How to cook like an Italian

Fall Italian Guide


As your amico italiano and a lover of Italian foods, I wanted to show you our handy dandy Italian cooking guide that we launched.  Take me to the guide.

This little mini site has appetizers, pizzas, pastas, main courses and desserts all with Italian flavors and flair.  We thought you might like to find this all in one place so you could plan an Italian night with all the pieces.  First you must have an antipasto (appetizer).  Then you serve the pasta (primo) then the meat or fish course (secondo) and finally a dolci.  Have room for all that?  You will find a way when you see how delicious these dishes are.  With recipes from Rachael Ray, Mario Batali and others, this guide will have you on your way to becoming an Italian chef!  Check it out!

12 Responses to “Fall Italian Guide”

  1. Brenda Bagetto says:

    Hey Rachel,

    Do you have a gnochi recipe using sweet potatoes. Or could I just look in my Italian book for a gnochi recipe and substitute sweet potatoes, (not yams) for the white potatoes?


  2. Destiny says:

    Hey Rachael,

    dDo u have a recipe for cooking alfredo pasta witha little twist to it?

  3. shaymaa says:

    just all of you try Egyption food,believe me,it’s the best everrrrr

  4. aya says:

    hi rachael, it’s Aya from Egypt I love Italian food so thanks for the site …..
    i want you to try Egyption food it’s realy yumooo
    i am sure you will love it and keep going cause
    you’re the best

  5. tracie eckenrod says:

    Rachael, I watch your show any chance I get and I love your personality and you really encourage me to get int he kitchen and try new things to munch on or a new tasty dinner to serve to my hubby, it brings out my hidden talent, but I must say I wouldnt be able to without you in the back of my mind saying “add a little evoo, and some s & p” and the fact that you share your recipes online, I LOVE IT.
    I watched your show the other day where the couple lived in the smallest apartment in NY, and I have a big home, but a lot of stuff, so ive finally began to TRY and organize EVERYTHING-I havent given up-I just havent finished, ANYTHING. Any suggestions? I like the plate holder on the wall, and the under the kitchen roll out rack, but what about all the other stuff, my husband doesnt believe in closets so he decided to get rid of the closets, so I dont have a closet to put my clothes in, instead we have 6 dressers in my bedroom, 4 in the other, which is supposed to be the guest room, I hope they bring a lot of clothes. LA YOU.

  6. Denise Hurst says:

    Hi Rachael:…..I love your show and I am a person who loves to cook when I have the time. As a women who has to support herself, now I am back to work after being on unemployment for about three months. I also, love your receipes that you share w/the public and I am interested in your new BOB COOK BOOK. Ray, please keep doing what you are doing and I love your show and new cooking tips……Sincerely and Respectifully yours, Denise E. Hurst

  7. joan says:

    help… years ago mother in law made sliced beef seasoned with grated romano cheese grated garlic brown it in oil then put it in sauce. name started with bro—–. what is it called

  8. Kim Jensen says:

    A great breakfast meal called egg mckim. Bagel or muffin w/ egg, sausage patty, cheese of your choice and peanut butter. This is awesome. My wife is magical in the kitchen. I refer to her as “feed five for five in five (min)
    You really need to try this.

  9. Tat says:

    Reply to Tracie Eckenrod…….

    Your hubby got rid of the closets..???
    I would have gotten rid of hubby and kept the closets. :o)

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Rachael,

    My husband is the best italian cook. I would love for you to come and cook with him Upstate NY. We are fixing a dog room for the Maltese, Maltipoos and Poodle we have and after that my husband is doing the Kitchen. I often think when you are on TV and we both are watching how excited he would be if you showed up at the door to cook with him. What do you think?


  11. Ron Reale says:

    Hi Rachael,

    Do you have a great receipe for “RED CLAM SAUCE”

  12. Michelle says:

    Hello Rachael,
    I am looking for a receipe called Anchovy Balls. My grandma would make them when she came to visit around the holidays. She was from the Abruzzi-Molise Region.

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