Kidz Kitchen and Burger Bash

This weekend the Food Network Wine & Food Festival kicked off in NYC which included the popular Burger Bash, hosted by yours truly, and my favorite event, the Kidz Kitchen, which was yesterday.

Burger Bash started as an event during the Miami Wine and Food festival, but when Lee Schrager decided to bring the festival to NYC, we all agreed that must do the Burger Bash in NYC as well. Burger Bash is where we pull together some of the top chefs in the city and ask them to come up with their best burger creation. We had 18 chefs grilling away at their own stations and guests could go around sampling mini burgers or halves. I tasted all burgers and from my conversations with other party goers, everyone had a blast. In addition to burgers, Godiva and Junior’s Cheesecakes had tables giving away these decadent mini chocolate creations, in case you had any room after all the burgers. Most people found the stomach space as these goodies were sinfully good. Attendees texted their votes for best burger and Katie Lee Joel, author of the book, The Comfort Table, won! She was, by the way, the only female contestant and she made a delicious burger that was almost like a cross between a grilled cheese and a burger.

Here’s Adam Perry Lang, of Daisy May’s, at his grill station with a pal.


Read all about Burger Bash on Serious Eats’ website.

But my favorite event of the weekend is the Kidz Kitchen, where the kids were the judges. I demonstrated some of my favorite recipes that I thought kids would also enjoy making and eating. I made Penne-Wise Pumpkin Pasta


Here I am sharing a plate of Penne-Wise with my friend, Anna. I love this dish because it has pumpkin, which is loaded with vitamin C and fiber, but it is also one of the most economical and nutritious dishes (that’s why it’s called penne-wise, get it?).

I also made Quick Chicken with Gouda Gravy and Smashed Brocco-tatoes

which is another quick snack delicious meal that you could whip up after work or school. It truly warms the belly and gives regular ol’ potatoes a nutrition boost with the added broccoli.

I got alot of questions from kids and parents while I was cooking and I thought I’d share some of them and my answers with you here.

Q: What are some good vegetarian meals?

A: Of course the Penne-Wise Pumpkin Pasta dish we made today, but also Veg-head Three Bean Chili, Pasta with Hazelnut Spinach Pesto


and you can be creative with these dishes. Here I made the Veg-head chili but I added frozen corn and frozen spinach to increase the veggies and because I happen to have a couple of half bags lying around.

Q: What does your mom make that you like to eat?

A: I love everything my mom makes but I really like her Beef Burgundy.

Q: What’s your favorite cookbook?

A: I like alot of books, but I really enjoyed learning about Italian cooking from Marcella Hazan

Q: Do you cook for Isaboo?

A: Are you kidding? She’s my baby! Here are some pet friendly recipes you can check out but talk to your pet’s vet before feeding them any human food!

Q: What’s your favorite dessert?

A: I am not really a sweets person, but here are some dessert recipes on our website.

Q:Are you going on book tour this year?

A: Yes, my new book, the biggest one I have ever written, is coming out in about a week. It’s called Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book. I will be back on book tour in December so come back to to look for dates. You can preorder the book from today.

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  1. Rose P says:

    Hi Rach ! Great to hear from you- it has been a while. I hope you had a wonderful vacation in Italy. The Festival sounded great- I live in CALIF otherwise I would have been there.
    So last weekend the news about your surgery hit the internet- and like all your fans we have been very worried and sending love and prayers… and not sure what news to believe… will you let us know on a blog entry how you are? We all know how the rumors are in your business… I know I and all your fans would love to hear it from you… We want you to get well and take the time to recover- although I just read you are planning to do your book tour in Dec… Surgery then tour… Please promise to take the right amount amount of time to rest and heal… Your fans love you ! Thanks for all you do for us…. always. Hope to see you in CA. xoxo

  2. Karen (Otley) Grant says:

    Hi! My name is Karen Grant, and I feel like we’re neighbors. I grew up in Ticonderoga, NY and my Mom (Kay Otley) worked for a while with your aunt, “Widget” Scuderi. I honestly can’t remember her real name but I remember her as being so lively and so much fun! If I remember correctly she had two kids, a boy and a girl. Just wanted to say hi….maybe we crossed paths in Lake George once or twice! Take care! Karen Grant

  3. nanci hawkins says:

    Does Rachael remember Lucille’s restaurant in Lake George from the 1960′s to the 1980′s. I waitressed the summer after my college graduation until my “real job’ became available. I would love a rendition of the lobster newburg or the beef burgundy they served. People used to line up to the street to get in. It was good food, reasonable prices and nice local people who ran it. We all worked like crazy but had a good time that summer. I was invited back but profession and boyfriend got me away.No regrets, married 35 years this November.

  4. Amy Infanti says:

    Thanks so much for doing the Kidz Kitchen. We came from Ohio for my daughter Mattisyn’s 9th birthday just to see you. It was our first trip to NYC and I am sure one she will never forget. I hope they continue to include kid events for the next Food and Wine Festival. I also have a daughter, Kenzey age 6 who loves watching you on tv. Maybe see you again next year or catch a book signing. We are not too far from Pittsburgh, so crossing our fingers that you will make a stop there. Thanks again!!

  5. JohnNed says:

    The Burger Bash was a blast! All the burgers were great. Katie Lee Joel’s burger was excellent and I have made her recipe from her cookbook a few times. My favorite burger of the night though was Adam Perry Lang’s. Rachael, it was great to see you there and your a great host.

  6. Chris says:

    I’m sorry to have missed the burger bash

    here is one of my favorite burgers that brings me back to the warm weather of the Caribbean

  7. BILLMCGRORY says:


  8. Kathy Myers says:

    I have 2 issues. The first one is that I have a VERY picky eater. He won’t even eat pizza because it has tomato sauce. He won’t touch tomato sauce or ketchup, that’s how picky he is. I know that you have said kids love to dip anything, but he won’t. No ranch, bbq sauce, ketchup. Not even cheese sauce, except on mac & cheese.

    The second is that my 10 month old is dairy intolerant. This means that I can not eat dairy either, I’m breastfeeding. I MISS dairy! I love cheese, but all of the soy based cheeses that I have tried are GROSS! Okay, avoiding dairy has helped me lose a lot of weight. No, or limited varieties of, cookies, candy, cakes, pasta sauce, pizza, etc.

    I really need your help! Thank you.

  9. carol ball says:

    Just though i would write how i love watch your show and trying some of your stuff you cooking. Just but a wish in for christmas for your pot and pan set hope to get one. Well take care and have a happy hallowen. carol

  10. Sandi B says:

    A little off the subject, but I just had to tell you – I tried your “cheeseburger meatloaf” and it is FABULOUS!! Was a big hit with everyone, and kids will love it too, folks!!
    Love ya Rach!

  11. Susan Ferguson says:


    Could you help me find your wonderful soup recipe on today’s show 10-17-08. I have looked and looked. It looked so good on TV that I could almost taste it.

    I need your help.

  12. bedure wagdi says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii i’m from egypt and i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much >>>>


  13. bedure wagdi says:

    i love your smile Rach i wish if i could meet u i love u sooooooooo mush>>

    see u in egypt sooooooon i’m from alexandria egypt>

    and u call me bodo

  14. mary says:

    Hi Rachael, Just had to tell you…my family loves your recipes and I love cooking them!! There has not been one they didn’t like. Loved the Peperonata Stoup..made it last night! Thanks for the smiles you bring into our home!

  15. Amy says:

    My daughter Macy, age 6, visited to NY last week with her grandmother to see your Kidz Kitchen show. She had a great time and was so excited to meet you at the book signing. Thank you so much for making her trip so special!! We are big fans and look forward to using your children’s cookbook. Thanks again!

  16. tigist says:

    HI RACHO I love all your foods i wish one day i meet you but i live very far from you which is in africa ethiopia. Ilove cooking very mach . i am grade 11 student and sixteen years old bye racho

  17. Missy Garza says:

    Rachel, I am so happy that I found your website and how cool are you that you have a blog! Awesome… my grandfather and I love to watch all of your shows and he says he wished he could marry you. For christmas this year, I wish I could get him to meet you. We love to watch you cook and smile! Hoping to meet you, Missy

  18. Rose P says:

    Great Job on QVC Rach! It was great to see Maria too :)

  19. sharon.nolan says:

    rachel i have been trying to find a recipe that you had on show.this recipe hasin it chourice cabage onion chicken thigh thank you sharon

  20. Debbie Fisher says:

    Dear Rachael,

    She loved you long before meeting you, and after she met you and you gave her the cookbook, my granddaughter (Macy) has told everyone you are her best friend. On the plane back to Ohio, she told me that she’s going to keep her Hannah Montana bedroom stuff for now, but soon she wants to do her room in “everything Rachael Ray” – Rachael Ray bedspread, Rachael Ray curtains, Rachael Ray cookbooks and recipes on the walls! Any plans for bedroom decor?

    Thank you for being so kind to Macy. Your presentation for the Kidz Kitchen was the reason I brought her to NYC, and we had a wonderful time.


    Debbie Fisher

  21. Denise Turek says:

    I don’t know if I’m on the right thing but I am looking for when you made those mason jars filled with evoo, garlic and something else, around christmas last year. I want to give them out for gifts.. Thank you, Denise

  22. Deshon says:

    Dear ray i like your show it has taught me not to buy and spend all of my money but i eat alot cuz i body build and its hard not to spend every last cent i watch the show alot just would like you to show a food on the tv show to help gain weight

  23. angel says:

    hi Rachel i was just wondering about cheep and easy healthy lunch type meals for a school lunch program do you have any ideas?

  24. Ann says:

    I bet you’ve never heard of Bar-b-qued peared hamburgers!
    About 25 yrs ago, my mom and I were going through a magazine (caint remember which one), found this recipe and THIS was the best tasting burger you have ever tried.
    Had something to do with adding the pear juice and then putting bbq sauce on the pears and grilling it all………YUMMO!!
    Wish we could find that recipe. We thought we cut it out and put it up… apparently not…

    just thought maybe you may have heard about it.

    Thanks for listening…

  25. Erica says:

    Thank you Rach. I dont Blog never tryed before..
    This is the 2nd time in 20 months I have bben laid off.
    I have been waiting your show and learning lots of tips that keep cooking for myself and my husband new and fresh and really help stretch of funds.
    We arent hard off but it helps to watch what I spend.
    The best thing I have learned to cook Greek Baked Ziti. Also, My baby brother just got back from Iraq. I cooked for the whole family THEY ALL LOVED IT..!!!!!
    Thank you for what you do… I told my family next year for my birthday I would really like a subscription to your magizine..
    Thank you so much ..

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