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Saving up for the tooth fairy

Warning: this blog is for adults only.

Ok, now that we are clear this is an adults-only blog (don’t get excited, we are talking the tooth fairy, nothing racy) – what IS the tooth fairy’s going rate? When I was little, it was a quarter, but I do remember getting a dollar once – just once – and I felt I truly hit the jackpot. I thought a dollar was fair, yet my kids come home from school with tales of kids who get $5, $10, even webkinz from the tooth fairy. One family at their school is infamous as the tooth fairy brings $50 – yes, five-zero dollars – for each child’s first tooth. Now come on.

Our tooth fairy was leaving a dollar for each tooth to our kids early on, yet they are less than thrilled. This is clearly on the low end of the scale in their friend universe. We held strong, however, and only broke down and had the tooth fairy leave two dollars if it was a particularly harrowing tooth-losing experience (lots of blood, swallowed tooth, etc.).

Last week my seven year old daughter lost one of her front two teeth that had been hanging on forever so she was particlarly excited for the tooth fairy to come that night. Guess what? The tooth fairy forgot. (Side note: this was a particularly harrowing morning at our house as we had our first lice scare – another blog altogether; we got a late night call from another family notifying us that they had lice and my older daughter had spent the previous weekend with them sharing pillows and hairbrushes with the lice victim – the morning of the forgotten tooth fairy was spent applying toxic shampoos and scouring the entire house). Admidst all the chaos, the tooth fairy had to leave $5 (she didn’t have change) that morning in a new secret place my daughter had neglected to check. Hope the tooth fairy has not set a $5 precedent – our family has a lot more teeth to lose!

How much does your tooth fairy leave?

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  1. Katherine says:

    I’m not a parent, but when I was little the ‘tooth fairy’ would give me 5 dollars and a small stuffed toy (bought for $5ish). I think that’s good, for something as little as a tooth :P

  2. hshing4 says:

    Our tooth fairy leaves $5 for the “magic” first tooth and then $1 there after.

  3. Anne says:

    The tooth fairy at our house leaves a $1 dollar gold coin and a $1.00 bill or a $5.00 – which ever is in the wallet! She has had other kids her age receive a lot more money. She has made comments about that. I tell her we their were budget cut back’s from the big fairy higher up.

  4. cindy says:

    the amount the tooth fairy leaves depends on how many kids lose their teeth that particular night,,, that explains the difference in amounts.,.. if not too many have lost one in one night she leaves more if alot lose it than the amount is lower….just that easy

  5. Linda says:

    Um hello? We leave a quarter. $5???

  6. Kathy says:

    We leave a silver dollar, but the best part is, if I find it laying around, it gets recycled…..and no one is the wiser!!

  7. Kathryn Townsend says:

    My sister had a crazy plan for her only daughter — a dollar for the first tooth and $2 for the second, $3 for the third and so on. THat’s a total of $210, or $10.50 per tooth! My kids are getting a dollar each! That’s a $20 investment.

  8. pam says:

    really we have gotten out of control. This is why we have a generation of ME ME ME . I thinkn a quarter is plenty but I could see a dollar for a special one. 50 please!!!!

  9. Heather says:

    Our tooth fairy leaves a gold coin dollar – still only a dollar but at least it is a special one!

  10. Sue says:

    I think anywhere from $1-5 is appropriate. I like the idea of a silver dollar. At 30 yo, I still have 2 baby teeth. My nephew and I contemplate what my teeth are worth to the tooth fairy. He says nothing where I say it’s worth a pair of diamond earrings. ( i hope my husband reads this!)

  11. annette riley says:

    Our toothfairy leaves a quarter. Except one of our daughters had 5 teeth surgically removed and the tooth fairy left $2 for that trauma!!

  12. Meg says:

    The tooth fairy leaves a loonie ($1 Canadian) per tooth here as well. Although my daughter was lucky for her first tooth and received a toonie ($2 Canadian).

  13. Amanda says:

    Whoever gives out $50.00 for teeth, I will gladly get mine pulled for that rate. That is crazy! The tooth lady pays $1.00/tooth at my house. Kids are just happy with $$$ period, no matter how much…at least the younger ones are. :)

  14. Holly says:

    The tooth fairy leaves either a Gold Dollar or Susan B. Anthony Coin.

  15. Chris says:

    For the first kid the tooth fairy left $1 coins. Since he was prone to leaving his stuff around and forgetting about it. That coin got recycled through a couple teeth.

    The second kid was 7 when she arrived, adopted from Russia, and only had a few more teeth to lose. But the fairy still paid out with $1 coins. The difference is she’s a saver, I think she may still have the original coin. So the fairy had to go out to the store and ask if they had $1 coins the night the 2nd tooth fell out.

  16. CRYSTAL says:

    It started out that I was going to give my kids $1 for their first tooth. My mother said that was not suitable and threw in another $5. So I gave them all $5 for their first tooth and then the second they got $3. The third they got $2 and then each one after that they got $1. There were times that the tooth fairy forgot to come and had to come the next night. My youngest daughter felt she wanted to save her money but the other two felt that they wasnt getting enough. The tooth fairy still has a few more teeth to pick up at my house. I think she may be broke before then though LOL.

  17. chris says:

    The first tooth we gave 5 and 1 for every tooth after that. My children know about the tooth fairy now and they don’t get anything. Yes I am scrooge!

  18. Patricia says:

    My son had a problem with the roots of his baby teeth not dissolving, thus the teeth did not losen. I had to take him to a dentist and have several baby teeth pulled under a general anesthetic. I have no dental insurance and this cost me $1,200 Now these same teeth were going to cost me more by being the tooth fairy. He got a $20 lump some settlement from the tooth fairy, but since then, he only gets $1/tooth.

    I have to agree with Pam who indicated that it starts with little things like the tooth fairy to create this ME ME ME generation that we are dealing with today. The pedulum needs to start swinging back the other way so we can teach our kids that money does not grow on trees and they are NOT entitled to everything they want sinply because Johnny’s parents cater to his every whim.

    Now I am going beyond the tooth fairy, but as a single partent of 2 boys and being on a disability pension, money is tight and my boys who are 13 and 19 understand that sometimes I have to say no, and sometimes they don’t get everything that their friend’s parents buy them. They are happy shopping at wharehouse outlet stores or consignment shops. Home baked cookies are always available along with fresh fruit and pre-packaged junk food is a very RARE treat.

    Time to get off my soapbox. I irritates be beyond comprehension to hear that kids are get $20 to $50 from the tooth fairy.

  19. shelly says:

    My son is now 20. But at one point he left the tooth fairy a note stating that he would like a small gift instead of money. Meaning the money wasn’t good enough anymore. ($1 was what the tooth fairy gave at our house). Any yes, it is the beginning of the ME ME ME stage.

    He is now 20, I just had a death in the family, and he was unable to attend, because of work and school. But because of his significant other, he was also unable to assist me, by staying with my dog while I had to go out of town.

    Its time to stop giving them everything they want!!!!

  20. Jean says:

    I never paid my kids more than a dollar for any of their teeth, even when my younger son had to have his first two puled by the dentist because his permanent teeth were already taller than his baby ones. My older son never even believed in the tooth fairy, so it was’t a big deal.

  21. Adrienne says:

    I leave $2 per tooth! Its not too much and not too little

  22. Ila says:

    We don’t get visited by the tooth-fairy. We plant the tooth in the garden and then are very excited when a little plant comes out of it a few days later!

  23. jessica says:

    For our oldest son first tooth the tooth fairy gave him $5.oo, because it was the first one. Then his second tooth fell out it was an his 5th b-day. Then he recieved $10.00 and a card that said- since this was a birthday tooth it is extra speical so happy birthday love the tooth fairy. he knows that the rest of his teeth are speical to but that he will not recieve that much for them.(they will be $1.00 each)

  24. Rhoda says:

    I gave my son $1 and a special coin that I had saved for him. These coins were Susan B Anthony’s or any new issue or unusual coin. He is 23 and these special coins are still in his bank.

  25. Mandy says:

    I absolutely love Ila’s tooth fairy! This is a wonderful idea. This way, you teach your children by ‘giving back’, instead of ‘give me’. Thanks, Ila!

  26. Keli says:

    I love Ila’s idea to plant the tooth. My daughter isn’t quite 2 yet (next month she will be) and hasn’t lost her teeth yet (still getting them in). When she does, I may give her some money for the first one (special one), then “steal” Ila’s idea of planting the ones to come as she loses them.
    Great idea!

  27. Sue says:

    Kids expect more and more–so start small. I used to give my son the “gold” dollar though I found that he liked more coins so I started tapping nickels and dimes on a card.

  28. Douglas says:

    My son, 7, knows who the tooth fairy is and what it’s all about, so he gets a buck a tooth, and I don’t have to remember. He has shared this knowledge with my 4 year old. Now, to get out from the Santa Clause lie…

  29. mary says:

    The tooth fairy had a tiny little pillow where a note, a new toothbrush and a $2.00 bill was inserted. The note had lots of kudos for such beautifully brushed teeth…

  30. Elizabeth says:

    The tooth fairy leaves my kids $1.00 for each tooth EXCEPT for the two front teeth. I am from the south and my father always spoke very southern, so in honor of him we call those two front teeth “High Dolla Teeth” (notice the Dolla rather than dollar. It just doesn’t have the same effect if you say it any other way! :) The two High Dolla teeth bring a whoppin’ $5 each!

  31. Linda says:

    We always gave one dollar bill plus one of each coin (we started before the dollar coin came out, so we gave a dollar bill): half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny. The kids were always very happy and treasured those half dollar coins. They never spent them.

  32. Bridget says:

    My mom gave me and my brother a dollar a tooth and saved them all to show us when the last one fell out. It was really quite gross. I don’t have children yet but I like Ila’s idea of planting the tooth and watching a plant grow. Giving a tooth brush and praise for good brushing is a great idea too!

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