Good news about my throat!

Hey kids,
Thank you for all of your sweet notes and posts.  I have been touched with all of your well-wishes for my throat surgery, which was scheduled for this week.  For the past few weeks, my doctor has had me on an intensive new vocal therapy. Very serious stuff!  Well, all my hard work is paying off as they now think that the surgery can wait and may not even need to happen at all!  So although you won’t see me out there caroling in my snow boots, Christmas will not be a silent night for me! Thanks for all of your support-it has really meant alot to me to read your kind thoughts-and I hope you all have a great holiday and new year.

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  1. Sara says:

    Hey Rachel!!!

    We love you, like everyone else.

    My dad thinks your the best and tries to copy lots of your cooking.

    Daddy said he was going to start a show called “burnt offerings” if that gives you any hint as to how well he copies your recipes.

    Even so, I bought him your big orange cookbook for Christmas.

    We all love you.


  2. Charlie says:

    Hey Rachael Ray, I was sitting at home watching some old foodnetwork reruns and I began to think about all the good food that is made thoughout the course of a given show. And I couldn’t help but think about the countless of hungry people in the US that could be fed with the food that is cooked on a given show. I know that you and the other foodnetwork stars participate in various charities already but I was wondering if maybe you could bring up to the execs the possibility of doing the entire foodnetwork line-up from a remote at soup kitchens and the like throughout the us. My crazy idea would involve some throwdowns and some thirty-minute budget friendly ideas. Rather than feeding a regular audience as most of the shows seem to do, maybe a season could be devoted to feeding the hungry. If the top brass doesn’t go for it just mention the tax breaks and publicity that such events could bring in. Maybe it’s too lofty a proposition but here’s hoping. If anyone could make it work I’m sure it’s you. You and Oprah. There’s another idea….Hmm.

  3. Kristen Molaison says:

    Rachael, i know you havent posted a blog lately, so you might not see this, but this is the first time im writing to you. I just wanted to let you know that you have been the biggest inspiration in my life, you make me want to explore cooking and pursue my dreams of going to culinary school. All ive ever wanted to do was go to culinary school and experiment with different herbs and spices and figure out how they all blend together. Unfortunatly i cant afford it right now, but thats not going to stop me. Your a wonderful mentor and a great cook. Everytime i think about giving up i look to your spirit and love for cooking. So thank you once again and maybe one day in the future my dream will come true!

  4. Jen Brandes says:

    So my 5 year old daughter, Alexandra, absolutely loves you and wants to be you. She was taking a bath one night and I came in to check on her and she was doing her own cooking show where she was Racheal Ray and was putting some “EVOO” in her dish. I almost peed myself laughing, she then informed the “audience” she would be right back and she was letting the “food” cook a little, while she got her hair washed. After I washed her hair, she was “back” to check on her dish. She is hilarious and am hoping to get this on tape!!

    Thanks for listening and being a great role model!

  5. chelsey michaud says:

    hi Rachel how are you feeling i am 10 years old i watch your show all the time i love when you tech us whe4n i grow up i want to be a cook and have a tv show just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps hope you feel better

  6. Barbara Wahlert says:

    Rachel: Made your 30-minute Gorgonzola-stuffed meatballs last Sunday. My 7 year old granddaughter even got in on the act. She’s not quite a chopper yet, but she’s a great stirrer and dropper. Also, she’s not much on veggies (they grow too close to the ground, she says), but she tasted the tomato onion gravy and declared it “delish.” She’s an up and coming foodie!! Thanks. Also, I’m glad about the good news about your throat as well. Congrats and keep up the vocal exercises.

  7. Patricia Valdez says:

    So did u have the surgery? Not quite clear on whether it was necessary or not. Please let me know…
    Patricia Valdez
    Sarnia, Ontario

  8. Shy says:

    I try to watch less TV, but I do watch some. It is nice how your shows are energetic–& your food is vibrant and reaches out to all kinds of people. Bill O’Reilly just shared how you are a patriot…..I think this was in retrospect to your views on food & helping others. You have a great attitude & beautiful smile! Hope you continue to heal well…

  9. Kathy B. says:

    Hey Rach, I am so happy to hear you didn’t need surgury. Believe it or not, I just found your blog!!! Just wanted to drop you a few lines to say that I am so happy that someone from a small mountain town has made it! Congrats. I also live in a very small mountain town, in the other mountain range, 100 full time residents, but more in the summer months. I also use to live up around from your area. I use to go shopping in the “Falls”, of course I haven’t been there in years, it is so beautiful. Keep coming to us via the TV, love you

  10. Judy O says:

    Rach, I’ve noticed lately you have not been wearing your diamond wedding ring. Why have you chosen to wear what looks like a band of gems? Just wondering. I’m sure your marriage is solid but I really liked that you always wore your wedding ring. So many other stars don’t and I always felt that strange.

  11. Shannon the Foodie says:

    Hey Rachael:
    I’m still worrying about your throat. As a singer and a medical pro, I hope you take good care. Let us know how you’re doing. OK?

  12. Marilee Rodrigues says:

    Was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago when she told me about your throat condition. I need some advice… I was in a car accident (not my fault). I had to have titainiam plates screwed into my cervial spine. THE WERE INSTALLED THRU THE FRONT OF MY NECK. Ever since I have had trouble speaking with a full voice. very Horsey like. Can’t sing anymore. People on the phone call me Sir. I am a female. An ENT i went to told me because of the surgery I have polips on my vocal cords and they should be removed. My insurance doesnt kick in for “pre-existing” until February 2010. What should I do?
    Love your show! Keep up the great work!! Your a real inspiration!!!
    I have returned to cosmetology school to renew my license because Hotel Reservation is OUT (no voice).

    Hugs from,

  13. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    hi rachael.i’m so glad you do not have to have the surgery.and i think the tabloids are stupid for making up that lie.that is so not something to lie about.i love you rachael.

  14. Bonnie says:

    I’m sure you have gotten some responses from voice therapists (speech pathologists specializing in voice) from around the country in response to your throat surgery and therapy. Often, patients undergoing removal of benign lesions on their vocal folds, especially in the case of professional voice users like yourself, see a voice therapist before and after surgery for an evaluation and therapy. Before surgery, these sessions can possibly reduce the size of the lesion, making it easier to remove. Patients may also learn helpful strategies for voice use making lesions less likely to recur after removal. Then, therapy may resume after voice rest following surgery, to help the person resume voice use gradually and again insure the best voice use after surgery to prevent future voice problems. Voice therapy is like “physical therapy for the voice” and has a significant role to play in achieving and maintaining the most optimal voice. I hope you’ve had such care!

  15. Debbiestarnes says:

    Hey Rachael. Your tv show and is a good to wajontv.and hope you can be on tv.and hope we can talking to about food and datt and hope you can help me to daett.and what this your sarkt and hope we .can talking about food

    Thank you
    Debbie Starnes

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