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Corned beef hash revisited – a delicious lunch

I work from home and I have to say lunch is usually yogurt eaten at my computer chased by a few handfuls of m&ms (side note – my keyboard is full of crumbs – it’s really gross. does anyone have a solution? It is beyond the scotch tape slid in between the keys technique…) . Then I am so starving that while I am thinking about getting dinner situated at 5 or so, I eat so much while making dinner I barely have an appetite for the finished product.

Today I decided to take 20 minutes and make a decent lunch and eat at the kitchen table. I had leftover corned beef from St. Patrick’s Day and was trying to decide what to make when I remembered my mom’s corned beef hash she used to prepare when I was little. Notice I said “prepare” as this was hash from a can and I was not a fan. Then she topped it with poached eggs – the only part of the meal I enjoyed.

I made my own hash with leftovers in the fridge – topped by a fried egg. For me, fried eggs make everything better; one of my favorite meals is steamed asparagus topped with a fried egg and some Parmesan cheese – a great solo meal.

So for my Not-Canned Corned Beef Hash (this would make a great breakfast or brunch too), I sauteed some chopped onion in a frying pan in olive oil and added one half of a chopped leftover baked potato. I added some salt and pepper and sauteed for a few minutes, until the potato got slightly browned, then I threw in some leftover cooked broccoli (chopped peppers would be good too) and and a handful of the leftover corned beef, chopped up. I sauteed that for a minutes, until it was all warm, then I squished it over to the side of the pan and fried the egg right in the same pan. To plate it, I put the hash on the plate, topped with the fried egg, and added some more s&p. It was delicious and I am sure it will carry me through until dinner. Although I still had some m&ms. Oh well.

4 Responses to “Corned beef hash revisited – a delicious lunch”

  1. connoCat says:

    yumyum corned beef hash my fave!!

    as for the crumbs in keyboard..try using one of those Dust Off sprays, they work decently well

  2. harleygyrl says:

    I have a canister vacuum and I use the brush attachment lightly over the keyboard. Best to do this when PC is off.

  3. JuDiGi811 says:

    I did a similar thing with pepper and onion, but used a chopped hard boiled egg and mixed thru till wsrm…..tasty! What do you do that you are lucky enough to be able to work from home. (it is my dream!)

  4. Kat says:

    The S’mores got me to this site….the Corned Beef Hash kept me! Wonderful idea—we go to a local “joint” on weekends for C.B.Hash brekkies! Yum.

    RE: Gross Keyboard
    Notes from an Ex-Techie
    1. Turn the keyboard over…outside if it’s that gross! and shake vigourously! You don’t wanna see the pile o’ crud that gravity will remove for you!
    2. The other comments said vacumn it…that works well…just perhaps reduce the power -if your vacumn is super high-powered.
    3. Clean the keys! With the PC turned OFF, wipe the keys firmly/gently with a disinfecting wipe, such as Lysol, Clorox, etc. (Do your phone while you’re at it!)
    Cheers again from far-way Canada

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