Miley and Me

I never thought I could relate to a 16-year old so well, but then I met Miley Cyrus.  I just had to blog about how cool this girl is.  She’s only 16 years old but she’s so smart, funny, self-effacing, full of integrity and confidence, yet still a kid.  I feel like it took me 40 years to learn what she already knows!  I have so much in common with Miley and her father, the great Billy Ray, a true romantic!  Here are some of my favorite Miley and me similarities:

We both love horses, in fact you know I’m a crazy animal lover.

We both hate it when people try to take our food away before we’re done eating…like when you are out to eat or at someone’s house for dinner and they clear the plate-hello?  I’m still eating!

We both love sweats.  I love my sweatpants and wear them all weekend.  And I loved that Miley says she wears hers big so she can eat more-me too!

And her dad, another animal lover, sounded like me in so many ways.  He’s a manic list-maker, worrier, needs to be in control, and I love that he always has $10 on hand for lunch.  I do the same thing, except for me it’s $50 because I live in NYC!  Anyway, these guys make a cool duo and I had a blast meeting them on my daytime show this week.  Show airs today!

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  1. Lisa says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE! your show rachael! your my FAV. cook! i love how you dont let any hater cooks bring you down just because you didnt go to chefs school. you are a pro at heart! legit get props from EVERYBODY! let those haters HATE RACHAEL! do your thangggg :) YUMMOOO :)!!!

  2. loretta says:

    I absolutely love miley. she’s her self and so real and truthful. It’s great that you had her on your show. she was very open and honest and i love that about her. you did relate to her alot. It was funny watching you guys.

  3. Kathy says:

    Watched your show today, too and loved it. Had never seen Miley interviewed before and was very impressed with her. Kid’s got a good head on her shoulders:)

    Very refreshing seeing how down to earth she is. Nice hearing too how close she is with her family and that she has their full support. :)

    You’d fit right into their family, too I think. :)
    Loved the show:)

  4. diane says:

    I have a problem that I was wondering maybe you could solve. I make this great cheese cake with no crust and would like to know how I could get the bottom of the pan off.Here is the recipe:
    Bake at 350 for l hr.
    7 eggs separated
    3/4 cups of sugar
    2 packages of phil. cream cheese
    Mix egg yolks and sugar together till yellow
    add the cheese and mix
    Mix egg whites till stiff and blend into the rest of mixture. When cool decorate the way you want to. Its my favorite dessert.

  5. Tommy Russell says:

    Rachel, saw your show today and I truely loved the interview with Miley and Billy Ray. I was a Billy Ray fan when “Achy Breaky Heart” was popular! I too am impressed with how grown up Miley is but yet still a child. You too are a pleasure to watch and I am glad that I am home to watch you everyday. Have a Happy Easter.
    Tommy Russell

  6. AnneMarie,Ivan,Nathaniel,Stephanie,& ScoobyDoo the Dog says:

    Hey Rachael,
    Congraulations on your 500 episode.We are very proud of you.You are one of our favorite cooks.We like you when you admit your mistakes,that shows us that people are not perfect.We love you just the same. Keep up the good work.We hope you TV show stay for a long time.
    Love Your Fans,
    Nathaniel, Stephanie

  7. susan ssmpson says:

    Hey Rachael!
    Just wanted u to know how much I love all your shows.
    When I first saw u on 30 minute meals I said finally someone who mutitasks like me. We do things the same way with a pocket of time and saving steps by getting everything out of the fridge at the same time (my dad use to say why don’t u make more than one trip like your mom) Well it has been a blessing in disquise for me since I now have Ra saving steps is really helpful as a hairdresser after being on my feet all day the stamia to still stand when I get home is sometimes hard so by using your methods of cooking it allows me to still cook an awsome meal in a short time. Otherwise if it takes too long I wouldn’t beable to do it. It allows me to treat my husband and do something nice for him since there is things I can’t do because of the Ra and he loves! food and loves homemade dinners so thanks for the help and allowing me to keep on cooking for my husband says thanks you too from the bottom of his stomach Ha Ha!

  8. Terri says:

    I enjoyed watching your show today! I always like watching what you will be cooking. You have a great show!! Do ever like just going out to eat? In other words not having to cook!?

  9. Lena says:

    I watched your show Friday. Miley is a very cute girl. I’m also glad to hear her say that she makes time to be a kid. I think a lot of the kid actors grow up way to fast and don’t take the time to act like a kid. I have twins who are almost four and they just love watching the Hannah Montana show. She knows how to grab her little audience. I hope she keeps the positive attitude that she has about how people/tabloids will write about. Lastly Rach I love your show. I don’t like watching food shows, but yours is the only one that I will watch.

  10. Lorissa says:

    I can not agree with you more about how sometimes you just get along more with some very young people! I notice that either I get along with people 10 years older, or about 10 years younger! I know this has nothing to do with what this blog is, but I want to know where is another good place to visit is. I went in 2005 to Europe with a friend and backpacked through 10 countries. We started in England and made a round trip back to England…(England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium!) I am currently watching your show when in Ireland! I feel that I can relate with you often. Where is another good place to travel to?

  11. Cathy B. says:

    Hi Rach, loved the show. My husband & I are both retired and we watch you everyday. I know you’re a big dog lover, however, we had 2 cats. Concord is almost 3 and Carlisle is 5. Two weeks ago Thursday, they both went outside in the a.m. as usual. Unfortunately, Carlisle didn’t come back, which is not like him. He has a collar with his name tag and his rabies tag connects him to the vet. Hubby has driven all around the neighborhood, we live in a mobile home park in Chelmsford, MA and I go out on the porch and whistle and call him. His little brother misses him. We’re not giving up hope. Are there any other readers out there that have had this similar experience? How about coming up with a recipe for Nutrish for cats? Hope you & your family have a Happy Easter.

  12. Ann says:

    I watched the show with Miley and Billy Ray. During that show you also cooked a lemon artichoke rost chicken and made rice pilaf using the garlic. I searched your site and cannot find the recipe…..

  13. Granny says:

    I missed the show Friday because I had to work. I have a 4 year old granddaughter that has to have Hannah Montana EVERYTHING……And she does…LOL…I do not mind buying these things for her because I feel like Miley , as young as she is, is a very good role model for our young girls today…She really seems to have her head in the right place for a girl her age…..Good job Mom and Billy Ray….

  14. Natalie Ping says:

    Please cook some ROCKEFELLER OYSTERS! I need a good recipe!!!

  15. Maria says:

    Hi Rachael, I love your show. I’m writing you all the way down from Costa Rica. I had troubles finding out in which channel I coul watch your show, but finally found it. I saw the Miley Cyrus interview, and for me, as a mother of five, really enjoyed watching this 16 year old so self confident and down to ground Juvenile Idle. I love her as well as my kids. Billy Ray, never thought so many of my favorite songs were his. Haha!!!
    Great show.

  16. Michelle says:

    Hey Rach

    Wow, when I got your newsletter and saw Miley would be on the show I was really excited. Okay, to be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to watch it, I live in South Africa, and the current seasons of shows in the USA now take a year or so to get here – LOSER people – but I checked it out on Youtube =) was awesome!!!!

    Gosh, Rach, I wish to meet you one day, or at least to come to a taping of your show ^^ you’re on my vision board by the way, you really are a great role-model to many people!!

    Thanks for everything,
    Lots of love from SA,

  17. olivia says:

    I watched your show i really don’t like miley cyrus! Then i saw how grown up she is getting! Rachael you bring the best out of people! I hope to see dakota fanning next…please?!
    (# 1 fan)

  18. Conrad C. says:


    Dig your show, try to watch everyday, being retired with little to do. Quit complaining about your butt, it’s a Grat Butt! You arejust about perfect, in every way and I’d be camped-out on your front porch, if you weren’t married! (thought about it anywaay, but two things I don’t like are being dead or in jail) Guess I can live with seeing you in my dreams,(Every night!) Happy Easter, I bought as package of sliced ham so I could at least have a ham sandwich this evening.

    Stay cool, although you are So Super Hot!
    Conrad C.
    Fairview, OR

  19. susan ridolphi griffin says:

    to Cathy B.
    The good part is your cat has tags. I have a 9 yr old sheltie. Right after we moved she got out and disappeared. This was the 2nd time. 1 week the last time, that was in another city,by a busy highway She came home on thanksgiving eve in the middle of the night. I was never so happy to see a dog covered in cow dung! So this time it was two weeks, new neighborhood, new house,new marriage, lots o’ stress. I put food and water out for her, my smelly clothes. Flyers,I gave up. Two weeks later,I heard a tap on the storm door,it was pouring rain, she came home, She is 9 now~!good luck but I know it is hard when a pet is missing. They are so smart and savvy, Good Luck and keep the faith~! Susan

  20. Jessica says:

    Hello Rachel. My name is Jessica, I’m 16 years old and imreally interested in your work. i did post my e-mial and hoping you could write back. I have this huge project for english on my career choice and i have chosen culinary arts, part of it my project is two interviews of any cooks i know. i dont know of any and well I was hoping I could ask you a couple questions that would be all. thank you

  21. memo says:

    Hi rach
    I am MEMO. FROM SULTANT OF OMAN(Gulf country)Ilove u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much .can u gave me ur mail.Because we see your old loop of your porogram.
    your subject very nice & I Love miley too..
    Thank you.

  22. tlcox19 says:

    My daughter and granddaughter (8 and 7 respectively) are HUGE miley fans. She seems to be a pretty typical down to earth young lady and I hope she continues to live her life in peace and prosperity while remembering always that she is a role model for young girls everywhere.

  23. Eddyluz says:

    OMG! I loved the show with Miley… She is so down to earth! & I love you to Rach! You are my fav. cook. I watch your show in the morning and I watch The Food Network. I want to become a chef and be succesful just like you. Thanks for being so real on TV…

  24. Donna Casterline says:

    Hi Rach, just wanted to say i love your show, been an avid fan since the begining of 30 min meals. i reciently moved from Endicott, ny to fayetteville nc. and was soooooooo !!!!! Happy that i can still watch your show’s. Keep up the great cooking your meals have come to be our family fav’s
    Happy Cooking

  25. Emily Baughman, 15 years old says:

    Hi, Rachael, i love your show. you are awesome! i have one of your cook books and i love the spicy chicken tacos in there. we make them often. :]

  26. Nicole says:

    Hi, Rachael~ you are the best!
    I just wanted to tell you that I brought my dog to work with me last saturday and about a dozen people pointed out the fact that my Tank looks just like your Isaboo, so i googled Isaboo and you would be floored to know that they look like twins! best of luck to you and we appreciate all that you do!

    ~say no to BSL~

  27. Amy Gallahaar says:

    Hey Rach! First off, you have saved my kitchen :) I use to never cook and since I started watching your show, you can’t keep me out of there! haha
    Have you been watching American Idol? I swear, Allsion is your daughter! She looks like you so much and when she started talking, she reminds me of you!!! Craziness!!!

  28. este es el mejor programa del mundo y sus resetas son delisisa muy delisiosa desiaria conocer a rachael y probar una de sus receta

  29. Vanne says:

    Hi rach! I’m your fan! I love your show!!… I’m mexican I have 14 years and I love the food.. oh.. you’re the best! My mom try to be like you, she can’t ha ha… I send you a big kiss!!! bye!♥

  30. Moussa says:

    Hi Rach I’m Algerian I love your show I since the first time I’ve seen.I love you personly byyy…

  31. Nicole Enabnit says:

    Hey Rach you rock I was just wondering if you have a quick easy homemade ice-cream recipe. The reason I ask is because for school this next week we are going to be making homemade Ice-cream. So we were told to look on the internet on are laptops and look for recipes so I turned to you for help. Can you PLEASE HELP ME RACH! I love your show. LOVE YOU LOTS! <3

  32. mimi says:

    hi rach i love you and your show and you are the best i’am from algiria

  33. leila el hadeg says:

    hi i am in morrocan .i want to say i looooooove you rachael so much and i lik your show and your cook .
    you are the best.

  34. emaney says:

    I’m eman , and im 13 years old . i’m from bahrain . i love you’r show and i love you too soo much

  35. ilovebradpaisley says:

    hi.i know this is a stupid question to ask but i really need help with this.my brother LOVES the aflac duck and is always screaming ”AFLAC!”.can anyone help me? i love brad paisley!

  36. Lisa says:

    Hello Rachael Ray,
    I just want to take a moment of your time to tell you about my foster son, DESI. I’ve been fostering Desi for almost 2 years and I hope to adopt him in November. Desi was born weighing a whopping 1 pound. His severe prematurity has left him with many disabilities. Desi seems to be in love with YOU!!! When he sees your show, he gets real excited and kicks his legs and screams and smiles! We have all your shows recorded for him. When he’s upset, we just put on an episode and he gets HAPPY!! A lot of my friends have told me to e-mail you about him because they think it’s hysterical when he sees you! I actually tried to e-mail you a few months ago, but it came back not able to deliver. The other morning I had a therapist visit my home for another foster child and when Desi started to cry we put you on and he stopped crying. The therapist remarked that my son is not the only physically challenged child who LOVES YOU!! She said she has seen it before with other children!! What is it about you girl??? I think it’s your voice – you have a calming effect! Or maybe it’s your beauty – maybe my 2 year old has his first crush!!! Thanks for being there for us!!

    Sincerely, LISA

  37. Amanda Faulk says:

    Hey rach, i love your show ^^ your my insperation for wanting to become a chef ^^, i love mileys songs, i can relate to them alot. especially butterfly fly away. my dad had just passed away last september and between the rachael ray show and mileys songs yall have really cheered me upp thank you and miley :)

  38. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    hey rach.just turned 13 yesterday got my ears pierced and $135.got bob.bye.

  39. Dianna says:

    I watch your show and alls like how your smiling the way you interview. You are so real. another fan

  40. Dianna says:

    Hi I wanted to say I think it’s awesome how far you have come. I was reading your Biography. You’re amazing woman with a real down to earth charisma about you. I choose you on my Oral Presentation for Business Communication Class I’m taking. I will be following you and your blogs ,so I can learn more about you. I started watching you in the morning and will continue future on. I love your style and your voice. I read that you recently had surgery to remove a cyst on your vocal cords. I hope everything went well, my best wishes to you. A fan !

  41. Joey says:

    My dad is a big fan.. he watched your shows everyday.. he even tries to cook like you ( it dont always look as good as yours. but he tries.. he would love to meet you one day or maybe even get an autographed picture.

  42. LaToOoFy says:

    hey rach i want to ask a Q do have miley email i want it please and i want to see when hannah montana come to yor show

  43. LaToOoFy says:

    my name is latifa from uae in am 12 yeare old my birthday was 13-1-2010 i am a fan of miley and i hope you have her email

  44. Nancy says:

    Hi, Rachel.
    I am a huge fan of yours. You are the greatest. I have one question. Where do you get the beautiful and various serving bowls and platters. I can’t find any as cool as your collection.

  45. Bianca says:

    Hello Rachel Ray,
    my name is Bianca.
    I´m from Germany. I love your show.
    You´re amazing woman

  46. JamieMI says:

    OMG Rachel, I just love Miley, and Hannah for that matter!! My 13 yr old daughter Breanna has been watching Miley/Hannah since she started Hannah Montanna. I often find myself watching her show even sitting all by myself! My friends and family will come over and ask what I am watching and WHY in the world I would be watching that??? I just love her. She is such and inspiration to girls all over the world. I bought her book “Miles to go”, for my daughter, and I read the whole book before she did!! Breanna and I want to meet her and talk to her someday. That would be the greatest gift in the world for my daughter. She eats, sleeps, and everything else Miley. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about her with us. I feel so much better knowing another grown woman loves her as much as I do:)

  47. holly says:

    hi rachael ……..09 of miley cyrus i hope she have a had on her but she dose no more and she is hannah montana only one and im her fan and dont give on her………………..

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