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Treating a cough the natural way – it works – I think…..

My eight year old daughter – she of the chronic (scary) upper respiratory infections -currently has one of her now few annual colds. I have written about her in the past – to recap, as a baby and young child, she had the most frightening cough you have ever heard. Crowd stopping, heart wrenching, never ending; I would try every remedy under the sun – expectorants, suppressants, antihistamines, humidifiers, popsicles, bowl of water on the radiator, window open at night (in the middle of our icy winter – bbrrrr), the list goes on. Various diagnoses ensued – no allergies but an asthma diagnosis (I think incorrectly) and on came the inhalers and nebulizers. Nothing worked. I spent many nights with my head under the pillow as she hacked through the night (yet she remained asleep she was so used to it I think) because there was nothing I could do and nothing helped and I couldn’t bear to listen.

Here we are, a few lears later, and guess what – she has basically grown out of her winter-long coughing ailments (I am knocking on wood right now). Of course it’s not a complete miracle, when she has a cold she still has a cough, I mean still the crowd stopping COUGH, but it’s limited to once or twice a year and lasts a week or so.

So that’s where I am now. Completely without confidence in cough medicines, I read that honey is more effective than cough syrups (disclaimer alert – I am not a doctor – if cough medicines work for you and your family – continue doing what you are doing and god speed. Also, I read that babies and small children should not have honey). For the last cold she  had and this one, a few times a day (after school, before bed, and in the morning) I make her a “hot lemonade drink” as she calls it. I mix a half a cup of warm water, 2tbs honey, and juice from half a lemon. She loves it and I swear it helps.  I am sleeping with my head on top of the pillow and she is quietly sleeping – no hacking.

Do you have any success with treating your family’s illnesses with home remedies?

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  1. I think any time you give a sick kid liquids it helps. It’s the old chicken soup remedy!

  2. Lori says:

    I recently vacationed in California. The second day there, I got sick with a cold. We believe I probably caught it on the plane. Bummed out because 1) I came all the way from Maine; and 2) my nose was so stuffed I couldn’t taste the west coast food, I was desperate to try anything. My brother-in-law had purchased some spanish olives stuffed with jalapenos. Normally, I would not touch anything hot or spicey because I can’t handle it; but, I took a small nibble anyway. At first, I could not feel the burn at all so I ate the whole olive. Within seconds I felt the burn and before I knew it, my nose was clear. For about 30 minutes, I could breathe through my nose. Then, I ate another olive. Again, my nose cleared right up and nobody would have known I had a cold. Through the rest of the afternoon, I probably ate about 3 or 4 more olives. The next day, I woke up with a clear nose. This is a true story and I recommend jalapenos to anyone with a cold…:)

  3. laura says:

    I have asthma and I was similar when I was younger, every winter I would cough and hack and often times my nebulizer was not working and I would try to use it more than once. I was going to a pulminologist and it turns out youcan over medicate and it will cause you to cough more. A lot of cough medicines won’t help when its asthma because its inside the lungs versus phleme in a cold. I think what could be working in the honey lemon drink is the warm water, because often times when I have problems with my asthma(which I have mostly grown out of), one of the best ways to calm it down without an inhaler is slowly drinking water. I guess if it works then you should continue, but it seems like there are things besides the honey that are working in it.

  4. Silvia says:

    Give a teaspoon of Buckwheat Honey before bed. That’s the type of honey that is supposed to help still coughing while trying to fall asleep.

  5. Alice Eggleston says:

    To the mom of the girl that coughs:
    Read the book “Eat Right For Your Type” by a Dr. D’Adamo. Based on a persons blood type they are more sensitive to certain foods. I had the same type of couph for years(I am 57 now)about 3 years ago I found out that I was mildly alergic to CORN. I grew up eating sweet corn all the time and in the winter I was dreadfully sick. I had a runny nose, sore throat, next to pnumonia in my lungs. Mucus running out of my nose at night would completely stop up my nose. Now I try to stay away from corn. I don’t get sick when I don’t have any corn. When I accidentally get some corn, I can actually get pnumonia from one meal of it.
    In February 2008 I eat out and didn’t think about the cornstarch in gravy. When I was eating the last bite my nose started running. in two weeks I had went to ppnumomia on my lungs. I had to use oil of oregano(from Young Living) vapors to get rid of it.

  6. Minnie says:

    Being a second time mom, I have found that eating a dry slice of bread has helped so much when my grand daughter or I have our coughing fits during the night.
    Keep the water pan on the heqater though to help in dealing with dry air.

  7. misty says:

    Have you Tried rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet and put socks on over her feet after you put on the vicks. Thats what we do when my 6 year old niece gets sick and she has a tarably(sp?) cough and it makes it where she can breath and stops coughing at the same time.

  8. Betty says:

    We use Vicks Vapor Rub with success! It works for adults and children. Not very expensive and certainly helps give relief for those nasty night coughs. Everyone sleeps much better!!

  9. Pat says:

    Just this past week my boss told me about the Vicks on the feet trick, with two pair of socks. It worked immediately for his sick friend. Since two other readers remarked about it, I am cnvinced–next cough I have there will be Vicks on my feet!!!

  10. lin says:

    Saline spray, arizona green tea with gingsing and wonton soup.My cold fixes. But will try vicks to sometime to see how that works :)

  11. L says:

    My son has a severe low immune system, which we have struggled with since birth. Also in addition he is allergic to almost all prescription medications so it tends to be very difficult because he is sick all he time, and allergic to almost all meds that can help him not be sick. Go figure! Anyways we use the vicks on the feet, and vicks vapor plug ins-in his bedroom- and we tend to purchase alot of the plug ins- which can be pricey but i the long run we cut down on his illnesses much more since we started doing these things

  12. Amy Meyer says:

    My son has horrible allergies, mostly in springtime in the rockies. We had a nutritionist tell us to give locally grown raw honey 2 times a day. This has pretty much stopped any allergy symptoms. We were told that giving the honey form the local flowers will stop the reactions to the pollen. It works for us.

  13. Paula Freeman says:

    My daughter is 8 years old and has almost the same exact symptoms and diagnosis that you have mentioned. When she has a cold, she gets a cough that has anyone near turning thier heads to look. And nights are always the worst. My mother in law came to us with a recipie for Russin Tea. This is now something everyone in the whole family gets at the first sign of a cold. It seems to hold off the cold and treat any cough at the same time. The recipie is mixed up and stored for months to pull out when needed.
    This is the recipie for our Russian Tea:
    1 1/4 c. sugar
    1 tsp ground cinnamon
    1c. Tang mix
    1 packet (2qt.) lemonaid mix
    1t. ground ginger (or squeeze fresh ginger root into brewed tea)
    1t. cyanne pepper
    Black tea bags
    Combine and mix all ingredients, except tea bags. Store in an airtight container. When needed, brew a cup of black tea then add 2-3 teaspoons of mix. Drink as needed. We love it!

  14. Paula Freeman says:

    Opps! I forgot to mention sweeteing the Russian Tea with honey. Which soothes little and big sore throats alike.

  15. lounellee says:

    For bad coughs, my mom would slice up raw carrots and sprinkle sugar over the slices. After a few minutes the carrots start to disolve and turn into a syrup. Take a tablespoon of the syrup every hour during coughing episodes.

  16. Liz says:

    As a nurse, I read 20 years ago that Zinc will shorten the length of a cold…and it does. I buy 50mg. and take two the morning that I feel the cold coming on and 50mg. that night then one tablet daily after that. A cold usually takes 7 days to go through this shortens the length of the cold to 4-5 days. If it lasts longer than 7 days…it’s not a cold but something more serious such as bronchitis.

  17. Olie says:

    I use vicks vapor rub on the chest before bed. Also honey and lemon. Drink warm water.

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