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Florentine Meatballs are a new family fave

I was looking for an easy way to get some veggies into my family’s dinner and I also had leftover ground beef to use.  Instead of doing the same old hamburgers or meatloaf, I found Rachael’s recipe for Florentine Meatballs.  She uses ground turkey, but I used ground beef because it was what I had on hand.  These were wonderful and healthy, as they were baked instead of fried.  The cheese sauce could put them over the edge in terms of your daily fat quotient, but if you use the sauce as a dip, or only drizzle a little bit on the meatballs, then you get all of the flavor without the guilt.  I recommend the provolone as it is sharper than mozzarella.

My entire family enjoyed these.  I made them small enough that everyone could eat them with toothpicks which made them fun and festive.  You can serve them with a nice salad or a vegetable soup for a complete dinner.

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  1. Kim Torrell says:

    I too make meatballs with veggies for my picky eater. I’ve been succesful by shreading carrots into the recipie. I have also slipped in whatever veggie was left over from the night before like peas or greenbeans. What the kids don’t know can help them!

  2. keith says:

    Racheal. I really like your recipies. I do much of the cooking in the house hold for my wife and my two doughters 3 and 5 years old. My question is that while you have great stuff especially with meat and chicken you sometimes give the degree of the oven that you cook it on but you rarly give the amount of time it takes. I notice this alot in most of the cooking shows. It is always said ( and now in the oven) but it is rarly said the tempature and the amount of time. it is frusterating while cooking along then have to guest or estimate the temp and time. Maybe you could be the eception and make a change by adding this. Thanks Racheal respectfuuly woundering Keith.

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