Fall for these Thanksgiving Tabletop Crafts

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Creating harvest ready looks can be super easy, all you need is a little time and some basics to create beautiful and classic decor around the house. I really get into using raw materials in the fall. There are so many great things to decorate with, acorns and pine cones, gords and berries, grasses and leaves. It’s great because it’s all free and harvesting them forces you to get outside with your friends and family and spend some quality time together, which we should all get used to!

Here are some of my favorite projects for a picture perfect tabletop!

**Pumpkin Centerpiece**

Create an easy (and beautiful) pumpkin centerpiece

- Fill a thin vase with soaked floral foam **tip alert** with floral foam, make sure you let it submerge itself in water, don’t try to force it down, otherwise you won’t get water in all the nooks and crannies.


- Hollow out a pretty large pumpkin
- Put the vase with the floral foam inside of the pumpkin
- Create an arrangement of leaves, grasses and berries that you find on one of your fall walks. This is a great project to do with kids. Kids love harvesting all kinds of plants and flowers to create crafts around the house.
- Then stick your pumpkin on a pedestal and you’re all set!

**Pumpkin Candle Holders**

I love these because you can use them for tapered candle holders and as little place cards for your guests


- Get some little personal pumpkins like these and hollow out a whole inside big enough to fit your tapered candle. I used a cordless electric drill with a 3/4″ bit


- Scoop out the seeds and pulp inside (you can do this with a small spoon)
- Stick your candle in to the whole and decorate around the candle. Try using a pretty leaf, little acorns and some ribbon.
- Using a permanent marker, write each guests name on their pumpkin or on the ribbon

**Veggie Candles**

These candles are so easy to make and are so styling that they make great gifts. Here is the skinny on how to pull off this look.


- Start with plain white pillar candles, choose whatever sent you’d like. The white just seems to look the crispest.
- Bring home some asparagus, green beans and one artichoke from the grocery store
- Put a rubber band around the candles and slide your beans and asparagus under the rubber band
- Cover the rubber band with a ribbon and your all set
- The artichoke is a bit trickier, you want to wear a pair of gloves and pull the leaves back till you get to the heart
- Pull out some of the hear and stick a small votive candle in the artichoke. You can also try a round candle.

Let me know if you try some of these ideas…I will be posting some kids table design ideas in a few days!

For a bunch more ideas check out, there are a TON of great holiday ideas there!

Happy Thanksgiving!


5 Responses to “Fall for these Thanksgiving Tabletop Crafts”

  1. Lou says:

    Just a tip from an English teacher…”Your” means belonging to you. “You’re” means “you are” as in “you’re all set.”

    I do like the pumpkin candle holders.

  2. Eileen Chapman says:

    Great ideas and since I live in the West, some of these items will be easy to gather like the dying wild flowers that are abundent.

  3. marie demartino says:

    You can replace the real candles with the flameless taper candles. Then even the children in the family will be able to have a small pumpkin by his or her setting. Much safer than a real candle.
    I like the small pumpkin idea by each setting.

  4. Janet Alley says:

    I love your pumpkin center pieses. They looked so beautifull, and hopefully they will be easy to make. I have a 2yr. old granddaughter that loves being creative, so this will be alot of fun. I was the youngest of four children. My brother was the only boy, and also the only one that could sew, be the Mr. fix-it in our family since my father was in the air force for 27yrs. I can’t wait to try this. sincerely, Janet

  5. Electra says:

    Great ideas! I think you could also use cinnamon sticks instead of asparagus and it would give off that great Thanksgiving aroma!

    Evette, I make monogram decals for everything, and would you believe I have had people put them on faux pumpkins that they use year after year!!!

    People can put our tiny monograms on glass votives, or large 5″ ones on acrylic ice buckets and more! I wish I knew how to contact you, as I saw you feature decals on one RR segment and I would LOVE to show you what we make!!!
    Be well,

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