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Girl Scout Cookie Madness

This year marks a milestone in my house-my daughter sold her first box of Girl Scout cookies as she is now a Brownie.  The truth is, she called my mother and I asked my co-workers and friends and we sold a respectable number of boxes.  Of course I had to buy one of each for our household and finally I decided it was time for me to choose my favorite Girl Scout cookie.  So I lined them up (see above) and took one bite of each.  Here’s the guide:

If you have the same kind of circumstance I have, with your dining room table filled with these cookies, I am interested in hearing what your fave is.  Here were my choices in order of best to worst:

1) hands down, head and shoulders above the rest: Samoas

2) no shame in second place: Tagalongs

3) I’ll eat one once in a while: Do Si Dos

4) When I’m in the moods, these are pretty good: Lemon Chalet Cremes

5) Okay if there’s nothing else: Thin Mints

6) Not as good as I had hoped: the new Dulce De Leche

7) Maybe if I were diabetic I’d be happy about these: Sugar Free Chocolate Chip

and finally, let’s see what kind of Girl Scout you are-which one is missing from the table???

23 Responses to “Girl Scout Cookie Madness”

  1. Pearlana says:

    Thin Mints go lovely with Hot coffee any day!

  2. Melanie says:

    I did the same exact thing, my daughter is a brownie this year and I bought one box of each but my favorite are the peanut butter patties. Suprisingly thoough, the peanut butter sandwichs weren’t as good as I thought they would be. In our area, we didn’t have sugar free chocolate chip, we had 100 cal packs of daisy go rounds, they had a light cinnamon taste and I enjoyed them.

  3. Joanne says:

    wanna real treat freeze those thin mints !

  4. Barbara Bennett says:

    The one I don’t see is the one I like is Thanks Alot and also Lemonade they are the same except one is coated with chocolate and the other Lemon.

  5. canadiangirlrox says:

    We have the same taste!!!!Exactly!

  6. I’m with Joanne- Freeze those thin mints and they’ll go to the top of your list!

    Shortbread cookies are fantastic dipped in coffee!

  7. nikki says:

    you forgot the husband’s favorite

  8. Plan B Mom says:

    i totally agree with your rankings. samoas are phenomenal.

  9. babita says:

    The kids missed the “Thanks a Lot” this time but samoas are the winner.

  10. maria DeCecco says:

    i’ve been ordering 2 cases of thin mints each year for the past 25 years .i have to hide and ration them so they will last the year. they are our favorite…..hands down ( especially frozen). The girl scouts eyes light up in surprise and disbelief when i tell each girl that i really do want a CASE!!!!!!!!! CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

  11. Brenda says:

    I think Samoas first (duh!) followed by the thin mints.

  12. Lindsay says:

    I agree with your ranking with one change. The Tagalongs & Thin Mints should switch! Samoas are the best!

  13. Ginny says:

    In our area of Lake County (Northern California) we did a drive and folks could purchase cookies and donate them to Operation Tango Mike. Operation Tango Mike (Operation Thanks Much) then put them in monthly care packages for deployed U.S. troops. They love the taste of home and bit of Americana brought to them by the cookies-all the varieties!

  14. Amy C says:

    Thin Mints used to be my favs, but Samoas have become number one in my family. Both are equally YUMO!

  15. 2spicy4U says:

    1st choice: SAMOAS
    2nd choice: Tagalongs
    3rd choice: Thin Mints

    That is it for me, the others just don’t compare :)

  16. Terry says:

    Do Si Dos are my favorite, I wouldn’t even care if they didn’t have the peanut butter in them, just the cookie is fantastic.

  17. julie says:

    i like freezing the package of thin mints, then eating them cold. yummo!

  18. Marie says:

    Samoas, then thin mints

  19. Margaret says:

    1) Samoas
    2) Thin Mints
    3) Tagalongs

    The new Dulce de Leches are good frozen and with coffee or hot cocoa.

    I had 2 girls in girl scouts for the first time this year. My oldest is a Junior and youngest is a brownie. Can’t wait for next year’s cookie season!

  20. Kathy says:

    Hands Down:

    1. Thin Mints
    2. Peanut Butter Sandwiches
    3. Peanut Butter Patties

    A couple of years ago 1 of the radio stations had Girl Scouts & Brownies call the station & bought cookies, & had people buy some EXTRA cookies to send to the guys overseas.

  21. Tami says:

    Thank goodness we all have individual tastes or the Girl Scouts would only sell one or two varieties! I have to say that the Samoas are my favorite right along with the Thin Mints. All I know is that I wish they would be for sale all year long!

  22. Bridget says:

    I had never had Samoas until this year even though I was a Girl Scout for years! My mom is allergic to coconut and wouldn’t buy any for the rest of us :( My husband bought Samoas this year and I can’t believe what I was missing! My favorite use to be Tagalongs bu Samoas stole my heart! I also love frozen Thin Mints–my mom used to hide a few boxes in the back of the freezer and take them on our beach days to Lake Michigan. They are the perfect cold treat on a hot summer day!

  23. Sonya says:

    The GS cookies are diffent everywhere!! I have a step daughter in NY and a daughter in Pa and they sell diffrent cookies!!!

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