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The best party ever! Part one: The food and drinks

We rocked the house this year at the Rose’s (R) Mojito and Rachael Ray’s Feedback party at the South by Southwest Music festival. The party went from 12-5pm on Saturday the 21st at Maggie Mae’s on 6th st. If you were lucky enough to make it, tell us about it here. If not, let me describe the killer event you missed (go next year!).

The Ancho Chicken Soft Tacos in action

The Food

We can’t talk about a Rachael Ray event without first mentioning the food. Afterall, these were her recipes served to thousands of people and I must say, although I am biased, they were delicious. For the record, anyone who is planning to host a party or try to feed a large group, these recipes worked out well so I recommend you add them to your list of go-to crowd pleasers.

Ancho Chicken Soft Tacos

I love this recipe for a few reasons, one being that you can make these with leftover shredded chicken. So if you roasted a chicken one night and happen to have some the next morning, this is a great use. At the party, the shredded chicken, which was deliciously seasoned and not greasy or dry, was served on a small flour tortilla and topped with shredded iceberg lettuce and a little guacamole and salsa. They would make a great appetizer to any Southwestern-themed dinner, or you can super size them and get the larger shells and make a burrito out of them. Here, they worked well as a taste of Texas and a bit more-the coriander and cinnamon gave these tacos a really unique flavor in addition to the ancho chilis.

Austin Mac and Cheese Suiza

Now this recipe was served at last year’s Feedback party in Austin. It was so popular that we brought it back for the B-Side party this year. We use long, curly pasta, but you can make this recipe using any short pasta or really even elbows. There are three cheeses used-Swiss, thus the name “Suiza”, Monterey Jack and pepper jack. Additionally, jalapenos are added as well as some of those Southwestern seasonings we saw in the tacos, namely cumin. I like this dish because it isn’t a saucy mac and cheese, but rather the cheese clings to the mac so it isn’t a sloppy dish. You can eat it standing up or as a nice side dish to a BBQ. I recommend this one for a picnic too as it lasts well at room temp. This dish is always the first to get eaten at our events.

Smoky Chipotle and Black Bean Chilaquiles

This dish was really popular this year as it provided people, along with the Mac and Cheese, a vegetarian option. Black beans, fresh or frozen corn, chopped tomatoes, scallions and of course chipotles in adobo sauce (watch out! It’s hot) are all mixed together with shredded corn tortilla chips for an excellent side dish that is packed with flavor and nutrients.

The Sliders

Last year we had the Seven-Layer Sliders. Grab a napkin for those guys as they tower as tall as the Empire State building! This year we had another slider, but you’ll have to hold out for the September issue of the magazine when the recipe will be debuted. In the meantime, give the Seven-Layer Sliders a try-you won’t be sorry!

The Mojitos

The kind folks over at Rose’s (R) provided us with an awesomely delicious and cooling set of mojito choices, which was key for this hot Texas day.

You could sample a tradiitional mojito, or what we called the Austin-Jito:

a Lone Star Mojito, which is mango-flavored:

or a B-Side Mojito, which is code for our Passionfruit concoction:

All three are excellent choices that I would recommend any time of the year for a Southwestern-themed party or otherwise. The mix is very light so it doesn’t overpower or feel syrupy. It adds just the right amount of flavor and if you choose to add a wedge of lime, you are good to go, but the reality is, you just need a good bottle of rum and some ice. These drinks rock! Click the links above for the recipes.

Check back soon for more photos and band coverage! See our official Feedback page.

Event photo credits: Emily Nash

Drink photo credits: Adam Brightman

12 Responses to “The best party ever! Part one: The food and drinks”

  1. Jessica H says:

    Great Party!! Will definately be attending the 2010 party. Music was great, food was better. I was one of the lucky ones to get in at 12:30, didn’t leave until they kicked us out at 5:30…way to go Rachel!!

  2. Lisa Berget says:

    Awesome party!!! I was a lucky one too to enjoy the food, drinks, and fantastic music!! I even got to meet Rachael and get my photo with her. She is such a sweetie:) you rock girl!!!

  3. rob says:

    i have always had issues with yer not ever measuring anything and use of the word “yummo.” but given that you had the thermals, ra ra, tons of free food and booze and (last but not least) are obviously a tremendous hold steady nerd i totally apologize for misunderestimating you. great gig. thanks much for the hospitality. (fwiw: the mac&cheese was the best).

  4. Linda says:

    I had an awesome time! The food was amazing and the free mojitos were a really nice touch. Seeing Bob Schneider wasn’t too bad either :)

  5. Erin says:

    Just wanted to say that I was delighted by the music, the food, the drinks, and especially the overall happy, excited and friendly vibe of the event. And Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros was one of the craziest, most joyous, best bands I have seen in a long, long time. Thanks!

  6. Jason says:

    We just wanted to say thanks as well. Great party, fantastic crowd, food, drinks and bands..what more could we ask for?

  7. Traci says:

    GREAT party! Ate tooo much, drank tooo much… so it was fantastic! We went last year, and I hope the RSVPs are brought back next year because the line was awful due to the “first-come, first-served” admission policy. We got there an hour early (11am) and didn’t get in till 1pm. Missed seeing Rachael “circulate” at this party like she did last year also, but all in all, it was well worth that long wait in line. Chilaquiles were the best, IMO. Thanks Rachael!

  8. MQL says:

    What a great party! The food was excellent, the music rocked, and the refreshing MOJITOS were the perfect thing to bring it all together! Can’t wait to party with you again next year!

  9. Sue says:

    Great party at SXSW. Food was excellent, plenty of it. Drinks were great. Looking forward to next year.

  10. Krishelle says:

    The party was my highlight of sxsw! Great bands- especially enjoyed Atomic Toxic Event- and great food. Drinks lasted until the end of the party, which is saying a lot, because the place was at capacity and there was no lack of drinking going on. Although it was time consuming to get in, and a bit chaotic to get food, it was well worth it. Thanks Rachael and Rose’s mojitos. Hope to attend the third party next year!

  11. James says:

    That party seriously rocked the house! It was my first time at SXSW and this shin-dig was serioulsy the hightlight (which means a lot considering in the course of the weekend I also got to see a number of my favorite bands). The vibe and the diverse crowd not to mention the rockin’ music, food and drinks, made this event incredibly enjoyable. I also enjoyed seeing the woman behind the party looking like she was having quite a good time dancing to the bands sidestage (it can’t be all work and NO play, right!) I can’t wait to go again next year! Thanks Ms. Ray, you sure know how to throw a party!

  12. Traci says:

    When/where is the party scheduled for this year!?!? Come back to SXSW 2010!

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