Emily Wyckoff

When it comes to entertaining my kids, the Internet is my friend

And I’m not talking about sitting them in front of the computer to play video games.

My kids love activity books – coloring books, work books, mazes, you name it. They love them so much that I have gone through all of them at my local store.

My five year old son is currently obsessed with word searches (and I’m not exaggerating here – he has a one track mind – when he finds something he likes, that’s all he wants to do. I am hoping this is just focus, and not literal obsessiveness, and this focus will serve him well some day). So…. I have been on a hunt for an age-appropriate word search book for his stocking. Two bookstores, one craft store and one superstore later, no luck. On a whim, I just did an Internet search for “kids word searches” and bingo, up comes a page of links to sites with free word searches that I printed out, perfect for my son. I could have saved alot of gas and running around if I had thought of this in the first place.

My daughters love to color and were asking for holiday coloring sheets – same thing – did the Internet search and up came dozens of coloring pages. Best part – it’s free! Love your Internet – a money saver!

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  1. Charli says:


    I know that Rachael has a 5 or 10 minute Fudge recipe that was her mother’s. She said so on one of her shows.

    HOWEVER, I have just spent 30 minutes looking for it and have come up with everything else. The closest I got was the 5 minute wreath but that is NOT what I am looking for. I wrote it down but in this house, things have a way of walking away…….

    Any helpwould be appreciated.

  2. Rhonda says:

    My kids were the same … they loved workbooks and worksheets. It got to the point that I couldn’t find ones they hadn’t already done so I searched online and found an amazing site that generates all sorts of work sheets for all ages … early years right up to SAT prep sheets. You name it, they have it!
    The website is http://www.superkids.com A must have on your list of amazing sites for kids!!

  3. If you have any children that are interested in trucks, this might be an interesting one! It’s a ride in a 1953 Bullnose Kenworth cabover.


    Click on the link and enjoy the ride!

  4. cutie says:


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