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Super savings tips: shopping online

Aren’t we all trying to save money these days? Food is more expensive, clothes, activities, utilities….the list goes on. I was talking to some of my friends and it seems like everyone has some strategies they use to  save - if it’s cutting coupons, hitting the big box stores, or swapping services with friends. I decided that every week or so I’ll write a blog with some tips on how to save money when buying certain items, services, or just getting something done.  I would love to hear tips from you too, so please submit any ways you manage to keep costs down in the comments section.

So here we are in week one – tips for saving when shopping online. I have a friend (let’s call her E-saver Esther) who is a master online shopper. She finds incredible deals, always gets free shipping, has all the coupon codes. I have asked her to share some of her best tips with me:

1. Ebates.com

Esther swears by this website eEbates.com which she got me to sign up for as well. It’s free and very secure. The deal is you sign up to participate in the program and whenever you are going to shop online, you go to the ebates website and go to the retail site from which you are going to shop from the ebates site. You get a percentage of your purchase “deposited” into your ebates account every time you shop, and four times a year you get a check from ebates. I got my first check and my husband thought it was one of those fake checks you sometimes get – but no, we deposited it, and it’s real. Most of the major retail sites are part of the ebates program – at least I haven’t ever looked for one that hasn’t been on the ebates site (Old Navy, Gap, J Crew, Barnes and Noble are all part of ebates). They also list special coupons for some retailers that are only for ebates shoppers. So if you are going to shop online, you might as well get some money back – check it out!

2. Google for promo codes

Before she is going to buy something online, Esther always googles “*storename* promotion codes” (especially for the rare retailer that doesn’t participate in ebates). She has been able to save a ton of money this way (she has ALSO gone to a store via ebates, AND been able to find out a promotion code for free shipping by googling, so was able to input that promo code at checkout and got ebates bucks PLUS free shipping!).  

3. Order directly from the manufacturer

Esther recently was looking to buy a scooter for her daughter’s birthday. She knew my son had one that worked well for him, so she asked me for the info. I had ordered it on amazon.com. Esther knew there was a bargain to be had so she looked up the info on the scooter on Amazon, then googled the manufacturer, and went to their website where she was able to order it with no tax and free shipping. Excellent work Esther.

4. www.tigerdirect.com

Tigerdirect.com is the place Esther has gotten great deals (and no tax) for tvs, computers, etc.  Plus, they are part of ebates - she purchased a $500 flatscreen there when they were having double cashback dollars and ended up getting $25 ebate bucks!

5. Find coupon codes

Esther always checks www.retailmenot.com for coupon codes (for either combining w/ebates or for stores who don’t participate in ebates!).

So online deals are plentiful – take a little extra time and you too can save while shopping online. Until next time – and remember, send in your tips!

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  1. Michael Lester says:

    Rachael, on todays show you and your guest commented on the punishment of a Letter Carrier, who buried “Bulk Business Mail” (i.e. junk mail) in his back yard, because it was too heavy to deliver and people did not want it anyway.

    I believe the punishment was light. The individual was not thinking of his customers, but was just lazy. He was being paid to do a job and didn’t. He was not required to carry more than 35 Lbs of mail at any one time. If the mail volume was too much there are procedures in place for him to receive help. Also, what would keep him from burying First Class Mail.

    In defense of “Bulk Business Mail” i.e. “junk mail”, it helps keep the cost of First Class Mail, one of the lowest rates in the World. It is the equivalant of TV Ads that allow your show to be aired without direct cost to your viewers. The U.S.P.S. is very security conscieous and the vast majority of Letter Carriers take great pride in getting the right mail to the right address.

    I am a Retired Letter Carrier and take offense when a Letter Carrier fails to do his job and violates the LAW.

  2. teddy sanders says:


    I don’t mean to be out of line but I must say this. You are without a doubt the most beautiful vision of lovliness ever to grace this earth. Forget movie stars, models, or anyone else. There is not a more beautiful woman on this planet. The magazine photo shoot you did almost took my life. You are soooo fine

  3. patrick says:

    Ditto on what Michael said…I was ready for this long email but Michael said it perfectly.

  4. patrick says:

    Rachael, you are the mans perfect women…your hot, can cook and your funny, I bet on game day you would be the first to say “be quite” wait until a commercial as quick as your husband would. You are very cool and as a guy I enjoy your show.

  5. claudia says:

    totaly agree…. thanks for the info and tips.. also where can I get the reusable grocery bags????(the everyday rachael ray I do subscribe to the magazine)
    Riverside, CAlifornia

  6. Pat says:

    Dear Rachael,
    Just a short note to say that I love your shows. I watch any that are aired in our area. Your afternoon show is very informative on so many topics and also very entertaining with you diversity of guests. I also just love it when you have your husband John on with you.I’m glad to see that you haven’t let adverse publicity get in the way of your happiness. Keep up the good work and take care of your throat. Cheers to you and John.

  7. Toni says:

    Hi Rach:

    I love your show. Sometimes my local station interupts the broadcast with “urgent” news bulletins… I think they could wait until the newscast… anyway I miss some great stuff and would love it if we could watch clips online.

    My daugther calls me Rach Jr. lol

  8. Karl Houston texas says:

    Rachael will you marry me

  9. Karl Houston texas says:

    I would serve you a candlelit dinner under the light of a moon but I would want to marry you

  10. Dennis Wyatt says:

    I don’t see why everything gets blown out of proportion. I looked at the photos in FHM and they were very tasteful in my book. If you got it flaunt it! You look a lot sexier than women much younger and you still do. I think the term is “hottie”.

  11. great savings tips! I will try these for sure!

  12. Rose Seals says:

    I love your show Rachael.You make my day. A friend Call me we watch the show she live in Morton,Tx. I live in Slaton,Tx. We talk about the show all the time
    love you Rose

  13. jenny soriano says:

    hi Rachael I’m from Philippines and i love watching your show because you always make us laugh especially when you start talking to your ingredients. they air your show everyday at 5 pm and replay it every morning. when I’m watching my kids are all around me. but the problem is after they watch you especially after you finish your dinner for tonight they get real hungry (don’t worry, its a happy problem!haha )we are glad that you greet the Philippines.We hope that you give more pasta recipes because we plan to start a small business of pasta. God bless you and your family. I hope someday you get to visit our country and cook here with us. Bye!!

  14. Chad Darling says:

    I use the website http://www.shopgala.com for coupon codes and free shipping offers they seem to have quite a few coupons.

  15. Andrea says:

    Some days ago you had a guest that talked about using coupons. Both you, Rachel & the guest said, more or less: “I can’t understand why lower income people don’t use coupons more.”

    Answer: Because to survive we have to buy the generic or off brands. Even with a coupon, the name brands are too expensive. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and the first thing you learn when income drops is that you don’t need the top/best. You can get along with generic!

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