Good news about my throat!

Hey kids,
Thank you for all of your sweet notes and posts.  I have been touched with all of your well-wishes for my throat surgery, which was scheduled for this week.  For the past few weeks, my doctor has had me on an intensive new vocal therapy. Very serious stuff!  Well, all my hard work is paying off as they now think that the surgery can wait and may not even need to happen at all!  So although you won’t see me out there caroling in my snow boots, Christmas will not be a silent night for me! Thanks for all of your support-it has really meant alot to me to read your kind thoughts-and I hope you all have a great holiday and new year.

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  1. luciannlandreth says:

    Hey Racheal, I’m so happy for you, I know that must have scared you, Love you and your show. Good Luck and God bless for the new year..luci




  3. Heather says:

    Rachael, I hope all is well with your throat and that you will recover quickly. You are an amazing woman and I love watching your show. Your fan from Canada.


  4. Deb Myers says:

    ((((Rach)))). My hubby, Ron, and I absolutely love your show and watch it every day. (and when we aren’t home, we TIVO it) I am so very glad you are able to avoid surgery. We love hearing your stories about Isaboo. We are adopted by 3 big girls…Meeko, Lab mix, Zena, Rottie and Shiloh, Rottie Dobie mix. Even they watch your show with us :-)
    Anyway, we hope you have an outstanding New Year and look forward to your new shows. We love you, Rach. Oh, BTW, Ron got me a set of your cookware for Christmas. Yiipppeeee!
    Deb & Ron
    Vacaville, CA

  5. Kaylee says:

    Hey Rachael
    I really love your show and i whatch it everyday I love all your tips about food and seeing who the guest star is going to be. I really hope that your throat gets better.
    Your biggest fan in the whole world

  6. Rachael says:

    Hey Rachael!!
    I am so glad it went well!! I love that your name is spelled like mine!! I am 13. I hate it when people spell my name the wrong way. Don’t you? Anyways it would be really, really cool if we could meet sometime!! Praying 4 u,
    Rachael :)

  7. Rob in Ontario, Canada. says:

    Hi Rachael, I’m a big fan and love watching your show. Your a huge influence on so many and my prayers are with you. Hope you have a great new year and all the best for 09!

  8. rachael cobb says:

    i jst want to say that it is so much fun to watch your show. Just want to say that its great that your doing better. Its fun because we have the same name and I do cooking to. Hope that you have a great day!!!!!!!

  9. Beth Stone says:

    Hi Rachael!

    Such good news about your throat! I’m glad the therapy is helping, and hope you can avoid surgery.
    God Bless you, John, and Isaboo! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I wish all good things for you
    and your family in the New Year!

  10. abby says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I am just a kid and I love your show. I have been cooking since I was 8 years old (which was last year.)I love learning new recipes from you. I’ve been saying that you are my roll modle and I’m going to grow up to be just like you.I want to start a kids cooking show while I am not as grown up as you.I will keep on working, or should I say cooking. I’ll keep my hopes up and keep dreaming to be just like you.;)

  11. Eizabeth says:

    Great news that I had read on your throat…hope I get good news in January when I go to the doctor…I have 4 cysts on my throat…wishing you and your family a Happy & Healthy 2009…just love your show!

  12. Kathleen says:

    All the prayers were answered for you about your surgery. God is good. I try not to miss any of your shows. I pray for you and yours for the coming new year.

  13. Liz K says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours. My 82 year-old dad, Mario, family chef and big fan of your giggle will be very happy to hear that you’re doing well! He made your shepherd’s pie recipe last month andwe all loved it. Thanks and take care.

  14. Peggy says:

    I love your shows. So thankful your throat is better. I’ve been worried about you.

    I got in on your TV show 1/2/09 when you made the angel hair pasta (in the sauce) and then covered it with Romano cheese – gosh it looked good and I love pasta. I have a huge bag of Romano cheese and don’t really know how to use it. Hopefully you can remember the recipe I’m talking about. I watch your shows every time I can and I am 73 years old and still cooking. I love the simple part.

    Thanks Rachael and “stay well”.

  15. Diana F. LeBlanc says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I was very glad to hear your good news! Hope your holidays were good.
    Just wanted to say, I love your daytime show, whenever I’m home I watch it faithfully. Also, I get your magazine, have since it first came out, thanks for the MANY useful hints and info!!!
    Happy New Year, Rachael. Take care.

  16. CC Price says:

    Dearest Rach,
    I wanted to thank you for donating all that dog food to the facility in North Carolina!
    I am sure that other states are as over loaded as we are with rescued dogs. North Carolina in particular is backed up with dogs just waiting to get into a sheltered facility. The need here and around the US is tremendous.
    It is Soooo nice to see that with all the things you have going on in your life you still have time to show us what a kind and generous person you are.
    Thanks for being you and don’t let them change you too much in Celebville!
    Much Love,
    CC from NC

  17. Shirley Camber says:

    Hi Rach, So very happy all is well with your throat can’t wait to see your new show’s. I just think you are the best thing since pasta. Lots of Love a great fan. Shirley

  18. Daniel says:

    Rachel, I love your show and I think you’re totally gorgeous. Such a sweet smile and you’re a wonderful host. Keep up the good work!

  19. Joy says:

    Rach, my 5yr old daugther Caitlyn loves to cook (and bake – her favorite cake is Red Velvet!). So for Christmas this year her godmother gave her your “Cooking Rocks” cookbook. Its one of her favorite books ever. Her twin sister Alyssa has now decided that if her sister is going to be the head chef, then she is going to be the sous chef! So now I’ve got plenty of help in the kitchen! Last night, we cooked our first dinner from the cookbook and it was fabulous and super easy!! Caitlyn (the head chef) picked out your “pasta and trees” recipe. the two of them worked together and made a fabulous meal (with mommy’s help of course). Well, I just wanted to let you know that my girls love your show and now they love your cookbooks too! Thanks for a great cookbook for kids! Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

  20. Felicia says:

    God Bless you and I will pray for you.

    Love Flea

  21. Diane says:

    So glad you don’t need surgery, hope you had a great Holiday, love your magazine and show too. Any recipes for the little kitty fans?

  22. Paula Bain says:

    Rachael : What good news! I love the way your voice sounds just as it is, and as long as there are no serious difficulties (and it seems the doctor doesn’t think there are) then it’s great that you need no surgery. So pleased. Anything to avoid surgery is a good thing in my book!
    Keep up the fun on the show and thanks for all the helpful hints!

  23. NZ says:

    hi Rachael,
    im a 13 year old fan from New zealand and i love your show its awesome! but it’s a shame we get the episodes way after theyve first viewed in the US :( and it sucks that the show is now on at 9:00 am in New zealand every weekday cause i can only watch you in the holidays it’s the holidays now :) i love when you have the animals on your show. from new zealand fan!!.

  24. NZ says:

    p.s dont change your voice its cool!

  25. Rhonda says:

    Hey Rachael,
    I am so glad. I love your voice and was not looking forward to the change. I know the theropy will change it a little, sure. But I do enjoy your sound. It is one of a kind.

  26. Laurie says:

    Rachael –
    I am glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Best wishes to you and those wonderful
    recipes you always come up with. Take Care !!!

  27. Linda says:

    This is my first time on your blog. I am retired and try to watch your show everyday. I really enjoy your cooking ideas and easy meals. I also enjoy it when you have the animals on your show. I rescue feral cats but love all animals. Here’s wishing you a very happy, healthy, blessed and prosperous 2009.
    So happy about your not having to have surgery.
    Love & Light…
    Linda – Tampa, FL

  28. christine bass says:


  29. Marycarmen. Vista CA. says:

    Rachael, God is the best guide we have within our lives, without his guide we are no one but when we put Him 1st then US the path is much easier to recorded it!
    God Bless You and all who r in need of “spiritual” guideness.

    Best of all to recover soon!
    Recent viewer AND AWESOME SHOW!

  30. Donna Pyle says:

    Just wanted to say I absolutley love all your shows and you give me so many ideas. I am also very glad to hear that your throat is much better. I wish you all the best for the coming year and keep those ideas coming. God Bless

  31. Kathy says:

    I am glad that you do not need an Operation. I watch your show every day. You always seem to know what the viewers are thinking.

  32. Lynn Rogers says:

    Rachel, this is wonderful news about your throat! You are a bright pot in my otherwise pretty dreary days, well you and my Pitbull Macy.. so I LOVE hearing stories about you and your dog!
    Im actually able to watch you now everyday since i was diagnosed with MS and am unable to work now.. I love watching you and when I have tried your recipes I was even impressed!! I was like, “did that come from MY kitchen??”
    any way Rachel, Good Health and a happy new year to you!.. Lynn & Macy

  33. carol says:

    Hey Rach,glad to hear you might not have to have surgery.I have been watching your show from the beginning.My husband passed away 2 years ago following a long illness.He watched your show everyday on the food channel.He really loved your show.Well i remarried 5 months ago and guess what.My new husband loves your shoe too.He watches you every morning.Thanks you even get men trying your reciepes.You must be doing something right.Keep up the good work. carol

  34. Rhoda says:

    You have been an inspiration to many people, your courage and personality make each day you are on TV a little brighter.

    Do you have any recommendations on voice therapy. I am very interested in avoiding surgery on my throat.

    I would really appreciate your suggestions.

  35. Paula and Jim says:

    We ENJOY your show and have been hoping and praying for your BEST concerning your throat. BIG STUFF!
    Hoorah for the doctor’s good work.. that voice and
    spirit needs to fill the air waves!!!! We wish
    you our LOVE … all GOOD to you. Paula
    and Jim

  36. Cathy says:

    You show a easy dessert on TV using either cresent rolls or pie crust, choc. and nuts. I’ve look everywhere I can think of to find this. Please reply if possible. This was on over the Christmas Holiday. Thanks

  37. Citlali says:

    hey im really clad you wont have to get that surgery!!! yeah my step-mom is one of your biggest fans i wondered if you can make her wish come true!!! she always has wanted to go to your show. please help her dream come true. im 11 but i really enjoy your show!!! my ste-mom lives in dallas texas and she really makes me happy. she is like my mom so please help her dream come true.


  38. Luis Pozo says:

    Rachael Ray this is Louis your fan too and I just want to say that you are always Strong Women to me and you are the Queen of the Kitchen Always you the best. Keep up the good Work that you do don’t lit anything stop you God will always Bliss you because you are a hard working Women You Go Girl you Rock my World. See Later Rachael Ray.

  39. Robin says:

    Dear Rachael, I want you to know you make my 90 yr. old client’s day each time she watches your show. She relates you to “That Girl”aka: Marlo Thomas which if course is a huge compliment! We love you and hope you feel better soon. Thank God you didn’t have to have surgery!

  40. sosi says:

    Hi Rachael,

    I am basically from Indian and now in AZ … I watch your show every day and enjoy the way you cook and the way you talk to your food !!

    Its gr8 to know that you like Indian Food :)
    and like you I love pets too !!

    All the best n have a gr8 2009!!

  41. Dilara says:

    Rachael, i’m so happy for your good news. I loove you so much. I wish you health for all your life. God bless you and your family, see ya!

  42. michele says:

    In 1974, I also had nodules on my vocal cords due to misusing my voice while I was teaching. I went for voice therapy for a year to relearn how to breathe while I was talking. It worked wonders. My voice went back to normaland I didn’t need surgery. I hope you have the same success that I did.

  43. Meghan B says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I am so happy you are not having surgery on your vocal nodules. I too, am a Speech-Language Pathologist and have for a long time thought you had a voice disorder. The surgery could have left scar tissue on your vocal folds that would have weighed them down causing you to have a deeper voice and requiring you to use more breath support to get them to vibrate while you are speaking. When people use more breath, they typically raise their volume when the speak. Therefore, you would have gone through surgery for nothing because chances are the nodules would have come back.

    You really need to have good vocal hygiene habits incorporated into the breathing and vocal exercises as well. I notice you are not drinking water during your show! That is a NO, NO!!! You need to be hydrating, especially with the amount of talking that you do during that hour. You really need to have long periods of vocal rest also, that means NO talking ( use note pads and texts to communicate). No hot teas, they increase blood flow and swelling to your vocal folds. If you must drink decaf or herbal teas at luke warm temperatures! No caffeine and limit sugar too!!!

    I wish you well with your voice therapy. You really have to be deligent with all the exercises, they do work, but not without your effort!!!

    Meghan B

  44. Caroline says:

    Dear Rachael,

    In 2001 my ENT noticed a small bump on my left vocal fold. Over time, bump enlarged and was eventually named a pseudo-cyst. As a classically trained singer, it was incredibly frustrating because I was cronically losing my voice. I too hooked up with an amazing medical team here in NYC (a laryngolosit who specializes in vocal disorders and surgery and a speech therapist who also has a masters in vocal perfomance). After 6 months of vocal therapy the pseudo-cyst was still intact and the same size. My doctor explained to me that it would most likely never drain.

    In September of 2008, I had the surgery. After 1 week of absolute vocal rest, and 6 weeks of careful speaking and post-op voice therapy, I am better than ever! Not only is my left vocal fold back to normal, but the reactive lesion that had formed on the opposite side is going away on its own.

    I watch your show on a regular basis and I feel so much empathy for you. While I don’t know the particulars of your case, and I’m obviously not a doctor, it seems like what your going is so similar to my previous situation. I truly hope that your stint in therapy is successful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. But, if in the end you need to go through with they surgery please keep faith. Choosing to have vocal surgery was one of my most difficult life decisions and now that it’s over I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

    Good luck!

    -Caroline, New York City

  45. Larue Bonnoni says:

    Rach, glad to hear you don’t need the surgery.Six years ago I had the same problem, Some days I would be fine and some days I could hardly talk. I tried medicines and therapy, which helped off and on. After 5 years of this I finally had to have the surgery. I was told I would talk better or not talk at all, and believe me I was really scared. The surgery went fine and there was no knife involved. I wasn’t allowed to talk for a week, just used pen and paper. When I went for my checkup and was allowed to say a few words I couldn’t believe how I sounded. I just cried I was so happy. Hope the best for you.
    My prayers are with you. From a Fan.

  46. Samantha says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I am glad to hear you are going the vocal therapy route.
    I can relate….when I was studying at the Conservatory at Webster Univ. they thought I might have nodules. Ugh. Turns out I had an ulcer on my vocal fold. Anyway….The training I received there and extra help was phenominal!! You’re right it’s not just the way we speak but our posture, movement and how we BREATHE!! That is HUGE!!
    I know you have the best of the best helping you, but I thought I’d share too. I used a lot of Alexander technique for posture and releasing and Kristin Linklater “Freeing the Natural Voice” as well as a vocal workout my professor designed. (I still use this)
    Also, tai chi helped my posture huge.
    Just for fun you might check out a neat website about breath.
    Much love and continued blessings!!
    ~Sam :o)

  47. Jeff says:

    Rachael, I was diagnosed with Throat Cancer (Stage 4A)a year ago and completed treatments March 08. I’m 47 never smoked or used tobacco products. Watch for signs of depression as a side effect. Good Luck with your journey and set aside time for yourself, you will need it.

  48. kim says:

    Hey Rach,I pray that everything goes good,I love your shows.I got my mama your BOB book for christmas and there are some recp.we are for sure gonna try:)We love ya,Kim and Jean

  49. Taryn says:

    hey rachel i am 21 year old from michigan. i thought that i would share with you that i had pollups on my vocal chords and had them removed. it is a laser surgery and is out patient. i used to loose my voice all the time, so i finally went to ENT. i am server at olive garden and my tables would always say how much they loved my voice, how sexy it was and how i sounded just like you! lol i just wanted to let you know my voice is now amazing and now i havent lost my voice since. the surgery was really simple and not too much pain. after the surgery you can not talk for a day that is all.. good luck!

  50. Marcy says:

    I just wanted to let you that your voice is sounding better already. I never thought you sound bad to start, but glad that you didn’t have to have a doctor with a knife near your neck.

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