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New Year’s Eve with your kids

I haven’t been out on New Year’s Eve in nine years, since I was pregnant with my oldest child. I used to get dressed up and crowd on in to the fun party, bar, etc. on December 31st each year; where I am from we used to refer to New Year’s Eve as Amateur Night and I can honestly say I have had more fun these past eight years at home than during all of those nights out with the masses. My husband and I have had years where we have had one family over, a few families over, or it has just been our family and we ring in the new year from home. This is a great way to celebrate the exiting year and welcome the new one. Here are some ways to celebrate New Years with your kids:

Early countdown. My kids are little (8, 6 and 5), so staying up until midnight is not an option – although they could probably outlast me. It is fun to have an early countdown with the kids at 9pm or whatever time you designate. Get out the hats and noisemakers, get some balloons, pour the sparkling cider (grown ups can indulge in the real stuff if you wish) and count down to the pretend midnight. Your kids will love this.

Have a fun dinner.Make it a party even though you are staying home. Pick a few fancy hors d’oeuvres , set up a dessert bar, or try fondue, which is always a big hit.

Take an family evening walk. Where we live it is dark at 5pm at this time of year so taking a family walk after dark is easy. Take flashlights or if you can swing it – sparklers are fun too. Most people still have their Christmas lights on display which is fun for the kids to check out.

Talk about some of the highlights of the past year and what is coming up in 2009. It is fun to reflect – for example, in 2008 my kids learned how to ski, my younger daughter learned how to ride a two-wheeler, all three kids are in school all day (every day!). Everyone can talk about what they want to do in the upcoming year and what we have to look forward to – trips, activities in school, summertime plans, major birthdays, etc.

Happy New Year and enjoy!

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  1. Kayla Carey says:

    hey Rachael

    i love watching your show,and i love all the meals you make.i think you should have some of the stars from the show”The OC”on your show.i love that show and i don’t get to watch it a lot only on much music because i don’t have any of the seasons on DVD.so i think it would be a good idea the have them on your show.well i hope you you have them on your show..if you do please email be back and tell me when.


    Kayla Carey from
    newfoundland canada

  2. majda says:

    hay im from morroc my mather like you and likeevery thinkyou are doing majda happy new year

  3. P. Starr Ashford says:

    I have been off work, with a broken hip, and look forward to seeing your show. I cant stand up to cook, but still enjoy your show. I have been stuck in my home, having to use a wheelchair, and walker, but unfortunately the wheelchair isn’t able to go into rooms, as the doors are to narrow, can’t go into the kitchen as it is to small for me & my chair, daughter & 4 grandkids to go to eat. I thought that I would try prepare a pancake breakfast, impossible no room, the stove decided to blow, and pancakes can’t be made in the microwave, nevertheless, I stay sitting in my recliner and have to rely on my daughter and grandchildren to bring my any meals they decide. I want to wish you a happy new year, oh by the way, I will be 61 yr on New Years day.

  4. hailey says:

    i absolutley love rachael ray she rocks and o hope she keeps doing what she does rock on girl!

  5. hailey says:

    rachael i hope you are reading this i love your show and you you rock! i love you more than any other cook on the food networkk you are my idol!

  6. hailey says:

    hey rachael do you e-mail that would be so cool if you could e-mail me!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Great ideas! I’m sitting at home on New Year’s Eve with my 9 year old son and two of his buddies. We made home made pizza, set off fireworks, ate brownies, played Life Twists and Turns, and they are now playing Nintendo DS while we wait for the Dick Clark count down to start.

    They have been great fun.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful new year.

  8. connie brown says:

    Love your show. PLEASE never change.
    It is like I have known you forever. iknow
    your mom is very proud of you.



    I love your show watch it every day you are great.The recepies are easy & as I am alone I find it a fun way too cook kind regards Robyn

  10. ROBYN FERGUSON says:

    Hi Rachael I live in Burnie TAsmania I love your show.Lost my mum Jan 19 four years ago & you have shown me a fun way too cook for myself and have a great time with lots of laughs you make my day luv from Robyn

  11. debbie says:

    Hey Rachael, I just wanted to tell you that I just love your show. I have been very sick for a year now, I had to have 5 surgery and have to have a trachea put in in order to stay alive. so i got very depressed alot,and did not want to cook are do anything,but watching your show makes me feel so much better,and makes me want to do things again.you are such a great person, i would love it if you yourself could email me back. keep up the great work that you do. DEBBIE.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Rachael, love your show!! I try to watch it as much as I can. I loved your interview with Emily Proctor, although I was half hoping you would do an interview with another CSI star. :)
    Elizabeth, age 12

  13. Liberty says:

    Hey Rachael!
    I love your show! It dissapoints me that I am in school during the airing. However with the weather the past few days, I’ve been able to stay home and watch. I’ve been trying to pick up a few of your recipes here and there to cook for mom and my brother. Ever since my dad’s death, my mom has not been very motivated to cook, so I try to help out all I can. Thanks for all the great ideas and recipes!
    -Liberty, 12

  14. STEPHANIE says:



  15. varda says:

    Even though it’s too late for 2009, I have two words for all you moms – bubble wrap! Get the really big kind and let them jump on it whenever you decide that it’s midnight. Also, let them watch celebrations in different time zones, like we do here in Israel, and they can celebrate over and over with Syndey, China, wherever…
    Happy New Year and, most of all, I wish everyone, including my Palestinian neighbors, a year of peace!

  16. Nathan says:

    I love the show and the food you make. I just to see if u can do some food that would be like spa food and tips or show how to relax in today busy life we all have.

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