12. Anne Jonsson (sweden) says:

    Hello Rachel!
    I just want to say that i really love ur show and i watch it allmost every day!
    You are such a big insperation sorce for me and i love the way you are just you.
    I love to cook my selfe and i’m a big fan of yours.. I would really love to come to America and see ur show in action. Some day when i have the money i will! Dont u ever change.. Girl Power.. XOX Anne

  13. Rachael, I need help. My husband had gotten me your cookware set for Christmas last year (2007) and I had the warranty and everything, well..here lately everything has been disappearing (mylicense, everything) and I accidently messed up one of my pots because it fell on the floor, and i know I have a lifetime warranty, i need help! I can’t find it, and my husband is going to be upset maybe..I feel soo bad and I love your cookware, can you help?

  14. Chris Juhasz says:


    I have watched and loved you for years, even had the opportunity to meet you at the Cleveland IX center a few years ago and loved you just as much in person. I have a problem though…At 39 I had never had a cookware set of my own, everything was hand-me-downs. For Christmas my parents bought me your cookware and I absolutely love it but one of my pans has warped. I have sent many, many emails everyplace I could think of and no one is responding. I’m sure there has to be a way to get this fixed!?! Would you please help?

  15. Essie says:

    Hey Rachael! I just wanted to tell you that I think you are such a wonderful person! You inspired me to cook and I love watch your cooking show on FN and your TV show (when I can watch it). You are fun and very entertaining. You are a true role model for women everywhere and You are beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work and keep being who you are. Don’t ever change!

  16. Jørgen Marstein says:

    hi rach!
    I love ur show soo mutch and ur food looks soo delicious.
    Im from norway and i guess we are a few episodes behind u guys so i diddnt know ur birthday was now. so.. happy birthday! :)

  17. Terri Comer says:

    Dear Rachael, I have watched all of your shows,from being on the Oprah show, to your 30 minutes meal, etc. I just love you. I just wanted to comment on something I just read, about you have a lump in your throat. I too smoke and have just been diagnosed with throat cancer. I have cancer of the epiglottis. I am now waiting for the hospital to call me when they have me scheduled for surgery. They said they think I have found it early. I am scared to death to go through this, but after reading your story of your problem, it made me feel that I wasn’t alone. I am so glad your diagnoses was cancer free, you are so lucky. I will continue watching your show as long as I can, knowing we kind of share an illness related to each other. My prayers are with you Rachael. God Bless Terri Comer

  18. Sarah says:

    Rach…HELP find a recipe of yours

    I cook your food all the time. I am just 25 and you are who I started watching and got me excited about cooking a few years ago. When I first started I made this recipe of yours were you grilled veggies and portobello mushrooms mixed in with couscous and steak over it. You marinated the portobellos in a great mix and then mixed it in with the veggies and couscous. We did not print it and have tried to replicate it but can not. PLEASE help. We searched your site and food networks for hours trying to find it!!!!

  19. exotic says:

    I love you RACHAEL
    (turkey ÖZLEM AKÇAY)

  20. Ronnie says:

    Hi Rachael,

    I’m from Singapore and i just want to let you know how much me and my family love and enjoy yr show. Keep up with that smile and great work that u’re doing. Always enjoy the cooking part, you make it so simple and attractive for us. Thanks. :)

  21. Rachael, I’m just wondering if you have ever had your thyroid checked? I’m asking this because I have noticed that your voice is hoarse a lot and I know of a woman who had a hoarse voice for a long time and found out it was because of a lump on her thyroid. She had her thyroid removed. I’m not a doctor or anything but I thought this was a question worth asking. Maybe it’s just your voice but if you’ve never had this checked, it might be worth checking. I love your show and think your great ;)

    -Teresa , Please Respond By E-Mail. Thank-You!

  22. Jess says:

    Hi .. This is actually a request for info. On
    Monday Oct-7-2008 show. Rachel had a segment about a website that pixelizes photos for free and we can then print them out in several different segments to create one portrait.


  23. kathleen Hash says:

    Hi, my husband and I love to cook; but live in the Virgin Islands, so things like ricotta cheeze not always available..so we had made spinach/artichoke dip with cream cheeze and used that when we made your vegitarian Lasagna using egg plant…we will NEVER look for ricotta again! The spinach/artichoke/cream cheeze with the marinara, egg plant, and mozzarilla was WONDERFULL! Try it…Gil and I love your show.

  24. Tina says:

    Hey Rach,
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned about cooking from you. Cooking was just something I had to do for my family, but ever since I started watching 30 Minute Meals and The Rachael Ray Show my attitude has completely changed. I enjoy every meal I make for my family now and so do they. Thanks again, you have really inspired me .

  25. Tina says:

    Everyday I am on your website looking up new recipes.

  26. ROBIN NEIDER says:

    Hello Rachael,
    My name is Robin. I am a single parent. I have 11 children 4 girls of which are mine and 7 surrogants. All my life i have been pregnant. Anyway i loved your show today[which i watch daily] and my daughter is always making fun of the way i dance[she says i am right up there with John Travotla]. I cannot do those moves of today. She also thinks my hair is a joke, she says i am something right out of the 80′s. She gets embarassed to go to the mall with me. Like i said i have no sense of fashion and even if i did i could not afford it [being a single parent]. I am the mother that gets to the store picks out something cute gets to the register and says “oh i don’t need this” and puts it back. Rachael i am a mess….HELP
    Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You,Robin

  27. Barb Brabant says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I am sure you have received this comment before…
    I am making Sausage, Pepper and Onion Stromboli out of your Just in Time cookbook for dinner tonight. And there is no onion in the ingredients or in the method!! I have added some while the peppers are softening because that is where I think they should go. I know the recipe will turn out because all of them do.

    Thank you for providing recipes to make dinner more fun.

  28. Judy Harris, Tucson, Arizona says:


    I lost my left kidney a year ago to cancer, but what really blew my mind was my spleen was wrapped around it and had to be removed too. It was not cancerous, but it wouldn’t turn loose. Now to hear that you have had to have thyroid surgery is sad. I’m glad it is not cancer. Take care and if you are ever in this area come by. Judyann

  29. Nashia says:

    Hi! I love your show… ;-) I always watch it when I’m from the office…. I’ll be getting married soon so I want to learn how to cook. I wanna please my husband (soon) through food. ;-) Keep up the good work…. God bless yah! (Philippines)

  30. Joan Astin says:

    Rachael, LOVE LOVE the Roasted Red Pepper soup with the ratatoille! it was fabulous! even better the third day! i used feta instead of goat cheese because that is what i had on hand. i appreciate all the options you give us.

  31. Lisa says:

    Hi sweetie i tried your hard boiled egg instructions and the yolks just weren’t cooked all the way through. Here’s a recipe that i found in the reader’s digest “How to do just about anything” book.

    cover eggs with cold water. bring just to the boil, then reduce heat to simmer-cooking eggs in boiling water toughens them. should an egg crack as the water boils add a pinch of salt. for soft cooked eggs, simmer 2-3 minutes (depending on the size of the eggs), medium-soft 3-4 minutes, hard cooked eggs 15-20 minutes. drain the eggs and immmerse in cold water to stop the cooking. refrigerate hard cooked eggs and use them within a week. pencil an X on a hard cooked egg to tell it from the uncooked ones.

    works great. thank you for the shows.


  32. Rozanne Taub says:

    I am a big fan of yours, you put fun back into the kitchen! I would like you ask for your advice. My son changed majors, from Pre Med to the Culinary Arts. He is attending Johnson and Wales University now. His dream is to combine his love of science and cooking together. Seeing that you are a successful chef, do you have any advice for a young chef starting out.


  33. sharon conrad says:

    can you tell me where you get the tomato paste in the tube I have aeen you use it at least twice and for one who cooks for 2 and alot of times just 1 it sure would be handy Thanks so much

  34. Laura Rennicker says:

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for being a great person and giving us real practical tips and ideas that we can use everyday. My husband and I watch you whenever we get the chance. We are the parents of 3 wonderful boys, so we can use any tips we can get on cooking. Thanks again.

  35. Vickie McKay says:

    We love you and watch you all the time, but please take your name of Nubodi ads. They charge your credit card, and you never recieve anything. Please don’t let them use your good name. Thank you so much, and we will keep on watching.

  36. Pat Roseberry says:

    Rach, I cannot believe you are letting your husband suffer with unibrows! Not this day and age. Have him get Laser hair removal.
    It is 6 treatments and for the hair between the brows there is NO pain. The only pain I had was above the lip but I am still glad I did it. No more worries!
    Tell me you have had this done for him, please!!!!
    Love ya both, Pat

  37. Hi Rachael I love your shows so much espicially the 30- minutes meals. Happy belated birthday. My comment to you was that everytime I watch your show in the afternoon, I keep thinking how neat it would be to have a side kick on your show that answers some questions or to laugh at your little jokes. You know just sit in a chair next to your audiance and have a mike in hand like Ed McMahon or Paul something from David Letterman. Sometimes you say to talk among yourselves while your pouring out hot water from your pasta dish and i can be with the mike and saying funny little quirks like watch out Rach your gonna get a pasta facial. Or sometimes you say something about bacon and no one claps I could say something funny about how everyone likes bacon or just something to break the ice. What do you think?

  38. Carolyn says:

    Happy Birthday Rach. My son’s birthday is Aug. 24!!! But he is 4 years older than you..Mom and I watch everyday and we swear that if someone tied your hands you wouldn’t be able to talk…ha ha…I just love it because I’m the same way.. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  39. Flavia P. Downs says:

    Belated Happy Birthday.

    Just want to thank you again for adopting your beloved Izzy.

    And just a reminder that Oct. 25th is Pitbull Awareness Day. Most cities are having something special going on that day, to show people, pitties are really, wonderful, loving creatures. And not all are as the news media has made them out to be.

    More information can be found out on the web. and to see which cities are participating in this special event.

    Flavia P. Downs
    Be kind to all of God’s animals, and He will be kind to you.

    Just a remin

  40. Louise says:

    We own a seasonal business during the summer and even though we are busy running the business my husband never misses your shows.
    I kind of think he has a crush but thanks ok.
    You represent the hometown girl personality.
    You grew up in Lake George so we have alot in common seeing as I grew up in North Creek, Gore Mt. Glad to see that an old fashion hometown girl personality of the Adirondacks glows thru on you show. Keep up the good work.

  41. Hi Rach, Buono Compleanno.Love your show, & Good Luck on you surgery, God Bless You, Vivian from Canada

  42. Kim Reeves says:

    Rachael Ray I adore you. I love watching you everyday, keep up the good work. =)

  43. susan sorrell says:

    OHLA…Hey, I just wanted to thank you! I really enjoy your 30 min. meals. What I do is watch your show and then dig for simular items in my pantry and try to match what your cooking. I have done this many of times and it really works. I actually can make something edable out of what you have shown me on the show. Although I have made my version seems like it all about taste. Thank you for actually teaching me how to put spices together and making food very tasteful.

  44. Danielle says:

    Happy belated Birthday!! You share your special day with my sister!! and I’m August 5 and Hubbys August 1 all in the same month but different years!!

  45. Stephanie says:

    Just want to say Happy belated b-day!! OMG did I screw up, Rach!! One of your girls from the office called me to make a tape asking a medical question and I did soooo bad!! I never even used a recorder before-I had no one to help me so I sent it in anyway!! It probably went right in the trash!! Anyway I looked really blah on the tape and I wantyou to know that I do have a personality!!! Ha Ha! So the next time you need someone for a make over …I am your girl!!! Love your show!! XXOO

  46. Paula says:

    Reading some of your birthday posts you must be overwhelmed. Here is the bottom line: You pour out so much genuine love to people and it just bounces right back. You have blessed my life with joy and laughter. I even get my husband to watch now and then even though he prefers football and sports. Food and laughter bring people together and bring warmth to cold or gloomy days. You may not know that you have a ministry of encouragement. Thank you for being you. Richest blessing.


  47. Lisa says:

    WOWZA! hi rachael! oh my lanta im talking to you haha!
    well happy WICKED late birthday! i wish you can cook for me one day! that would be FANTABULOSO! love youu, your my idol & biggest role model! im actually goin to Johnson & Whales
    when i graduate to major in pasterys! maybe we can bake cakes & lunch sometime! haha :)

    love, lisa!

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