Thank you!

Wow!  Talk about a Hallmark moment!  I was so touched when the LML presented me with all of your birthday wishes!  I didn’t know that you could send so many hugs through a blog.  Thank you for over 1,000 world-wide irreplaceable and unforgettable messages.  I will cherish them all!

p.s. how much did LML pay you to say such nice things???

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  1. Stephanie George says:

    Hey Rachael,

    I just watched your first episode of the season. I was so moved by the make over you did for Zennayah’s Grandmother. Not only did you make her over but you gave her free hair styling for a year. I think makeovers are wonderful but let’s face it a day at the salon is not cheap. You truly get it!!!! Thanks again for all you do.


  2. Penny says:

    happy b-day a bit late… the question i had for you…I saw an episode with your husbands band ,they were really good .. and I have looked for their c d but I think I must have their name wrong as I can not find it …
    will be watching your new episode today!

  3. Giorgia Iorio says:

    Hello Rachael,

    I watched your first episode of the season this morning and was so happy, you are a ray of sunshine. Continue the good work.

    Thank you for making my days.

    Giorgia from Canada.

  4. Jackie says:

    I love Rachel, but someone…PLEASE tell her to stop drinking tea to soothe her throat. While tea may feel good going down, with continual use it actually dries up the vocal chords and that’s why her voice is sounding so hoarse all the time.

    Go with warm water and lemon only and things will improve soon.

  5. Happy B’day Rach… My wish is a bit belated! Love your show, your outlook and your food. My kids are cooking out of your book and LOVE IT. My son (who is 2) asks to watch cooking in the afternoons and he pretends to cook with bowls and wooden spoons… A chef in the making, I hope!

    Thanks for doing the great things you do.

    Autumn aka “Thoughtful Mom”

  6. Barbara Baker says:

    Rachael,loved the chicken cutlet braciole. Of course I substituted some of the ingredences. I had just finished making homemade puree with a “smarty pepper” included , I only used parsley and garlic in the stuffing and deglased with chicken stock. It tasted fantastic! I’m 71 yrs young and I love to cook as do my son and granddaughter. Thanks for all you teach us. Yes I am still learning!

  7. My good friend Kelly is getting married in a little over a month away. She is one of the your biggest fans and loves to cook. She has all your magazines and books and tapes your show every day etc…. So i was on her bridal registry and all i see is cookware and cook books etc… I thought the best gift ever would be a special shout out by you! Her number 1 (besides her husband to be) LOL!! If there is any way of this being possible on a card or a email or text or somthing please let me know. Thank you, NUMBER 1 GIFT GIVER!!

  8. Karen says:

    Just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Belated Birthday. I love your show and the great ideas you give us on ideas to change up the taste of your food. Thanks for the great work.
    Happy Birthday,

  9. shelly sapp says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. You surely don’t look fourty! I’ve watched you everyday since I was 19 now that I’m 26 your part of my daily routine. My 5 year old son watches you religously as well. I’m an inspiring chef, in part to you and sarah moulton. you do so many good things for people, god has blessed you. hopefully one day me and my son Aiden can come cook with you!

  10. Ms Recipe says:

    Hi there

    Happy Belated Birthday…

    Enjoy a great meal….

  11. Deanna Boss says:

    Rachel, you truly are the greatest. My kids and I LOVE you. We also love your beautiful girl, Isaboo. We are Pit Bull lovers and owners as well. The reaon I’m writing is to let you know how great you recipes are, my family especially loves your Alfredo sauce. I have made it and used chicken or shrimp in it. I’d Love to come to New York to see you and speak to you. You’re an inspiration. Also, please do a show about cancer survivors, because both my 18 year old son and my husband should be dead, but they survived 2 bouts with the disease and I am a TB survivor, with much thanks to my loving husband!

  12. Roger The Cowboy says:

    hello Rachael.. happy B-Day!!
    wow, bog 4-0.. looking good :)
    keep up the good work and the great show!

    love from Norway (over the atlantic!)

  13. Roger The Cowboy says:

    sorry.. bog is big!! my bad!

  14. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday and many many more

  15. Carolyn says:

    Happy belated birthday Rach! I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest news on the web. Hope that it was a fantastic day that you celebrated all week long. Enjoy watching you!

  16. brenda says:

    HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY RACHEL I HOPE YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT ONE!!!!!!!!!! It’s great to be able to share my birthday with you.

  17. Amy Kain says:

    Rach, I am a Speech-Lang Pathology grad student and yesterday I saw Paula give you items for your throat. I have a Voice Disorders class right now and am sending you a link to info on hoarseness. For instance, did you know that holding the phone to your shoulder while you talk can be a cause of hoarseness. I can so see you doing that at home while you are making dinner. Check it out and you really should have a professional evaluation. Love your show and Happy Birthday!
    Amy from Michigan

  18. leonor says:

    Rachel your are the best!
    Happy 40th Birthday, may God grant you many more.
    Thanks to your show, I don’t even know I am on the treadmill when the show is on, I’ve
    learned a lot from you, thanks, again,

  19. Rachael,
    I wish for the blessings of God for your 40th!!! You will never know how important your shows have meant to me!!! On my birthday, October 30 of 06, I went into a coma. My husband, trying to stimulate any response, always put on your 30 minute meals, my favorite program! After “waking up”, I watched Rachael, Rachael, Rachael!!! I was not a bad cook before, but now, I can whip up more than ever, with new knowledge, tips and recipes, and my husband is always pleased!!!
    I thank you for being you, and for the shows during the recovery, and and now, your TV show!!! I took homeconomics for six years in Junior and High school, and none of my teachers were like you, thanks for making it fun to learn even more!!!
    Again, HAPPY 40th!!!
    God bless,

  20. Marna says:

    HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it is a great day and year ahead! Love your show! :)

  21. Naomi R.Guardado says:

    I don’t get to watch your show everyday,but I watch as much as I can!! I was glad to get to see your Birthday show!! Wishing you the Best
    Day ever!! Full of Love,Roses and Joy!!

  22. The “forties” are great, but actually I have loved the “fifties” and “sixties” just as much and look forward to the “seventies”! It’s all about “mind-set”. Life is great everyday if you want it to be!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Joan

  23. margaret says:

    Happy birthday, i am now 42 and did not know if i would see it. Back on march 13 2008 my sister , 10 month old grand son and i were in a head on collision . the lady was running from ther cops and hit us going 120 mph. and we were going 19 mph. i am now limited do to savere nerve damage to my left foot . my pelvic bone was broke , hip socket shattered and hip bone broke ,. now my right foot does not lift and i have to wear a brace , and my foot and leg is loosing sensitivity. i am now trying to also diagnosed with posttramatic stress disorder. I am thankful we all are alive and my 42 nd birthday was septer 2, Did not get any thing because we almost lost our home do to the accident but i am thankfull to be alive even though we have no money to do any thing. god bless and happy 40th birth day ….

  24. Stscy says:

    Lml didn’t pay me! If they tried i wouldn’t accept it anyway! I just watched your birthday episode it was amazing. I ws crying pretty much the whole time. You are so blessed and i love that John surprised you and made you dinner! Happy Birthday!

  25. Rhonda2Name says:

    Happy 40th Racheal. I watch your show almost every day. I’M not working at the moment. I love to cook and bake. I have recipes form my grandmother and mother some written some not.
    Have a realy great 40th B-Day


  26. Buon Compleanno! thanks for your energy and for being an example for a lot of women. I love your show and your book.

    You look incredible!

  27. Tina says:

    I have been concerned about your voice loss for a while and, after watching the show with Paula Abdul when she gave you the remedies it reminded me to write. I am a Speech Pathologist and one of the things I treat is voice disorders. Your voice could either be indicating reflux (even if you can’t feel it!) which can be very serious or an inefficient use of your voice. Please make an appointment to have the reflux checked out (scoping and/or a Barium swallow test) and also with a Speech Pathologist who specializes in voice disorders. I am a huge fan of the show and wish you the best of luck with your wonderful voice!

  28. Darla says:

    Hi Rachael,
    Just wanted to wish you a happy 40th birthday and i love your show !!

  29. judy parker says:

    Dear Rachel
    I watch you every single day and I love you so so so much.
    Have a great birthday!!!
    I have the most fabulous old family jewish type recipes to share with you and all you have to do is get in contact with me and they are yours to share too.
    My name is Judy and you can email me at the above address.
    Love, Judy

  30. Miz E says:

    You have a BFF in Brentwood,TN who is 15 and introduced you to me. Thanks for being a positive role model plus introducing Maggie to making and eating great meals… Now my 8 paws Papillions, Mr. Bunch and Miss Texas, enjoy your good eats! Therefore, we all want to wish your 40th to be the best year ever…
    and we declare this Rachael Ray Day :}

    Miz E,Maggie,MB,MT…we approve this message!

  31. Ruth Ann says:

    Hi Rachael

    Happy Birthday. Looked like you have a great time on your show today. I don’t cook but I enjoy your show.

  32. Chrissy says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Not only do I love watchingyou, but my husband and now my 17 month old son is in awe w/ you and 30 minute meals!!! He loves your voice and I think already has a crush on you! Thanks for all the great recipes and fun you bring into our home. Your a joy to watch!

  33. Bernie says:

    Happy Birthday Rachael I will be 56 this year. I got hit with M.S. at least 2or3yrs. ago. Watch your show alot,even cook some things!The cooked tomatoes & onions over fish and mixed with rice,is very good

  34. Robin and Connie says:

    You go girl…watching your show is the highlight of our day! Since the day they started, we have never missed one. Thank goodness for DVR.
    We love you and remember…life begins at 40 so the best is yet to come.

  35. priya says:

    Hi Rachael,
    Happy belated 40th birthday…My family is a huge fan of your cooking show….You are a fantastic and very lovable person…stay this way………..We wish you have a wonderful life …..

  36. Ann Dugal says:

    Happy Birth Day Rachael..

    Stay as sweet and normal as you are..

    You are a true example of living a life with love and compassion..

    Thanks for sharing your love of cooking with us, and letting me see that it really is easier than making desserts!!!!!!
    Ann Dugal

  37. Joe from Iowa says:

    Just flipping through the channels and I came acrossed your show. I noticed it was your 40th birthday. Just wanted to tell you WOW you look really good for forty. HAPPY BIRTYHDAY AND MANY MORE !!!

    p.s. Smoking HOTT

  38. Ann Reddin says:

    Your show is like having my best friend visit each day. I enjoy everything about the Rachael Ray Show. Happy 40th Birthday. Everyone is right – life does begin at 40.

  39. Eenas says:

    Happy 40th birthday Rach! i love your shows and watch them all the time even the re-runs. i love how easy your recipes are and because of you i became interested in cooking and now i love it and enjoy being in the kitchen. i hope to one day acheive what you have and be able to inspire people everyday all over the world. I hope you have a wonderful year and many more to come. we love you all and again happy birthday!

  40. Trudy says:

    Happy 40th Birthday
    Your the greatest. Just love the show.
    Have great day.

  41. Jody Ireland says:

    Happy Birthday Rachael!

    David and Jody Ireland

  42. Happy Birthday,

    Have a Happy Day.

  43. Rachael,
    Saw your show today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I think you are truly wonderful. You lifted my spirits today when Rosy asked you what your favorite saying was. And you answered you can either laugh or cry, it’s up to you. I have been crying constantly as I lost my job in February of this year. I am interviewing but employers seem to be slow in choosing candidates and actually hiring. We are on the verge of forclosure on our house, the people we have our car loan with are threatening prereposetion of our car, our truck payment is a month behind and all our utility bills are on the verge of disconnect!!! So thank you for yor bright spot today. I wll try seeing the brighter side of things……. A Wonderful Happy Birthday to you!!!! God Bless
    Jo-Ann in Arizona

  44. Jorge Yubi says:

    Muchas Felicidades

    Toda la familia te vemos en un programa de el buen vivir

    Y te felicitamos por las maravillosas recetas que nos das

    Dios te Bendiga

  45. Lorraine says:

    Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday! Thank you so much for sharing your birthday on my birthday! I have 2 years on you, and all I can say is forty is fun. I love trying your recipes out on my husband. Love from all, Lorraine, Fred, Shane, and Karle.
    P.S. Please tell Izzy hi from Auggie (St. Bernard), Dora (Yorkie), Patches (Daschund), and Samantha (Cocker Spaniel)

  46. whitney says:

    i find your show a nice break from my day. i am so thankful that i get to spend an hour with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Heck, i’m glad you were born!!!! Whitney

  47. Jennifer Huber says:

    Happy 40th Birthday Rachae! You are awesome!!!!!!

  48. Bernadette says:

    Happy 40th Birthday!!
    Its the best time of your life and you have proven that. May the next 40 be just as great.

  49. Beverly says:

    Wendy Corser
    I feel sorry for you I didn’t have gastruc bypass but I have had my esopagus worked on 3 times and I am just like you I can bearly eat anything .if I do it doesn’t go down very good and ya know what I have to do now I have hernia’s up and down my chest it’s a terrible thing
    Good Luck

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