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Vote for a first dog with humble roots!!!

We all know how much Rach loves her rescued dog Isaboo, and if you have read my blog about the Chihuahua races you know how I feel about my shelter pup Baloo (or The Loo as she’s called her for short)…

This is the letter Baloo wrote to President-Elect Obama encouraging him to adopt a shelter or rescue dog for his family upon moving into the White House. Baloo says feel free to copy it and forward it on. Here is Obama’s contact info.

Via email you can send this important message to:


Dear Barack Obama,

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say the whole world is watching as your
family chooses it’s newest member. Please, as you make your choice, don’t
forget the plight of all the homeless animals in America. Even if you
ultimately choose a puppy with a specific breed (unlike most dogs, like me),
we urge you to contact the appropriate rescue organization. Puppy mills
have become a blight on our landscape, adding unhealthy, unwanted dogs to a
population already teeming with animal lost souls. Mutty (or
“breed-challenged”) dogs like me are often healthier, available at very
little expense, and guaranteed just as lovable.

America is ready to listen to you, ready to sacrifice for our great country.
Encouraging your daughters to choose a puppy or kitten from a local shelter
would inspire Americans down to the smallest child to join in that
sacrifice. Sure, there may not be a “purebred” poodle, or Portuguese water
dog in the White House – but the sacrifice of rescuing a needy kitten or
pooch will be clearly visible to our country. And so will the joyful
rewards of that sacrifice – a loving friend like me.

All my love and support,


cc: Henwin
Mrs. Kitty
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28 Responses to “Vote for a first dog with humble roots!!!”

  1. Ralphy says:

    Dear President-Elect Obama,

    I too am a rescue. My family chose ME to be part of a loving family. We have so much fun together I even share my King size bed with them. Please, I urge you to consider adopting a loving addition to your White House experence. It will only get better!

    Congratulations and the warmest wishes to you and your family,

    Ralphy,the chihuhua
    and his family


  2. Dawn says:

    Personally, I don’t think there will be a “First Pooch” with this presidency, which is a shame. There is allergy medication the girl can take to combat her allergy to dogs.

  3. JAKERDOO says:


  4. Debra Lambert says:

    Does anyone know how to send a letter to Rachel? About 2 weeks ago i bought her Nutrish snacks for my dog and now she has become lame on her right side. I just want to let her know there may be a problem with the snacks. Has nayone else had this problem? Maybe its just coinsidence but I figured id let them know any way

  5. Onyx Mommy says:

    My dog, loves the Booscotti’s. He actually wags his tail and jump up when he sees the bag.
    To Debra L, I think it is a coincidence abot your dog. Hope is all is well with your pooch. Hopeflly you have taken him to the MD.

  6. Onyx Mommy says:

    Dawn, PresidentElect Obama will get his daughters a dog as promised. As a matter of fact, on the 60 min interview, they will get the pooch once the family gets adjusted to their new home and life.
    The pooch will come to the home either late winter or early spring. That is what I call responsible pet owners.

  7. Zya Brown says:

    I would just like to let you know that you can get a hypoallergenic dog from a rescue and even find them at shelters there is no reason not to rescue a dog.

  8. Lori says:

    I have a Pit Bull and my building doesnt allow dogs but i had him since a pup
    i faught in court for about a year and i lost!
    because i had a bad financial situation at one time ( being out of work) i had rent issues so they held that against me!!!
    i had to give the dog to his father lol ( the X ) i miss him terribly and i cant bare to visit him as much as i want to because it hurts and i cry to much!
    But you know pits get a bad rap but my baby is the most friendly dog so loyal

  9. Kayla says:

    I don’t care what kind of dog he gets, as long as it’s a rescue and the whole family does their research, then I’m happy! I’ve got a rescued American Staffordshire Terrier and she’s great! I’ve never gotten a dog from a breeder or petstore! (And Obama is an Animal Advocate!!!!)

  10. barb zampan says:

    i have 2 fur balls from a shelter and they have both given me so much love.
    one is a black skinny one eyed cat found cold hurt and even declawed so he could not protect himself.
    when i walked into the shalter the lady took me aside and said i have a cat for you. she took this bunch of fur out and laid him in my arms like a baby, he put his little paw on my face and that was it he was mine. my number 2 is a big gray without a tail. they both are no trouble at all and get along very well.
    i’m so luck these two picked me out.

  11. sue kibby says:

    My husband and I have 2 chihuhuas, both female, Salsa and Peanut. I have had Salsa for 7 years and Peanut has been with my husband and I for 1 year now. My husband and I have been together for a year and when I brought Peanut home I didn’t think he was going to like her, (he’s a cat person)…Peanut curled up to him at six weeks old and instantly became his dog. Salsa that I have had for 7 years is real skitish and runs when any one comes in the house. When I met my husband the first time she took right up with him, now she too is his dog, (I call her a traitor, lol). We are very attached to our dogs. We travel for our work and take them with us as well. A dog can be a very good companion. My mother got a miniature dachsund shortly after my father passed ten years ago and I believe he saved her, she was so depressed. My parents were married almost 50 years when my dad passed and they were very close.
    Anyone that has never had a dog, needs to experience the joy and unconditional love a dog can give.

  12. bnbmommy says:

    My family recued a bichon from the local pound last July and we love him. He is our little guy. We also have a bichon poo. They are wonderful. I say rescue a dog or cat from a pound. They are in need of love and the returns can’t be beat.

  13. walter vasco. says:

    To Rachael Ray, I love you you are my kind of lady. To our new president Obama, thank God you won. Also we have something in common as I am the same age as you are and also born and raised in our beautiful 50th state of Hawaii. Now then about the future first dog. If you research this breed you will find the perfect choice is a puppy that is hypoallergenic is easy to find at rescue shelters all over the country, is low maintenance, energetic yet happy to just sit in your lap. One that scores higher than most in temperament tests, has been proven to be great with children,very loyal to its family,very intelligent and highly trainable. In fact is used as therapy dogs,search and rescue dogs police dogs and also became the dog that scored the highest of 170 dogs temperament tested to become Alaska’s first certified hearing dog. This breed was at one time America’s dog. It was a highly decorated war hero and graced political posters in that time. This breed was also named Ken-L Ration’s dog hero in 1993 for saving the lives of 30 people,29 other dogs,13 horses and even a cat in the heavy floods that hit southern California that year. One of the most outstanding traits of the bread is it’s eagerness to please its owners, more so than many breeds. This dog has throughout history, and even today been owned and loved by many prominent people such as Helen Keller and all kinds of American people from young girls and boys to elderly people who keep them as therapy pets. This breed also is one of the few breeds that bears the name American. Do the research This breed is none other than the same breed that the United Kennel Club was founded for in the first place back in 1898 because the AKC would not take into their club until 1936 when they took five from the UKC and changed the name. Yes The breed I have been writing about is none other than our one and only fantastic AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER or American Staffordshire Terrier if it is registered in the AKC or if it is first registered in AKC you could turn around the same day with the same great dog and also register it in the UKC as the American Pitbull Terrier it truly is. Just think, this breed is all that i have said here and so much more than I have space to write about here. Just think also about how much you stand for change. It is way past time that things change also for this truly fantastic and Truly American breed. It is people who have mistreated and abused this breed and have given it a bad rep in and through the media. However There are also many good people that truly know the breed and know how to treat animals that keep American Pit Bull Terriers and we can tell you why they are really one of if not the best all around and most loving dogs in the world. Just ask Rachael Ray, she knows! PS. Who needs a pit bull with lipstick if you have a real American Pit Bull Terrier!!

  14. Shannon says:

    I believe President-Elect Obama has already said that when they do get a dog, it will be from a shelter.

  15. I believe that animals are the future of our planet and think that the rescue efforts of each and every American can make a difference once we realize the importance of our pets safety. My pet chose me and as I am handicapped with seizures, my puppy wiggles can sense them before I do and makes me sit and gets help. I support a local pet rescue that does work miracles but there is much to be done. I hope our new president realizes the joys of animals are much realized when they are shelter animals set free. If you visit our local site it will move the most hardest of souls to see what these animals have to go through and yet still wag the tail and lick your hand when selected.

  16. Amy McIlvenna says:

    Rachel, I too am an owner of a wonderful Pit Bull named “Chubbs”. Thank you for showing america how wonderful these misunderstood dogs can be. He is definately a Lover not a Fighter. Thank you also for your work with rescue shelters. There is nothing more heartbreaking than abandoned and abused animals. As soon as “Nutrish” is available in my area, my dogs will be eating it.

  17. Debbie says:

    I have 6 dogs. 5 are pit mixes that I rescued. Thank you for showing pitts to the people. These are such loving family members.
    I want to feed my pets your pet food but my vet has just put a few of mine on a diet :( Are you going to have a line of weight control for senior dogs? I need a good quality for them. I cook their meals normally but I guess its time to change.
    Thank you for all your doing for the dogs !!!

  18. Gracie says:

    Hi Rachel, I am a stray that Mom rescused Dec 18, 2006. Her friend from work foune me wondering around on a cold night in Dec. I had been attacked by something and Amy did not know till Mom took me to the Vet. I have been a little problem for Mom. she says I have Gypsy blood in me, I kept getting out under her fenced in yard. she fixed that so now I just climb over the 4′ fence to get out when ever the mood strikes me. I know I shouldn’t but something in me just says to go…We do live near a busy street in Montana but I’m careful , (sometines.)

    I have a wonderful home and 6 cats to play with. They are all adopted becaues of loosing a Mom or one of them, Percy , is deaf and the other cats he lived with picked on him but we all love him.

    About a month ago I needed dry dog food and Mom brought this new stuff made by Rachael Ray called Nutrish… I just love it. I never ate what she gave me before unless it had wet food with it, then I’d spit out the nuggets and just eate the wet food but this food is delish…. can’t get enuf of it… I saw my Mom getting a Christmas toy ready for me and she was putting Nutrish in it.. it was some kind of a ball…
    well, I made the Calendar for 2007 here in Montana as Mom took me in as a stray and ended up paying over $500 for me in medical bills. when I was attached, something, I didn’t tell her what it was, bit me on the snoot. I am a mixed chihuhua and pug. My tail is curled like a pug and since I had a broken Jaw, one of my teeth stickes out of my mouth and her son calls me snagletooth for a joke but I still love him.

    Well, Rachael, keep up the good work with your dog food… you’ll always have me as a customer. Love you show too, Gracie and Barb

  19. Reena says:

    Hi Rachel, about 1 year ago I adopted Lily, a wonderful pitbull mix from a pitbull rescue in Michigan. It is the best decision I have ever made. I think that President-elect Obama should definitely adopt a dog or rescue one, and I think that many folks are misled in believing that shelters ands rescues only have mixed breeds, which is not true and there are rescues for most breeds. I hope he will be true to his motto of “change” and to doing what is right, and will adopt a shelter dog. Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of rescue animals and particularly of pitbulls, which I think are wonderful family dogs.

  20. Sara says:

    I have a jack russell mix who we rescued, she was abandoned in a locked building alone with no food or water and had a horrible cut on her back leg, which had to be removed because they could not save it. She is THE most loving and loyal dog you could ever ask for and now has a loving home where she has adjusted to only having 3 legs better than I could have ever imagined. Rescuing a dog is a very rewarding expirence.

  21. shari says:

    I think the dog deserves a good home. He is a nice looking dog. That dog is so sweet too.

  22. Joyce Jacoby says:

    Our family has rescued a cat and two mixed breed dogs at the ASPCA and they were all great animals. Our one dog was a Corgi mix and she was so loveable. When I brought her home she bit all of us but with some love she learned to hug instead of bite. Our other dog was a poodle/terrier mix and she was very loveable from the start but she had epilepsy and would take seizures. I would never have returned either of these animals even though they both had problems. We lost both of them when our home burnt to the ground 2/12/05. We miss them very much. Now we have 3 shih-tzus who are very difficult to house break. They are great loveable lap dogs but are too busy playing to learn much. My daughter also is allergic to dogs and cats. We thought if we bought pure bred dogs she would have less problems with her allergies than she did with our two mixed breed dogs but that was not the case. Our daughter has asthma and when she was home visiting over Christmas she had to take prednisone for her asthma and zyrtec for her allergies. When we had our mixed breed dogs she just had to take her allergy medicine and she was fine. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the breed doesn’t matter as much as being able to bond with the animal and if you can get the animal on a trial basis to see if your daughters have a reaction to the animal. I am sure you will find the right dog and it will be very loved! Also our daughter went through allergy testing and desenitation which did help her somewhat.

  23. Bruno says:

    Mr. President,
    I too was a shelter puppy, I came from a puppy mill in Oklahoma. I am a Boxer mix and really glad my family decided to rescue me from the shelter. I am glad to here you are considering adopting and dog or cat for your girls and can’t wait to see what you decide on. Best of Luck.

  24. Lorie says:

    I also rescued a Jack Russell. When we got her she was covered in fleas and ticks and she was wormy. And she has been the best dog ever I think rescue dogs are more aware when they get a good home and people to love them so they try to please more.

  25. GroomingWhisperer says:

    Mr. President Obama
    I too was a rescued puppy from a shelter. I was starved, every bone in my body was sticking out. A glorious day came when I met my new mom, dad and two golden retreiver brothers. They took me home, gave me food, vitamins, warmth, love, toys and a special bed to sleep in which I chewed up because I don’t think stuffing or squeakers belongs in any toy or bed. I can’t help it but I am the michevious type and get in trouble alot, but thank God my parents are kind and understand I am a good boy. All I have to do is put my head in their lap and give them the “I Love You” look and they melt. I have them in the palm of my paw. I am a good boy though and do listen and do the commands they ask me to do. I sleep on my big brother since he has lots of hair and makes a nice pillow for my head. I couldn’t have a better life.
    There are so many dog breeds that are not shedders and are hypoallergenic. Good grooming on a regular basis helps too with a good hypoallergenic shampoo. Most of the toy breeds of dogs don’t shed. There are some that do. Just visit the and read up on the different breeds, then rescue one of us and your family will have a friend for life that loves everyone unconditionally.It is a proven fact that too many dogs and cats are put to death each year who would make wonderful homes because of puppy mill puppies being sold. A dog or cat can be adopted at any age and make a wonderful addition to a family. Congratulations Mr. President. Hunter Stoughton

  26. Princilla says:

    Dear President Obama,

    We are so happy you are going to get your dog from a shelter.There are so many wonderful dogs who end up in shelters, through no fault of their own. Our dog is a rescued Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and we wouldn’t trade him for anything! My sister has 5 rescued dogs. All these dogs are so full of love.


  27. Gabby says:

    My girl Sydney is a rescue dog. She is an Australian Cattle Dog and was dumped because she has congenital deafness. She also has no tail–we don’t know what that story is. She was in a shelter that was scheduled to shut down when we got her. Thank goodness we did as she has turned out to be the best, most loving dog I’ve ever had. Despite her deafness, she is an incredible watchdog. I sincerely hope that President Obama will follow through with his promise to adopt a dog, hopefully from a shelter or rescue group. One last thing–for those of you with “pit bulls”– do whatever you can to fight for them. I am a law student in Kentucky and there is a bill in Ohio (as of last year) to ban “pit bulls” state wide. I wrote a law review article regarding why this would not solve any public health concerns as the breed, as most of you know, is not the problem–it’s the owners. I forwarded this article to Rachael–I hope she got it and can somehow use it in an effort to fight this kind of discriminatory legislation.

  28. cwill2008 says:

    I am very upset, and I need help fast and quick for my Bailey. I was just visited by the Sterling Heights, Michigan’s animal control informing me that the city will be banning Pit Bulls from the city. There are no complaints on file against Bailey. Bailey is barely a year old, and the only thing she does that can get her in trouble is she likes to jump on people. Not to attack anyone, but to smother them with her kisses. She is extremely gentle. We live in a mobile home park and when she needs to go out we take her out on her leash. She is never just chained or roped up outside. She would get too lonely. She is rarely home alone. She doesn’t even bark at other dogs, even though they are barking at her. Whenever other dogs sees her they start barking at her and Bailey just ignores them. Even when the animal control came over to give me this information, Bailey didn’t even bark at them, she didn’t even come to the door to see who was over and that is very not like Bailey. The only time that she has ever growled, (and this really surprised me, was when my oldest son played a “You Tube” video of Christian Bale, yelling at someone” Bailey really did growl and the hair on her back was standing up. But that was the only time. Bailey, is a Pit Bull who tries to be a lap dog. We don’t dare break her heart, to let her know she is a little too big for our laps. She is welcome on our laps. We are Bailey’s family, Bailey is our family. Why should we have to put Bailey in an animal shelter because of some people who miss treat their Pit Bulls by not loving them the way they deserve to be loved. My kids and I don’t want to lose our Bailey. Help us! Someone, tell me what to do, what I can do to save our Bailey. Please, we don’t want to lose our Bailey. Bailey is super sweet, even our mobile home park managers loves Bailey, our mail lady loves Bailey, everyone who Bailey sees on her walks loves Bailey. Bailey even likes other animals, dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. How do I fight this ban on Pit Bulls?

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