A charitable week

Just a quick post and shout out to a few organizations I adore-

I normally like to go home after a long day of taping and throw on my jammies, but last week I had the pleasure of going to two events that I look forward to all year. Both The Food Bank and City Harvest held fundraisers, which I was proud to attend as both of these organizations are partners of mine through Yum-o! One of our key missions at Yum-o! is to help fight hunger in American families, which both of these groups do exceedingly well through their brilliant programs.

The Food Bank Can Do Awards, hosted this year by Stanley Tucci and chaired by Michael Stipe (from REM), Mario Batali and his wife Susie Cahn. Here I am hanging with John and my pal Rocco DiSpirito, who I am hoping you will see soon on our site. How stuff, right?

You can read more about Food Bank and make a donation here

Then on Wednesday night, I was an honoree at the City Harvest benefit (see above for a shot of me with the drivers, they were honored too). Rob Thomas gave us a private concert, which was amazing, especially when he sang one of my old favorties, Where or When.   There wasn’t a dry eye in the house that night.  You can learn more about City Harvest and all they are doing here.

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  1. MM says:

    Bless You Rachael for all your devotion and passion in all you do and give. You are truly inspiring! And you looked simply FABULOUS at both events, I might add. And to be sandwiched between 2 handsome men… Can I be you, Please…? Love you Rach.

  2. Marshall says:

    Ms. Ray;

    I know that you have “ALOT ON YOUR PLATE”. ( a pun was attempted). I know that you do alot of charity work and this may be out of your realm. However, I personally need to ask. My wife is a fan of you and your show, on the food network, and now on NBC.

    This is very hard for me to request. But ,I’ll try. My wife, Cynthia was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. while testing for the proper procedure for surgery, she was also diagnosed with lung cancer. Cynthia has now had her lumpectomy as well as having 1/3rd of her lung removed to “eliminate” the lung cancer.

    I’ll get to the point. Cynthia has 1 more chemo treatment and than 6 +/- weeks of radition treatments. At this point we don’t know the final prognosis. However, She has always want to attend one of you shows. Whether NBC or Food Network. I am trying to make this happen. If you could assist me in this, she would love you forever.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this.



  3. Mike & Jen says:

    My name is Mike Shanahan & I am currently a Port Authority Police Officer in NY. I would like to share our story with you in hopes to gain awareness & raise money for a cure and/or treatment for children with Mitochondrial Diseases. In Dec 2004, our son Brendan (at 8 mo) started having uncontrollable seizures. He was treated at NYU for several months and underwent 3 brain surgeries. While at NYU he continued to have multiple complications. Doctors came from all over to help diagnosis and treat Brendan, but were dumbfounded. They never saw a case like this before. Sadly, Brendan passed 4 days before his 1st birthday 3/18/05. The Doctors were unsuccessful in diagnosing him. In Nov. of 2005, we welcomed our second son, Tyler who is a healthy 3 year old. Unfortunately, our story does not end here. In Sept of 2007, we welcomed our 3rd son, Liam who was healthy until 8 months. Like Brendan, Liam started having uncontrollable seizures. We took him to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It was there where he was diagnosed with Alper’s Disease – a very rare mitochondrial disease that attacks your brain resulting in uncontrollable seizures, the loss of muscle tone, progressive mental retardation, optic atrophy causing blindness & ultimately liver failure. Liam celebrated his 1st birthday and passed away 13 days later. As a result of Liam’s diagnosis, the Doctors were now able to diagnosis Brendan through his stem cells. He too had Alpers Disease. In memory of our boys, we recently started The Brendan & Liam Shanahan Foundation ( We hope to educate parents & Doctors about this disease which often goes misdiagnosed. Our mission is to ease the burden that families face who have chronically and terminally ill children, along with helping fund research for Alpers Disease. There is currently no treatment or cure. We would like to give these families the financial assistance they need and allow them to spend as much time as they can with their child.
    The foundation will be having it’s First Annual Golf Outing on July 27th, 2009 at Bellport Country Club, Bellport NY. My reason for contacting you is to ask for any donation and/or items that can be used for auctioning at our Golf Outing. This is our first real event and we are trying to make it as successful as possible. Any donations would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated!
    For any further information please refer to our website Thank you!

  4. MabelandMe says:

    Bravo Rach! Your kindness and generous heart never cease to amaze me!! You are a blessing. Thank you.

  5. Rachel,

    Have you ever considered lending your celebrity status to an animal protection organization like the ASPCA or Heart U Back?

  6. james says:

    Rach! Your a beautiful person inside and out !

  7. Dear Rach,

    I didn’t think too many other people referred to them as jammies anymore– that’s so cute.

    So glad to know that you are out there in the community helping those who are in need. It is so refreshing that there are people like yourself who like to make a difference. Way to go!!

  8. Melody Miller says:


    Love your show and watch it during my exercise time each day. A week or two ago you had a contest with two ladies as the final contestants and the winner had a cheese/chicken/tortilla chip soup that looked awesome and easy. I can’t find it on your website. Where would that recipe be? Please help quick. Got a ladies dinner to host tomorrow night!

  9. Steven Compton says:

    I recently asked for help which I’ve never done before in my life. It’s nice to see that these requests are read. I really appreciate what you do. I’ve watched you from way back when we were both younger, we still look good girl! I’m proud to say I’ve watched you grow so much both personally and professionally. You’ve come so very far. Congratulations!

  10. Kenneth says:


    (1) I love your show and the fact you’re always
    so unafraid to be creative and imaginative with your
    (2) Your books (especially BOB…”Big Orange
    Book”) are very informative. I started out as more
    of a FIFI (“Fix It, Forget It”) man myself. They
    are always sold out here in the Midwest.
    (3) Suggestion for your next book…”Sauces”.
    There are so many, for use with veggies and meats to
    desserts. What do you think?

  11. Theresa says:

    Hey Rachael!
    have you ever been to Australia?? If so…any suggestions as to where to visit and what to do? Good resturants, etc. My husband and I are going to Melborne soon, any suggestions from you or your readers would be great!

  12. Jon Collins says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Great to see you doing lots of charity work. Don’t forget Parkinson’s :). The plate you designed for our plates for Parkinson’s fundraiser is live this week.
    Rachel Ray joins more than 40 other celebrities who have designed/signed plates to be auctioned on eBay in support of the Parkinson Society Maritime Region’s efforts to fund research, support services and education.

    Other celebrities include Johnny Depp, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Downey Jr., Peter Facinelli, Nickelback, Hilary Duff and many more!

    The plate will be auctioned worldwide on eBay beginning May 7, 2009 until May 17, 2009. Please visit to bid or to view his plate and more! A link to bidding will be available through the Parkinson Society Maritime Region’s website when the auction begins.

    Parkinson’s affects more than 1.2 million people in Canada and the United States. There is no known cause or cure for the condition, although extensive research is currently underway. Symptoms include difficulty walking, weakness of voice, and tremors. Proceeds from Plates for Parkinson’s ® benefit the Parkinson Society Maritime Region, Canada.

  13. Jennifer Cass-Favata says:

    You are just too wonderful! In my city, as in others all over, honest, hard-working people are losing their jobs and homes. It is more difficult and expensive than ever to put a hot meal on the dinner table. Out of pride, many opt out of the idea of soup kitchens. My goal is to open a soup kitchen that serves healthy, delicious meals in a restaurant environment. People will not be “cattled” through a line but, rather, served their meal while sitting with family and friends. I am hoping that by doing so, those in need will be nourished – both belly and pride! The difficult part seems to be finding a suitable location and the start-up costs. Grant proposals, tax docs…whew! But, I know it will be worth it! I’ll keep you posted and would love your suggestions! Thank you.

  14. Lehua Concepcion says:

    Aloha Rachel,
    I needed a receipe yesterday so I looked at your site to see what easy 30 min or less receipe I could use. Well I found your broken lasgna, and I imporvised it a bit. Instead of garbonzo beans, I didn’t use any. Anyway I was in such a rush because I was late for Devotions that I threw together; ground beef (cooked), pasta sauce, lasnga noodles (broken)mazorella cheese, ricotta, italian seasoning,thawed frozen spinach, and topped off with grated parmesan cheese. All mixed together in my large skillet and baked for 45 minutes. When I got home 2 hours later, it was gone! not a even a small piece of noodle left. My 3 children didn’t save any for me or their dad…There excuse was, “Mom this is the best noodle stuff you every made”. Just to hear them say those words made me whant to thank you for your quick receipes. You are so much appreciated.

    Aloha & Mahalo,

  15. Maryam says:

    Hi Rach! I’m Maryam, from Kuwait and I love your show! You must not know where Kuwait even is (nobody does anyway), haha. It’s Arabian and they put your show on MBC4 here in the weekdays. My fave show was the one where you brought this masician(spell check?) and another show where you cooked the “Golden Bloom Chicken”. It looked deeliishh! :DD
    & I love your dress in the picture!

    Salam Aelockom& God bless you,
    Maryam, your youngest fan.

  16. Rosanna says:

    I’m writing to tell you that I just love your show. Every day my daughter and I tune in to the Rachel Ray show and 30 minute meals. My daughter just adores your shows and she is only three years old. She has to watch your show, every day and refuses to take a nap since the show airs at nap time. And on Saturday morning when eating breakfast her first question is “Is Rachel Ray on?” I just think that it’s the cutest thing ever. But seriously we enjoy your show and we spend mother daughter time watching it daily. I would love to surprise her with an autographed photo. It would be the greatest thing to her. Don’t know if you do these kind of things, but if you do we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!!

  17. Melissa says:

    Speaking of charity…I am currently attending college in Idaho & my roommates always watch your shows. We sit drooling over all the wonderful concoctions as we eat our canned food and Ramen…we were wondering if you could do a show on delicious, well balanced, & CHEAP 30 min. meals…we could use all the help we can get!

    Thank you!!!!

    OH,my favorite episode of Iron Chef America was when you KILLED Bobby Flay and Giada in battle Cranberry!!!! I was rooting for you!!!!

  18. ilovebradpaisley says:

    hi rachael.i love you,your magazine,and all your shows.other than brad paisley and the simpsons,you’re the ONLY thing i’ll watch.i hate ”true” tv.

  19. Veronica says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of yours…was on the weather channel website of all things, when your photo caught my eye. It was a “commercial” for acai& colon cleanse. The woman’s story on the first page was interesting, and she was from my hometown — then when I went to the next page, there she was….a different name, and different story, including her weight loss. Needless to say, I’m not even tempted to try this ‘weight loss’ gimmick. Just wondering if this is something you blindly endorsed, or if you really believe in this product. If it IS something you truly believe in, I’m believing that it would be best if you just spoke out about it like you do all the things that you’re passionate about.
    My mind isn’t changed; I think you’re adorable and won’t stop being a fan. Just wanted to say this.

  20. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    hi rachael.i love you.i love your show and i’m glad it’s been renewed.i think all the haters are full of crap and i also love all the shows on food network.i loved you on the next food network are the best woman on tv!love ya.bye.

  21. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    you are the best cook ever!

  22. KAY PATTERSON says:

    I just love you as a person. I have been trying to remenber how to make chicken soup with anchos.
    Please refresh my memory

  23. Sharon Mills says:


    Please help with an autograph! My niece was a spina bifida baby. She is now a freshman in high school. She is confined to a wheel chair and has many health problems. She wants more than anything to be a chef, and she is your biggest fan. Please could you send me something you have autographed? for her? Or I can send you her address and you could mail it directly? thanks, Sharon

  24. Patricia Harley says:


    Can you do a book signing in Fresno, CA. We have a lot of 501c rescues in this area. We also have a shelter that has one of the highest kill rates in the country. All our rescues try to work together to bring this statistic down. I am part of just one of the many rescues here in Fresno, CA called ACT. Their website is and Brenda Mitchell is the president and founder of this group. You could contact them to get info on all the rescues in this area and how they work together.
    Brenda used to work at the animal shelter, but while she was there she also worked with parvo puppies. In fact, we have 2 of her first ones that we adopted, 1 1/2 yrs ago. So I think they will make it. Anyway, if you have more questions you can contact me or Brenda Mitchell.

    Thank you,

    Patricia Harley ( foster mom for dogs, puppies, and kitties )

  25. christine jones says:


    From: christine jones View Contact

    I am a single mother of 6, i have struggled raising all on my own..none of the fathers were involved at all (their choice). My 3 Older
    Children are on their own, and the others are in a not so good situation. We have been homeless for 3 years, staying with family/ friends
    It isnt fair for them to have to go through this.. I have done my best to provide for them, it just breaks my heart that i cant give them
    A stable home life.when we weren’t able to stay at family/friends home, we would sleep in the car, in parking lots of stores, my kids dont
    Deserve to be living like this, i feel like i am failing them as a mother… I have thought about putting them in foster care, but i couldnt
    Stand being away from them for more than a day, they are my world!! things start to get better, then next thing you know we are homeless
    Again after having own apt for one month. My Son would say everyday, mommy i dont want to sleep in the car, and every night i would cry,
    For my kids. We are currently in a shelter, we have been for the past 2 Months-since september 17th. I am trying to get an apt before
    Christmas, so they can at least have a tree. i promised them that this year we would have one, but it just dont seem that i am going to be
    Able to do that for them. so if there is anything someone can do for my children, PLEASE Just want them to have at least a good christmas.

    I started writing this letter a couple weeks ago, and now things are getting a little better, we just moved into an apartment, but the apt is completely empty..we have no furniture.. absolutely nothing!! I really feel so bad for my children, they should have better..if any one can help with my situation…it will be greatly appreciated…

  26. Scott says:


    I want to start out saying what your doing with yum-o is wonderful 3years ago my wife and I lost our 13mo. old daughter Savannah on July 23, 2009. Her passing inspired us to have her name live on and her be remembered as the wonderful baby she was. We started a stuffed animal drive and after the fist year doing it we did so well we worked on setting up a non-profit organization to help kids have some security while being transported by emergency services. The first year we collected 783 stuffed animals to present to CareFlite this year we are over one thousand and our goal is two thousand. I would like to invite you to visit our website and sign our guest book at and if you could some how help us in achieving our goal we would appreciate that. Next year we hope to be helping other families who have lost children with medical bills, headstones, and counseling we already offer links to support groups that we have personally checked out.

    Thanks, Founder Scott Rhodes

  27. Anna says:

    I know that you are a very busy and popular women and I have fortunately and unfortunately been helped by my local food pantry!
    Right now I am on the receiving end and am grateful. I love to cook, but I still have desires to make it easier on me in the kitchen and your food scooper or bench scrapper is so awesome.
    I was wondering if there is anyway you might have an old one that you could send me. I cook for neighbors and those that are homeless or going through a hard time – it just makes me feel alive and apart of life. You probably get asked for this kind of thing already but since you’ve just updated your new set I just thought you might have an old one not in use.

    Thanking you in advance for considering this request.

    Sincerely, Anna DuBois

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